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    I’m gonna start abstaining a few weeks at a time and keep this log just to stay sane.

    I been jerking off like every other day lately.. and feel like shit on a daily basis. Most of the times I do it when I’m high and purely out of addiction.. I just wanna bust a nut and pass out to sleep. And then I’m completely drained of energy the entire next day.

    So right now I’m gonna abstain for 3 weeks and see how I feel. The hardest part is not caving in while I’m high but I can do it. Just takes a lot of self control. I can’t be feelin tired on a daily basis anymore.. I been waking up at 4, 5, 6 pm.

    So today is day 2.

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    for me , it took me more than 5-8 weeks to start to notice the benefits( specially when you are totally exhausted the recovery is slow)

    so the more you go the more youll notice, try to stay more self controlled about the thoughts, it usually starts with a naughty thought and then the Drama starts to bang….

    so just be aware of such thing, and you wont regret abstaining and you’ll notice the difference because it sees like you have the same symptoms i do have, totall exhaust after masturbation for 3-10 days m muscle strain and cramps, brain fog and many to count…with abstaining some of them improve while the others show a steady improvement that takes more than 4 weeks to get better



    true.. I’ve already tried abstaining, 1-2 weeks is enough for me to start feeling great.

    Day 3 today.. I’ve already been tempted to watch porn at least 20 times its ridiculous.. haven’t caved in.. only gonna get boners by thought.



    Day 7.

    Already feel like a different person then a week ago. 8 hours of sleep is enough for me to feel energetic.. getting better sleep.. more warmth throughout my body.. I feel energy in my legs again.

    I started jerking off to porn one time but managed to stop right away. Need to get to 3 weeks..



    Man dont watch porn it is bad for us….

    Do something else.

    I am on DAY 4 but couldnt avoid sex but i feel lot better…




    Dont avoid sex either. Its just gona make your girl frustrated as F*ck. And avoiding it is not gona improve your health at all. Been there done that trust me. I would actually say dont worry about fucking at all. unless your girl is a freak and wants to F*ck like twice a day every day. But even if your fuckin a few times a week I wouldnt stress about it. You might as well enjoy it.

    But ya porn is terrible for your arousal response.



    I would like to abstain from sex for 2-3 weeks.

    Stopping masturbation doesnt help? It helps me however…

    If i could keep sex 3 times per week it would be ok..

    Unlickily she is a freak,she wants sex 2 times per day every day even after 1 year.. Unluckily this is exhausting sometimes but i avoid her and keep it to 3-6 times per week . And the worse is that i had been masturbating for 3-8 times per day..



    I live in Europe until now most of the tests were free with the insurance. However i am not sure if this is true now.

    So you believe that this imbalance isnt caused by SE ?

    I am going to look for these test and inform…




    you defiently have SE . You have all the symptoms minus the ED. Which is normal snce were all different and all have differnet levels of hormone and neurotransmitters. My ED is mild to moderate. sorta varies. havnt been with a girl for awhile now so the only way I can check it is thru spontaneus erectiosn and morning wood.

    All your other symptosm of Eyefloaters, brain fog, memory issues, fatigue, feeling dumb are relatd to the severe imbalancesin your body

    SE= some degree of hormonal imbalace as well as neurotransmtters imbalance.

    What frenchi said is exactly what you need to do if your serious about tryin to recover your health.

    If your not then just be like F*ck it ill do yoga and take vitamins and hope for the best . But its gona make for a pretty miserable life.



    You mean that the solution is hormone replacement ?

    SE isnt caused by over masturbation ? You mean that this isnt the root of the problem ?

    I’ll try to do these examinations i think that they are useful to see whats hapenning

    Today after abstaining some days i had some kind of nightmares to the extreem and i was feeling cold at night!



    Alrite I finally slipped. on day 9. The first time that I got high in a while.. and I slipped. I took tylenol before bed though and don’t feel too bad today.. but still feelin tired.. and noticeably worse sensitivity to light.

    Starting over again.



    wtf? what are your symptoms then? sounds like you got a normal sex life going on..

    And I don’t think LOOKING at porn is bad. Masturbating to it and busting a nut is bad (when you have SE). For me personally, having hard flaccid, the more erections I get the better because more blood flow makes it to the penis and gives it better hang for hours. So I do plan on looking on porn here and there but I’m gonna try to never bust a nut to it, or in general, until I’m 100% recovered.

    It’s like day 8 I feel better and better everyday. Got 6 hours of sleep and not tired all day. The weird thing is that I only had like 1 spontaneous erection or natural erection throughout the 8 days. Weird as F*ck.. I’ve had periods where I’d constantly get erection by looking at girls and ironically during those periods I felt like shit mentally.. and now I’m full of energy and a clear mind.. but hard flaccid is actually pretty bad.. no natural boners.. I have no explanation at all. But I realize that I should just keep abstaining for as long as possible.. my energy’s back, humor’s back.. I dont look drowsy and high all day anymore..

    yes u get very little erections while you abstain because of a certain degree of balance in your hormones(believe me)….when you abstain your body brings down the levels of those hormones which are in excess and increases those which are less. because most of the hormones that we people have in excess are directly related to erections u will get many spontaneous erections when ur masturbating….but this is not a sign of improvement…when you abstain for around about 20 days, i have personally experienced hard erections seeing women and THE BEST PART IS YOU WILL HAVE BETTER CONTROL OVER YOUR BONER…seriously continue abstinence..( the only thing which stops me from abstinence is NIGHTFALL MAN as i have told u in my post)…….and do this thing..get a porn blocker….and coz it is good to get erections every day to stimulate blood circulation u go and watch one 10 minute porn video everyday, from the twentieth day of ur abstinence, in a cafe or download it from places which are not blocked. BUT DO NOT MASTURBATE MAN…..

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