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    Food properties and how to prepare according to TCM. The properties can vary a little according the school where the information came from. Mainly the warm/neutral/cold, usually the functions are same.

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    I will update list when I find new good sites.

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    If it grows in the air and sunshine, it is probably yang;

    If it grows in the earth or darkness, it is probably yin;

    If it is sweet, it is yang; if it is salty, it is yin;

    If it is fatty, it is yang; if it is lean, it is yin;

    If it is rich in sodium, it is yang;

    If it is rich in potassium, it is yin;

    If it is soft, wet and cool, it is more yin;

    if it is hard, dry and spicy, or needs heating up (such as meat), it is more yang.


    if it is red it probably affects

    Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, Triple Heater


    if its yellow it probably affects

    Spleen, Stomach


    if its white it probably affects

    Lungs, Large Instestine


    if its blue/black/brown it probably affects

    Urinary Bladder, Kidneys


    if its green/brown it probably affects

    Liver, Gall Bladder








    Grains properties, link below.

    Rice – neutral, sweet, Sp., St. Tonify Spleen Qi

    Stop Diarrhea

    Tonify Zhang organs

    Brown Rice

    Aids in digestion, food stag.

    Sweet Rice

    warm, sweet, Sp., St.

    Tonify Spleen Qi

    Stops sweating

    Calms fetus

    Wheat (xiao mai)

    cool, sweet, Ht., Kd., Sp.

    tonify spleen qi – diabetes

    clears heat, stop thirst

    Barley (dai mai)

    cool, salty/sweet, sp, st.

    tonify spleen qi

    clear heat, promote urine

    Corn (yu mi xu)

    neutral, sweet, ki, li, st

    harmonize MJ

    promote urine- UTI

    moves bowels- colon cancer

    transforms phlegm- jaundice

    Millet (xiao mi)

    cool, sweet, salty, sp, ht, ki

    tonify Heart qi- insomnia

    tonify Spleen qi

    tonify Kidney qi

    clear heat, empty heat

    stop diarrhes

    Buckwheat (qiao mai)

    cool, sweet, sp, st, li

    aids digestion

    drains dampness

    dissipates clumps

    Oat (yan mai)

    warm, sweet, sl. bitter, sp, kd.

    tonify spleen qi

    tonify bones

    spread Liver qi

    Use these as an reference when making porridge.

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