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    Anybody wityh adrenal issues should check for foods which may be stressing their body(allergies). This can cause further damage to adrenals or stagnate recovery.

    I have heared of two tests which have been recommended:

    ELISA test



    Has anybody used this and what benefit did they provide. Can anyone tell me which I should do over the other and what the difference between the two are? Thanks

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    I thought food alergies only effected your intestines and your liver. How can it mess with your adrenals?



    Hmmm, well I don’t know if what I have stated is correct to be honest.

    However I do know that if one has food allergies that stresses the body and so the adrenals will be stressed dealing with the body while it is reacting to an allergy.

    I also believe that I read weak adrenals can lead to allergy formation.

    Again it could all be wrong whatever the case I have adrenal exhaustion and have now developed allergies so I need to find an appropriate test.



    What are your symptoms with these food alergies?

    Its a good idea to take digestive enzymes and good bacteria known as probiotics. This will help your body to digest food and absorb the nutrients it needs to heal the gut. The problem with food alergies is the body cannot heal itself because it cannot absorb the nutrients it needs to create enzymes to heal itself, therefore it starts a vicious cycle.

    The amino acid L-Glutamine strengthens the gut and promotes good liver function. Also useful are Vitamins A, E and C, along with the mineral Zinc. If you take all this advice you can heal your gut, but this wont improve your adrenals. As far as I understand, its the adrenal exhaustion or stress that causes these alergies. The fatigue from adrenal exhaustion is often caused by toxic over-load, which is all the strain on your liver and intestines. It is a good idea to consider a liver detox in this case to help your body rid of the toxins. After a weeks detox you will have bouts of energy!

    Consider this book for detox advice:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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