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    this is from dr.lin site

    “As we know, teenagers take a small amount of foods to produce powerful sexual drives and volumetric sperms/semen, but the older people or over-ejaculators/over-masturbators with a weakened parasympathetic nervous functions of the vagus nerves (CN-X) produce nothing and suffer from the deficiency of hormones and neurchemicals even if they load with mega doses of proteins and multiple vitamins/minerals from foods or supplements. The reasons are clear – the body loses its ability to convert the raw foods into hormones and neurotransmitters due to weak parasympathetic (vagus) nervous functions in the digestive system – stomach or small intestine – and in the liver system. The vagus nerves are also branched the lungs, hearts, kidneys, adrenal glans, pancreas, gallbladder, large intestine and the upper part of the penis/clitoris. The effects of the vagus nerves are very broadly; some get impacts on cardiovascular outputs while others experience problems associated with the liver , kidney, adrenal, pancreas (insulin production) or lung functions.”

    So, is this article saying good sources of food and supplements are a waste because are bodies cant even convert them into hormones and neurchemicals? If this is true than the only way to solve this is to heal the weakened parasympathetic nervous functions in the digestive system.

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    That may or may be right. Take it with a grain of salt…given the source. If he knew exactly what was going on….we wouldn’t be on this forum.



    I have come to same conclusion as Dr. Lin on this issue, although it does not mean that our bodies do not get anything out of the foods we eat, just not as effectively as it should. It takes energy and effort to absorb all the nutrients, assimilate them and ultimately transform and transport them into hormones, neuro-chemicals, bodily substances and fluids, to blood and so on. We cannot live forever just by putting stuff in our stomach, something that is not easily/if at all acquirable from foods will diminish through aging and unhealthy lifestyle.

    When the health starts falling apart, is full of stagnations and all the energy reserves are burnt out, the foods stop working and tens of different symptoms and diseases arises.

    But, we better to put organic healthy foods in our stomach nonetheless so we will not add any extra burden to our bodies.



    i was wondering could a weak Parasympathetic Nervous System cause food intolerance and more importantly for me a supplement intolerance.



    Noname thats possible…

    also does this article state that we need to strengthen the Digestive system because it’s become weakend, see the problem with all this sexual exhaustion problems, it could come from thousands of different places, maybe we all have weak digestive system which causes us not to absorb the minerals we need for ejaculations (zinc, magnesium,calcium)????

    i mean its mind boggling on what’s going on inside the body….



    how do we go about giving it that boost man

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