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    I dont mean to share every bit of information about my sex life on this forum but I think this is important….

    A couple of days ago I took tryptophan in doses of 3000 mg

    3000 mg and 4000 mg and then had sex….could last about ten minutes

    after this experiment the only thing I took was a multivitamin for about three days. Then last night I had sex….I was able to last 20 minutes….I actually had trouble cumming…

    I woke up this morning and had to test this again….i had to know if it was some sort of blind luck or something…had sex about 20 minutes ago….could last as long as i wanted….took me a while to work up to an orgasm yet again….it was almost like before SE!

    Now i honeslty have no idea why the F*ck this is happening…. I have had brutal PE the last 9 months and have only been able to cure it using various supplemental combos

    the only explanation i have for this is that those two days i took tryptophan somehow made my body more parasympathetic( at least temporarily will see how long this lasts)….

    I just thought this was important and u guys would wanna hear

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    That’s good news dude!

    I have a few questions I hope you don’t mind answering.

    1. Did you loose your erection anytime during sex?

    2. Were your orgasms weaker? I ask because serotonin has been shown to make it harder to achieve orgasm, and can weaken them.

    3. When do you take it? In the morning, before sex?

    4. Has your sleep improved at all?



    hey no problem

    i havnt taken tryptophan in three or four days…….thats the crazy part….. I took it friday night 3000mg, saturday morning 4000 mg and saturday night 4000 mg then I had sex saturday night lasted about ten minutes. since then iv completly stoped taking everything except a multivitamin

    Didnt have sex again till tuesday night. Was totally expecting to cum in a mintute……and i kept lasting….. i was shocked

    same thing today but even better actually

    anyway to answer your questions

    I did not lose my erection at all. My erections have actually been really good recently despite a testosterone level in the low 400s.

    Both my orgams were fucking ridicoulous especially today. To be honest i havnt had powerful orgasms liek that in a really long time. having to really work at bringing about an orgasm intensifies it significantly for me.

    i took it both in the morning and evening when i was taking it. you also have to make sure to cause an insulin spike by drinking juice and take it a few hours before or after meals so there arent to many competing amino acids.

    the thing is…..I suspect its the tryptophan that i took a couple days ago thats causing this change. Its the only thing that can explain it but i cant guarentee that it is for sure. if you decide to try it good luck and feel free to ask me anyhting more



    sorry forgot to mention……as for sleep iv been sleeping sorta better but Iv been pretty tired from work lately so dono if its that or the tryptophan or what. one of my symptoms of SE is frequent urination and lately iv been sleeping through the night and not having to wake up to piss so i guess that indicates im in a deep enough sleep to not be awoken by my bladder.



    cheers , thanks for the reply.

    I’ve ordered some, so I’ll tell you what happens, sounds like an exciting amino acid.

    However I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks next wednesday, so I might not be able to report straight away if it doesn’t come in the post fast enough.

    Just to reiterate. Your orgasm’s were actually more powerful then usual?



    ya my orgasms were phenominal. I think a big reason for that is because in order to cum i actually had to go at it for a while so i realy built up that sexual energy and then when i realesed it…….oh man shit was wild



    That is awsome man. I had good sex last night and didnt have PE either! Iv been ejaculating alot the past few days, i dont know if that has anything to do with it. But also before i had sex i took some amino mass and picmillion an hour before and i think that may have helped a little bit. Also i find using a condom helps me last longer to, as without a condom i would bust early, and not really be able to go all out.



    good shit dawg!

    please come with valid conclusions at the end of next month and tell us how it turned out, please tell dosage etc..

    i am test driving usp labs powerfull now and took 3 caps two night ago

    yesterday had sex and felt like i was more in control and could definitely last longer! i will continue this experiment till bottle is empty

    sleep benefits were none they made me awake more the pills but still perhaps it’s l-dopa in it that’s causing this effect by reducing prolactin, not sure

    what dosage are you going to take from this day forward for the tryptophan?



    When it comes to the tryptophan i havnt been taking it all since saturday night. Im not gona start taking it till i see hardasnails and we talk about my bloodtests. i also want to get an amino acid blood test done. Iv heard great things about this test I know quest diagnostics offers it and i recomend anyone with SE to get it done. once i get that done and i see what levels of all amino acids my body is carrying then ill order all the supplements set up apropriate dosages and definetly post on here my plan of action. Till then im gona ridethis wave of good fortune and see how long me PE is gone for.

    today I took phenibut. I took 1 gram in the morning and 1 gram in the afteroon. had sex about two hours later. The results were identical to yesterday. I was able to last as long as i wanted easily. sex lasted 20 minutes or so and when it was time for me to cum it took a while for me to work up to orgasm again. So i cant really come to any conclusion about phenibut since sex was identical to yesterday when all i took was a multivitamin.

    I still cant come toany reasonable conclusion about why my fortune took such a turn for the better. The only theory i can conjure up is that my serotonin levels were borderline. By taking high doses of tryptophan for 2 days i was able to give them a push in the right direction. I would kill to be able to do blood tests today .

    its also ridicoulous how much better mentaly i feel. My depresion was so strongly linked to my sexual health that now thats its been three days in a row of sex without PE iv seriously been riding a wave of happiness all day.

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