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    Hey _. Could we here your sexual exhaustion story, and your recovery? =)

    A lot of people here would be very interested in it, and I personally, would appreciate it greatly.

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    So basically you’re saying that a change in your dietary habits and lifestyle along with qi gong resolved your sexual dysfunction problems?

    What did you feel that you did that help recharged your parasympathetic battery from its low state? Just those three mentioned above?

    I will try to look more into this yuan qi AKA parental qi/jing you mentioned.



    I have not had very good luck with different supplements. I think multivitamin and seaweed is helpful to overall health but I don´t eat them every day. I know you have done very much important research with supplements and what I have found working for me, will not work for eveyone.

    I noticed that my healing was related to the eating. When good day, I was very hungry, had increased libido after eating normal foods and I could feel the food turning to energy.

    Here are few pages that can help you in your research

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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