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    I am reading conflicting information about Fish Oil. Some articles say it increases Testosterone and some say it reduces Testosterone. I am very confused and would like to get some expert opinion. Can you guys please offer your thoughts on this?

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    Why dont you just take a small dose to start and see how your body reacts to it. Thier is no reason to not take it, I can tell you that. I large dose it in 20 grams a day (spectrum brand) and have seen phenomenal results. Your body will thank you for using it. Some things to expect: Increased mood and energy, random hard ons, better sleep, better looking skin, hair, and nails, and a general better feeling in oneself. It is amazing stuff. Make sure to use spectrum or anoter high quality brand though.



    Off topic,

    did that DIM work for you HC? How is you recovery?

    On fish oil – can’t comment on its effects, but taking small doses sounds like a safe bet.



    To be honest, I did NOT feel any difference with DIM. No positive effects, and no negative effects either. I am seriously very confused

    Regarding fish oils, I am planning to take it instead of DIM because I read that DHA from fish oil can reduce Estradiol

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    But I am also reading that fish oil can reduce androgen production



    akgstone, are you still on 20grams of fish oil? do you notice any negative side effects at all?

    i will start with 2 grams and see how i feel.



    No negative side effects to report whatsoever.

    Hc, just start off with 3 daily as 1 isn’t much, and see if you notice anything after a weeks time. If not noticing anything up it to 5 a day and you should after a few days if this is for you. I do not believe that androgen levels will lower by taking excess ammounts of essential omegas. At least my doctor would have said something. Good luck!!



    Too many poly unsaturated fats can slow thyroid down and if proper antioxidents are not taken can turn into bad thing. Vitamin E is essential for this not fats to go into rancid form



    HAN, so do you think fish oils taken in a moderate dose is beneficial? does it reduce androgen hormones?



    Depends on bioindividuality and also if there are other factors involved such as heavy metals or intestinal dybiosis. Why I am cautious because I have seen high level of fish oil in blood from people not taking them due to biological pathways being affected by other factors.




    Start with 1.5 gram or 3 grams

    and observe your progress



    There is always Walnuts…….Alpha Linolenic Acid can be broken down into EPA and DHA. A handful a day equates to 2 grams of omegas and the plus side is you don’t have to worry about mercury. It maybe more expensive though.



    What’s the reason for taking the fish oil?

    If you take zinc and magnesium you won’t suffer from lowering testosterone anyways.



    The main reason for taking Fish Oils is to foster the production of Prostaglandins in the body these act as vasodilators which helps blood flow to the penis and tissue repair.

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