Found my prob Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome!

Sexual Reboot Forum Found my prob Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome!

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    Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (or TRS as the website founder at [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] is something that I have engaged in and continue to do so and from the info on that website it seems that that, coupled with Sexual Exhaustion, explain my situation.

    TRS is basically when you masturbate by kind of getting in missionary position and rubbing your penis against a blanket, pillow, etc. in order to ejaculate. I had been doing that for about 3 years or so even up to the present day. The website says that it leads to sexual dysfunction, weak erections, etc., but that it’s highly treatable through rest alone and by masturbating “normally”.

    I think that everyone should give the website a look in case they’ve also engaged in the same practice.

    I’m definitely starting to feel better about things since more pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

    I guess that now I need to practice abstinence (no revelation there) for at least a week and reduce the regularity of my masturbation to once a week. Then I should at least be starting on the road to recovery.

    Hope this helps someone else as well.

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    I found that site too not too long ago. I, too, have (or had) always masturbated that way and never knew there was anything wrong with it. That makes two of us on this site who have a) masturbated in that fashion and b) have experienced symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Maybe there is something to this.

    Maybe there are others out there who have done this. Stud, how long have you been suffering with your symptoms?



    You have read my post where i tell my symptoms, and it’s due to a shock on the erected penis i received during an intercourse, who lead to a bad scar of tunica albuginea and fibrosis of erectile tissues, but i add that i often masturbated in that way you mention here (not often like every day because i had a full sexual life before my problem, so i didnt masturbate every day or whatever, but what i mean is that when i was masturbating in the past, or sometimes when i was ‘single’ at some moments this year, it was my way of masturbating, i don’t know if it creates like ‘shocks’ or traumas in the penis… I don’t see why it would be more tromatic for the penis, than a rough intercourse for exemple?



    Orange Julius

    About two years now.




    I have doing TMS for almost 10 years and I am 28 years old and yet to be married. Well, I am still virgin ‘cos I can’t obliged to have sex before marriage. Anyway, Please advice me, is I seriously damaged?

    can i marry after 1 year?

    how can i heal myself and road to healthy life?

    any exercises? or medicine?

    thanks in advance

    Help me pleaseeeeeeeeee





    you need to do some blood-tests. thyroid, testosterene, prolactin and cortisol/DHEA-s



    I am very open-minded, but how can masturbating in certain position be harmful? I mean if there is no forcing or pain.

    However if u are sure it causes harm, then stop doing it.



    Hello Blueshark,

    Thanks for answering my quesiton. well, I did blood test not for sexual dysfunction but for other viral fever. But the doctor told me that I am perfectly fine. You want me to test for other things as you have mentioned?

    thanks in advance




    Hello ,

    I want to be so honest to you so that you can help me. Please consider me and aid me to have a good marriage life. I am 28 years old and I have started masturbating when i was 16. I do almost once per day or sometimes 3 times per day or not at all. Unfortunately I did in bad way (TMS).

    next year, I think I will marry and Im still virgin.

    what to do now?

    i tested my blood and it’s fine. The only problem i found with me now is when i get horny, i have some liquid in my penis. But it takes some time to explode.

    is it serious problem?

    can i have baby?

    can i do normal sex life?

    please understand me and help me

    thank you so much




    please post all your most recent BLOOD WORK (numbers, units, ranges)




    -do not worry too much. everything will be ok. Practice positive self-talk every day to ensure good healing. Negative thoughts may cause all kind of problems even prevent the healing.

    -do massage and stretching every day to solve stagnations and blockages. Mild exercise and gymnastics helps blood circulation also greatly.

    -stop excessive masturbation / ejaculation. Masturbating to porn every day many times isn’t the best thing to do. The porn stimulates your brains very much. Gradually erection become weak and pre-cum starts flowing. If you are very prone to pre-cum I guess then you have premature ejaculation also.

    it is much more healthier to have sex with your wife/girlfriend than masturbate.



    Hello ,

    You are so kind answering me. But I stopped watching porn and i am not thinking too negatively about my problems. I started to play lot of sports and controlling my ejaculation frequency.

    But tell me, how to heal the pre-cum and premature ejaculation?

    ‘cos as you know, I will be married soon.

    any medicine? healthy food? speical exercises?

    I won’t forget your help

    thank you in advance

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