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    Does anyone know why some of us have them? Is there any way to reduce them? It used to be that I only saw them when looking at a really bright white surface like a really bright computer screen or the sky. But now I’ve started to see them more, like when I’m reading from a paper in a normally lit class room. It’s quite a strain on my psyche, and I have a hard time concentrating on my tasks.

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    Cut the Masturbation….

    the more your masturbate the more the floaters you see

    The weird thing is that they started to be visible with me even though I wasn’t Over-Masturbating!!!

    I admit that when I was in my 16 I masturbated Like hell so like then the floaters started to show when Iam like 17….



    I took omega’s for 2 months and it helped to decrease them some but I don’t think that they ever fully go away. They might if its not from cellular degeneration. I would take in Beta Carotene also.

    Something else I would like to add here is this and when I say this its something to think about and I’m not trying to sell you taoist theory is that you only have so much (Jing) essence to last you through out your life time and Jing doesn’t have a western translation. If you lose enough essence (Jing) the body will get diseased and eventually die. No amount of hormonal supplementation will replace Jing. This is why abstinenance is so important in the process of healing the body.



    Yes, the omegas definately help. I believe the amino acid Taurine is quite helpful also, but im not 100% sure.



    I to have been a sufferer of eye floaters over the last several years and I now am at the point where I see them all the time. Most of the floaters are clear which I can ignore at times and usually dont see them at night but Ive now developed two black dot floaters in my right eye the size of flys that I see all the time. They usually hover right below my field of vision but when I look down and then look up they float right up in there. These floaters have become such a distraction to my everyday life.

    After all the research that ive done including visiting with several optomologists ive concluded that floaters will most likely never go away on their own without having surgery done to remove them. The best thing you can do is eat healthy and take supplements such as omegas that can help settle the existing floaters further away from your vision and prevent new ones from occuring. One thing ive learned is that for some reason most of the people that suffer from eye floaters tend to be extremely near sighted people.

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