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    The following article below advocates tomatoes and foods high in zinc, and to avoid alcohol/eggs. It doesn’t mention the role of omega-3 oils, but does refer to pumpkin seeds, which contains omega-3 and omega-6.

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    Studies showed that prostate adenoma appeared more rarely in those men, who frequently ate boiled tomatoes. Scientists think that active tomato substance – lycopene, which renders protective action, is released, when tomatoes are heated.


    All these products contain zinc. This very element in these products, is the basis of preventive maintenance and associated treatment of the adenoma of the prostate. It was discovered before that zinc intake led to the decrease in size of the gland and the decrease of the symptoms of disease. Scientists argue it is connected with the involvement of zinc in the hormonal metabolism. It is necessary to get creative with our daily menu. It is possible simply to put one or two handfuls of the purified pumpkinseeds into soup or porridge. Seeds in the dishes will swell from the water and they become soft. They are especially good in combination with buckwheat and millet porridges. It is possible to decorate meat or vegetable ragout with pumpkinseeds. Seeds are added into the dishes usually 5 minutes prior to readiness. Rye bread with the seeds of pumpkin possesses truly royal taste.

    FORBIDDEN PRODUCTS: peppers, canned foods, smoked foods.

    There should be limitations on the use of meat, eggs and alcohol.

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    I have read some good things about tomatoes. They seem to nourish the liver yin too, and put off the liver fire. Tomatoes are cold though in energetic properties.

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