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    For those of using Fish Oil – which brand are you using? capsules or liquid? and what’s the dosage that you are taking?

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    carlsons fish oil: 1-2 teasoons daily

    krill oil is good too

    i’ll be taing dr rons cod liver oil soon though




    u know Max… when i tired Dr.Ron’s Cod Liver Oil with X-Factor Butter Oil capsules i got heart palpitations… i had to discontinue it



    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] — does anyone know if this is too processed of a fish oil…There is absolutely no after taste of fish when i take it at all but it claims to be a huge source of omega-3 in one tab and a lot of other claims that its the best b/c of its potency and purity…1 gram per pilll…This costs 250 bucks without insurance 6 dollars with insurance

    i forgot to mention i take about 6-8 grams a day with 6-10 grams of chlorella based on a detox protocol [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    “Fish oil should taste slightly fishy but not too much. If there is no fish taste, too much processing and manipulation has destroyed the vitality of the oil. If it tastes too fishy, oxidation products are present. I recommend you use the product recommended below (grade I), where meticulous care has been taken to comply with all the necessary parameters. The clinical results are outstanding.” ——–thats what the site says but my fish oil has 0 taste so i guess its been heavily processed but i don’t see any science behind that could be just for advertising of the brands they recommend…



    I’ve used carlson’s fish oil in the past. good stuff

    I now use enterically coated fish oil.

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