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    Well, not good so far. I actually masturbated last night.

    Guess I’m gonna start over starting today and plan on masturbating next on Saturday night.

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    how do you reckon you have some form of adrenal fatigue?

    good stuff on the b-vitamin

    i recently had some stress and really dark circles under my eyes, and taking my b50 and vitamin c made me feel a whole lot better instantly

    take a multi, b complex and vitamin c to start.. this is good

    you might wanna check if you have the money if you have adrenal fatigue.. try some reset-ad from palo alto labs i heard good stuff about it



    Yeah, personally I think regulating the ejaculation is the best thing to do. That is, find out a good frequency where we will not develop any symptoms or signs of drainage after ejaculation. Just eliminate the addiction, forcing and pornographic part of it so to speak. This year, my frequency has ranged between 2-14 days. The weather is not the best for sexual health where I live, since cold and damp weather takes a huge toll on the body.

    Other tips: do every day massage, go lie on the floor and truly relax your body, eat well prepared tasty foods, do not stress too much and try to eliminate all ‘forcing’ from your life.



    I did not masturbate from Sunday October 7th till Sunday October 14th (last night). When I did masturbate, it did take me a while to cum and I lost my erection a few times.

    Thing I should note though is that I’ve been battling a sinus infection (which resulted in a high fever and headaches for the last 5 or 6 days) so that was part of the reason for why I was able to resist the urge of masturbating because I’ve just been so sick and physically out of it.

    Aside from that, not much else to update because I feel so weak because I have not eaten well due to the sinus infection (which I am still recovering from).

    No morning erections or anything. I think that this may be due to the sinus infection (as I used to get them about 2-3 times a week and if not morning erections, at least night erections).

    I plan on ejaculating again next Sunday.



    when u masturbated…did u use porn or anything? Or was it straight from your imagination?






    Well, couldn’t hold out till Sunday. I masturbated to porn tonight (Friday).

    Given this, I will on ejaculating again next Friday (October 26th).



    Not good, Masturbated this morning (Saturday).

    Regardless, I don’t think it’s a major setback and dont’ plan on masturbating again till next Friday.



    I’m new in sexual exhaustion, but I’ve learnt something so far. The more you masturbate and the more you ejaculate, the longer it will take to recover. Dunno is this true or not.

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