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    Value 0-29 Normal

    30-65 Low

    66 & above Extremely Low



    41 – A (Beta-carotene/Retinol)

    61 – B1 (Thiamine)

    110 – B2 (Riboflavin)

    75 – B3 (Niacin)

    1 – B6 (Pyridoxine)

    12 – B11 (Inositol)

    73 – B12 (Cobalamin)

    43 – Co Q 10 (Brain Function)

    51 – C (Ascorbic Acid)

    35 – D (Alfacalcidol)

    19 – E (Alpha-tocopherol)

    60 – H (Biotin/Coenzyme R)

    96 – M (Folic Acid/Folacin)



    33 – Boron (nerval regulation, dementia, depression)

    47 – Coral Calcium (weak bones, nerves, adrenals)

    1 – Chromium (sugar, metabolism)

    89 – Cobalt (anemia, immunity)

    75 – Copper (nerves, energy, detox)

    78 – Germanium (nerves, oxygenationskin, energy)

    60 – Gold (detox, thought regulation, sleep patterns) <– even gold is randomly low

    10 – Iodine (thyroid function, energy metabolism)

    75 – Indium (metabolism, thyroid, depression, energy)

    116 – Iron (anemia)

    107 – Lithium (nerves, thought, energy, hypothalamus function) <- damn hypothalamus function

    51 – Magnesium (adrenal regulation, oxygen, energy)

    2 – Manganese (nerval and muscle disease)

    92 – Molybdenum (thyroid function, lactation, fatigue)

    33 – Platinum (emotional disorders)

    21 – Potassium (fatigue, nerves, energy, hear)

    83 – Selenium (detox, nerves energy, skin)

    9 – Silver (nature antibiotic)

    21 – Sulphur (danemiaetox, energy, emotions, unfocued)

    74 – Tin (nerves, muscles)

    48 – Vanadium (liver function, heart muscle)

    9 – Zinc (immunity, oxygen, metabolic disease)

    Amino Acids:


    10 – Alanine (kidney, nerves)

    34 – Arginine (nerves, skin)

    30 – Aspartic (pancreatic function)

    39 – Cysteine (kidney utilization, vitamin)

    36 – Gaba (mind, brain)

    5 – Glutamine (energy, brain)

    46 – Glycine (sugar)

    47 – Isoleucine (emotional control, nerves)

    42 – Leucine (mood control, emotions)

    15 – Lysine (nerves)

    79 – Methionine (live, oxygenation)

    36 – Phenylalanine (pain control, nerves)

    48 – Proline (sulphur disorders)

    22 – Serine (carbohydrate energy conversion)

    31 – Taurine (heart)

    106 – Threonine (hormonal, energy)

    58 – Tryptophan (serotonin, relaxation)

    17 – Tyrosine (thyroid, pituitary and adrenal function)

    60 – Uracil (RNA function)

    60 – Valine (red blood cells)

    So basically everything that’s to do with adrenals is completely depletes. And everything related to thyroid too.

    Vit B2, B12, C low – cuz of adrenals

    Vit D – surprisingly not that bad, maybe cuz I been supplementing D for a long time

    Iron is really low – anyone know why?

    Selenium is really bad – means bad detox, makes sense

    Methionine bad – liver detox

    Tryptophan – very low, as expected

    Tyrosine – surprisingly not low

    GABA – so/so

    Basically its clear sympathetic system too dominant, parasympathetic lacking.

    I’m guess I’m gonna get on thyroid meds first thing.. then add in something for adrenals and retest.

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    damn I wish you had neuro results alongsidethese. i think there better at showing whats good.

    But ya I think your right about the assestment. where did you get this test again I may run it in the future?



    ya would be a lot better if I had neuro results to compare with.

    It’s the Watershed Vitamin Mineral Amino acid test.

    thing is I don’t know how accurate these results are.. based on these results I should be feeling like shit, but I don’t really.. and I try to eat healthy too.. but whatever I’m gonna go ahead and trust these results because tryptophan and some other vitamins matched my expectation.

    Too bad it didn’t test norepinephrine. But since my serotonin is low I think its safe to assume norepi is high.



    I think its very safe to assume your serotonin is low. exstacy is a killer. Honestly I think if i hadnt done exstacy my problems mighta taken much longer to manifest themselves.



    It was the egg rolls..not the ecstasy..



    lol whatever it was is fucked

    how do i supplement for iron?? I really dont need anemia on top of everything



    A mad basic iron supplement 50 mcg a night brought me up to top range.

    I still have to fix ferritin though which is storage iron and is important. i read feasol and uniliver are good for that.



    A mad basic iron supplement 50 mcg a night brought me up to top range.

    I still have to fix ferritin though which is storage iron and is important. i read feasol and uniliver are good for that.


    I’m sure ferritin will auto correct when you and I fix T, thyroid and adrenals



    ouch … it appears you have serious undermethylation going on from

    b12,folic,b2,b3 being very low. It causes up buildup of toxins,fats,hormones,

    bacteria,bile many other stuff to be built up in the liver as i mentioned in our previous chats

    and is the cause of your high shbg,high e2>lowered free test,dht etc

    If were me i would first start up some low dose folate acid 800mcg,b12 methyl 2500mcg

    for a few days see how you get on since it can release a detox reaction if u open up too quickly which

    can be harsh m8 .. so be careful on this.

    If after 3-4 days and no detox reaction then means ur body can handle it so double the dose and u should be feeling much better

    at least cognitively at first, the physical side should take bit longer.

    If after a month on 1600mcg folate and b12 5mg methly and ur feeling better then

    add in some b12 Dibencozide half a tab sublingual. This should get your liver working properly

    again and getting liver going means better gut health,absorbtion,metabolism then finally better

    brain health to better performing HPTA.

    Need to open up liver>gut same time so you can clear out the high shbg,e2,regulate hormonal rythm

    and also help absorb foods,supps better. You should see other MVA lvls

    go up when you restart up the natural liver detoxification process in boosting stage

    1 glutathione production with b12,folate first. Make sure is folate not folic and

    b12 methyl or hydroxy type not cyano for 20x much better absorbtion.

    ahah! remember me mentioning about the types of minerals causing

    ur low tyhroid before m8?? Turns out copper,iron,selenium are actually

    all extremely low which causes low thyroid.Surprised to see ur iodine

    fine tho but everything else is extremely low.

    If were me i would fix this after a month of liver methylation supps above

    and also month of preg & dhea cream with iron supp and source naturals

    advanced ferrochel has worked well for many, say start 2 tabs aday for few days

    see how you feel then increase to 3 then 4 if u feel need more

    since your iron levels are terrible then that should sort out iron levels to help

    hopefully restart thyroid production.

    However you need copper as well for iron to work and vice versa but they both

    compete with each other so must take copper and iron at seperate times.

    Copper i would start with 2mg a day for few day see you respond then

    increase 4mg.Your zinc is great but copper lowers zinc intime

    so be aware of this.

    Selenium is terrible and without selenium your thyroid is unable to convert

    t4 cells to the much more active t3 cells for tyroid to do its job.

    I would start selenium l-selenomethionine 200mcg twice a day.This is best form of


    Molybdenum helps thyroid as well so try 250mcg x3 a day.

    No wonder ur thyroid was low m8 considering all building blocks apart from iodine ur body needs

    to make thyroid cells are near non existant!

    Was magnesium taking during this time Frenchi? if not then you need 1-2g daily in form

    of oil spray since want to take keep stress away from your overtaxed/underperforming liver

    plus with undermethylation most likely have difficulty absorbing oral form of mag.

    Largest dose taking before sleep to help morning adrenals,recovery,dhea and hgh boost.

    Plus is awesome for morning sex… waking up completely relaxed,

    tension free with big ass morning wood is reason to take the mag along!! ;P

    Your aminos dont look too bad, i thought be wayyyy worse!! Very Happy

    Cysteine is not too bad so can reduce Nac too 600mg aday or less.

    Glutamine is fantastic! So leads me to believe your gut aint too bad and also

    your muscle response to training isnt terrible but some things are low

    which affects protein muscle synthesis.

    You do have conversion problem since you have great glutamine but gaba

    is very low compared to glutamine. Again to do with ur confirmed extremely low underperforming stage 1 methylation status.

    Taurine is not so bad either so this confirms its ur stage 1 gluthathione pathway that needs

    supplemented and not stage 2 from not too bad cysteine,glutamine,taurine levels but terrible b12,folic,

    niacin lvls.

    Glycine is low though and adding in some glycine will help convert your greatglutamine lvl into

    ur low gaba which helps your hpta to make HGH.Plus induces calmness and lowers acth response to

    making cortisol when in stress so can regulate imbalance cortisol levels which you have.

    Try 500mg x3 aday for starters and then double to 1g x3 aday if not enough.

    Your BCAA’s are low in leucine,isoleucine and valine. Im not sure if u already take

    BCAA’s but i remember you mention your into lifting weights which bodybuilders need alot

    of but im sure u know this so wont go into the technical aspects.

    Threonine i have no clue on but something to look into as mentions hormonal and energy.

    Methionine is low as predicted hence the previous sam-e recommendation.

    Makes sense since you need b12 and folate acid to make methionine to sam-e for

    natural liver detoxification.How did u feel on sam-e ?? Did u notice any improvements?

    It may not have been the answer since your b12 and folic are lower which

    is above the methionine methylation cycle so for u b12 and folate would work

    much better.

    heres a wee article on b12 methyl that was already in me bookmarks :

    Surprisingly tyrosine is good, n1! ;D

    Tryptophan is low which makes pe worse. I would give either tryptophan 2-3g before sleep

    atry or inositol 1g or so x3aday which your body makes tryptophan> serotonin from naturally.

    Plus inositol is great liver detoxifer and helps stimulate the hpta so it may be better suited

    for you.

    hmm.. not sure you may have a good chance considering copper,iron,selenium,molybendum are

    all extremely low.It depends if you have taking these forms of supps before

    altogether and how u felt after a period. If you havent i wouldnt jump onto

    thyroid just yet since once your on your on for life unless u dont mind or say

    you dose 1grain or so for a yr just to help jump start it and then try slowly wean off but

    its a huge risk and if i had someone advise me on this before i started thyroid

    meds i would have tried natural route first but entirely up to u m8, since we

    all got different circumstances.

    hmm i wonder if your histamine is actually low and not high as i suspected ..

    since extremely low folic niacin and b12 levels points to this.

    Do you have any allergies Frenchi?

    Low histamine usually mean you dont have depression but just dont feel much at all

    mentally, emotionally due to no motivation,no energy and sit around more often than before.

    Give preg cream a try since supps not working via biovea 1pump/15g morning for few days see how u feel then

    increase to 30g if need.Possibly adding in b12 high doses sublingually will help along with

    preg to sort out adrenal issues so means you wont need the 100g a day type of dosing

    plus you had a couple ok cortisol levels, so not that bad m8 Smile

    *Averale males makes around 90mg pregnenolone aday.*

    They also have a prog,preg and dhea all in one cream

    which has double the amount on May be better for u due

    to hard flaccid which preg can make worse but boosting dhea will counter this as it help convert

    testosterone to dht more.

    If this too expensive can try micronised preg tabs with 1tbsp olive oil, borage oil to help

    prevent too quick absorbtion which can cause wierd wired side effects in some people.

    If your going to start any thyroid med make sure you take a cortisol boosting

    med like preg/cortef before for a good few weeks to prevent thyroid sides.

    Boosting liver detoxification with b12,folate and adding in preg cream will lower

    e2 levels but how much is the question… honestly dont think you will need ai unless you start something

    like hcg as long as you adding in right things at right times Smile

    Remember, always adrenals first before any thyroid even if mean some short term possible hard flaccid

    sides which can be sorted out pretty quickly with dhea cream and increase free test>dht. The thyroid

    sides are the worst since bp/hr goes suddenly up then you feel your heart is about to burst out from your chest.

    I think from your symptoms and fact your sitill training with weights your adrenals can handle

    adding in sustain/activate extreme or both along with the preg/dhea cream no problem, plus will help

    prevent anymore hard flaccid sides.

    So sorting out adrenals with b12,folate,preg,mag oil spray 1-2gram before sleep preferrably

    2g if affordable and also take sustain/activate too increase free test and dht for a month

    then add in either thyroid supps or thyroid med is possibly the best route for you Frenchi

    from lookin at all your test results and symptoms.



    the above is what Chris said


    Alright so I’m fully gonna follow what you say.. forget my plans from before.. you know way more abut this than I do.. so I’ll just do everything one step at a time no matter how long it takes.. I’m not in a huge rush just wanna put an end to this already.. but ya it would be stupid getting on meds if this can actually be fixed by tweaking vitamins.

    Gotcha on all the supps I need to take for vitamins and minerals.

    “Was magnesium taking during this time Frenchi?”

    I was taking 250 mg magnesium before bed for bout a month till the bottle ran out like a week ago. I wouldn’t say that I feel much of a difference with or without it. Will def get the oil.

    Thank god at least aminos are not terrible Smile

    I been taking NAC 600 mg a day for the past month or so. and finished the bottle of milk thristle.

    I know my BCAA’s are low. Chris I haven’t been working out in a month already.. maybe more.. partly cuz I’m busy, partly cuz I have no motivation to at all. Surprisingly I haven’t lost much muscle mass since I stopped working out.. and having really added fat.. as if my metabolism is great.. but now we know that its actually in the shitter.. so im kinda surprised I’m not putting on fat or anything.. considering low thyroid, high E2 and so on.

    Overall day to day I feel fine. People that don’t know me well would never assume I got this mess going on.. I still joke around, talk to girls here and there.. nothing much has changed no matter what supplements I

    ve been taking or haven;t been taking. The only exception is the day after I jerk off, I’ll need to sleep in and I’ll have brain fog the entire day.. sometimes it can be really bad.. sometimes no brain fog at all. Also when I take 2 tylenols I have better mental clarity.. no effect on hard flaccid anymore.. but still helps with mental clarity and energy levels.

    So anyway what I wanted to say by all this is that I don’t really notice the effect of a single supplement. For example when I was taking SAMe (and still do) I don’t feel much of a change. Maybe very little, barely noticeable. Same for any other supplements. The only one that actually allows me to feel better is tylenol.

    SAMe – perhaps if I stopped taking it now I’d start feeling worse.. but as far as I remember I can;t say that I felt much from SAMe specifically. Nirvana was saying that SAMe was helping him though. I even ran out of my multivitamin like 5 days ago and stopped taking it, and don’t really feel any change, strangely.

    Tryptophan – is it necessary to add the inositol soon with the rest of the vitamin supps I’ll be taking.. or can I just add it later on when I get the more important stuff out of the way first.. so as a finishing touch kinda?

    Histamine – I wouldn’t say I have any allergies.

    “Low histamine usually mean you dont have depression but just dont feel much at all

    mentally, emotionally due to no motivation,no energy and sit around more often than before”

    – yea that sorta describes it. I feel alright mentally and emotionally.. (I mean trying hard to keep myself together and its working).. but def lower energy than before.. I do sit around a lot.. especially lately.. no desire to jog or workout.

    Gotcha on adrenals first, thyroid second.

    Thyroid – Chris I realize that thyroid med is for life.. but then rather and taking all these supplements is also a hassle.. Thyroid med I;ll get for free with med insurance.. with supps I’ll have to buy like 4 supps for thyroid alone and still be taking them for the duration of at least a year or something.. is that right?

    So when comparing like that thyroid med seems not far from taking thyroid supps daily for a long time.

    I fully understand what you’re saying that there’s a chance I can retrieve thyroid without meds, so I shouldnt start them.. and I’m fully for it.. but since I can get the med for free and really wanna speed this up I think I’ll do what you suggested and take low dose thyroid together with supps and maybe some day get off the med.. but honestly taking the med for life doesnt bother me one bit… I’ll have to be taking supplements for a long time either way.. so it doesnt really make a difference to me if its a supp or med.. as long as I can recover sooner already.

    – so I guess what I want to ask is: how long do you think I’ll need to be thyroid supps if I chose not to get on meds? and are there any downsides to being on thyroid meds for life besides the inconvenience? if its just the inconvenience I can totally live with it.. and it’ll help speed thyroid recovery together with supps… what do you think?

    Adrenals – gotcha on the preg prog and dhea. So do you say I start taking all these supplements you listed for thyroid, PP products, and DIM, get retested and THEN add in preg prog whatever if needed? or should I add it meanwhile taking all these supps without getting retested first. I’m asking because perhaps fixing all other things will significantly help out cortisol.

    Also what if I decide to get on thyroid meds besides supps, would I add preg, prog a few weeks later like you said? or is the preg, prog a relatively small issue compared to eevrythign else, and can just be added later when I get retested or something?




    ahh yeah defo!.. 250mg mag wont do much but 2g oil spray will make big

    changes for your sleep, recovery,adrenals etc I get mines from Uk source which is more

    of a liquid rub but has 450mg per ml and i do 1.5gish before sleep and only cost about 30bucks,lasts about 3 months so not bad cost wise. ;D

    Thats why your cysteine levels arent too bad but i had thought b4 testing results you would have

    the less severe stage 2 gluthathione undermethylation but from results it confirms you have

    the more severe stage 1 gluthathione undermethylation … but good news once you fix this

    liver pathway with folate and b12 you will absorb everything much better ie liver taking in more of the

    good and flushing out more of the bad.Frenchi i remember you mentioned tylenol not working as well

    as before which low folate and b12 causes.Also other types of meds/drugs wont work as well

    due to this liver pathways being blocked and not working correctly. Once you fix your b12 and folate

    everything else you take will work much better and that includes supplements hence why

    you dont experience much from taking supps just like myself b4 and just about everyone else with stage 1 undermethylation.

    No motivation will be from adrenals,thyroid and the low free testosterone from high

    shbg and e2. I think your body can handle working out when its not loaded with extra stress with studying, semester etc With some stress involved training goes out the window like you need extra cortisol,alot more thyroid and alot more free testosterone.

    So these symptoms matches your cortisol test

    where your adrenals wasnt totally fried but just stressed out and needs a wee break and thats where cortisol comes in!

    wow .. Frenchi your genetics cant be that bad if you stopped working out for month and still have the muscle

    and not put on any fat plus the hypothyroid and high shbg+e2!! xDD

    2 Tylenols helps by lowering inflammation which your liver isnt sorting out naturally due to low b12 and folate.

    Causes a methyl trap in high homocysteine just after stage 1 glutathione pathway and just before stage 2

    and this causes inflammation which the tylenol helps with but not as much as before, possibly tylenols

    side effect was lowering your livers gluthathione production via b12 and folic acid even more to point you dont receive

    full effects. Some folk who take viagra for yrs end up with diminishing effects but once add

    in some folic/folate acid it starts working properly again.

    I had previously thought it was your gut and low stomach acids being issue for the less effects of tylenol but we know now from results its the undermethylation at fault.

    Once you add in some b12 and folate it should help this alot and also help bring back full effects

    of tylenol, if tylenol is still needed.It may be best to stop all tylenol,booze etc for that 1st month to let liver

    absorb as much of the b12 and folate as possible. Since they can be easily oxidised if your adding

    in anything into ur body that lowers gluthathione production like tynelol,booze,coffee etc so would just be wasting the supps in a way.

    ahh for the tryptophan … you can take either tryptophan or inistol but after least 1 month

    of b12 2.5-5mg sublingual,folate 800-1600mcg.The liver is most important as you dont want

    to back itup even more by adding too many supps so want to clear it out first.

    Fact that you dont have any allergies, symptoms,extremely low b12,folic and nacin confirms

    low histamine, wouldnt even need blood test to confirm as all signs are there!

    Along with b12 and folic add in some niacin but dont start them alltogether so you

    know how you respond.Take niacin after you got use to the b12 and folic.

    Just a wee caution, your face may end up feeling all tingly similar to taking high dose gaba ;p

    You need some histamine to have proper HPTA functioning especially for the sex androgens

    so this is another root issue.Low histamine can lead too causing

    E.D ,lowered libido,less intense orgasms etc Also you need some histamine to make neurotransmitters

    serotonin and acetylcholine.Serotonin helps with pe,feeling relaxed and acetylcholine helps with libido & actual erection

    strength and helps alot with hard flaccid as well. I eat alot of lightly cooked eggs everyday and sometimes

    a few raw organics before sleep or if not i subsitute it with some 1-2g choline tabs sometimes.

    Now that im thinking more about it maybe you wont need tryptophan or choline if you can get

    your b12,folic and niacin high enough since ur liver will make the rest from it… will have to see how you get on ;D

    hmmh .. its a tough decision but after my experiences and what i know now i personally

    would recommend natural route first but if you can get thyroid for free then might actually be better to

    try both supps and 2grains of armour for quicker improvement in health and optimized thyroid production.

    You could still try wean of armour in 1-2yrs depending if the supps are effective enough later on Smile

    Looking at your results again :

    PSA: 1.9 range: <0.5-4 (optimal 0.5-2)

    Free T4: 1.8 range: 0.7-2.5

    Free T3: 3.1 range: 2.5-6.5

    TSH: 5.5 range: 0.5-3.0 * <— think the range was supposed to be 0.5-5

    TPO: 16 range: 0-150 (70-150 borderline)

    Your tsh is already trying extremely hard to make thyroid cells but there were no building blocks

    in your system apart from iodine so thats the best your body could do. Now imagine

    what it would do with selenium,copper,iron & molybendum.It may not reach the absolute

    top range but i reckon would hit just above mid range within 2-3months.

    So possibly that extra bit of thyroid i suggested would hit your optimum peak and after a yr or 2 you

    wont need it but just the thyroid supps but at a less amount because ur liver methylation stage 1 pathway will be much be better by then.Heres hoping!! Very Happy

    Also the copper,iron,molybendum and selenium help alot of other things apart from thyroid.

    Heres a few links already in my bookmarks:

    iron and copper work together:

    folic defiency :

    Peoples experiences on Molybendum:

    Complete diagram of methylation cycle and diff types of methylation :

    Methylation can be hard to digest at first but keep reading at it m8 as the methionine b12 and folic sections will be extremely helpful for you!

    Frenchi i forgot to say alot of your mva test results relfect some form of heavy metal poisoning

    especially the low b12,folic,copper,iron,selenium etc points to mercury.

    You havent had a history of high fish consumption especially tuna,tooth fillings etc have you?

    Prob nothing but thought i’d make sure Smile

    Only other down side i can think of is absorbtion when one has candida or leaky gut symptoms.

    Then one will need to take high dose celulase supplement to absorb it properly even if taking sublingual

    due to the binders in the thyroid meds.

    hmm.. just thought of something! If you can get thyroid meds insured from doc try also

    get cortef and nvm the preg since preg can make hard flaccid worse!Cortef wont affect hard

    flaccid at all and plus would save u lot money on buying preg cream,pills etc!

    You could do this :

    Start cortef 5mg first thing morning behind tounge and then 5mg 4hrs after.

    Since we dont want to keep you taking it for life keep at doses 20mg or below

    so say max 10mg am, 5mg midday 5mg 4hrs later.

    This will help give your adrenals a nice long rest for 1-2yrs then you can try wean off

    or whenever you feel alot better.

    Do this for a month on cortef 5mg x2 a day for 4 days then increase too 20mg max

    if you feel you need more. Will help inflammation so may help hard flaccid as well.

    After 3-4 weeks of cortef add in thyroid med at half a grain max for 4days then increase

    to 1 grain total for 4 days then again add in half a grain max. Most people can tolerate half grain dosing

    but some can only handle 1/4grain jumps at a time but i think with your adrenals being not too bad you will be fine.

    Work up to 2grains if need but no more since above this you have much less chance of successfully weaning off.

    Also start adding in thyroid supps same time as starting thyroid med selenium first,molybendum,copper and then lastly iron.Try give few days inbetween.

    Remember that cortef and thyroid med wont work as well as it should at first since you have low

    gluthathione production from low b12 and folic so possibly after a month of b12s and folic

    you will notice the cortef and thyroid effects more.

    So if you can get cortef and thyroid armour or nature thyroid from doc insured start of with b12,folic first or same time with cortef and then 3-4 weeks after cortef start

    thyroid med slowly as i described above for less chance of side effects plus thyroid supps.

    You can also decide to take sustain alpha topical along with cortef so adrenals at least

    have some extra cortisol to handle the extra testosterone,dht production.

    Lastly would still recommend dhea cream biovea/lifeflow brand at 1pump a day as helps alot with being more physically vascular including helping helping hard flaccid being more plump etc

    Frenchi how does this sound to you?




    Actually it’s not. The defining difference between a Manic Depressive and just a depressive is Norepi. They don’t have direct causal links, in many people they can have Low Serotonin with low Norepi, or Low serotonin with High norepi.

    There’s no causal link for the two, so you can’t assume that norepi is high.



    Actually it’s not. The defining difference between a Manic Depressive and just a depressive is Norepi. They don’t have direct causal links, in many people they can have Low Serotonin with low Norepi, or Low serotonin with High norepi.

    There’s no causal link for the two, so you can’t assume that norepi is high.

    I think that’s true in the context of psychiatry but could be different in the context of HTPA and sex hormones. I remember Dr Lin mentioning many times that PE is caused by high norpinephrine which leads you to peak and orgasm fast, and low serotonin, which is supposed to act as brakes on orgasm. Dr Mariano mentioned the same thing. They didn’t specifically say that there’s a casual relationship, but since the two act as opposites on orgasm delay, I assume there is a casual link. I could be wrong though.

    Either way I got enough on my plate to deal with besides norepinephrine.. I am planning on getting a neurotransmitter test once sometime eventually.. so it’ll show norepinephrine.



    Actually it’s not. The defining difference between a Manic Depressive and just a depressive is Norepi. They don’t have direct causal links, in many people they can have Low Serotonin with low Norepi, or Low serotonin with High norepi.

    There’s no causal link for the two, so you can’t assume that norepi is high.

    I think that’s true in the context of psychiatry but could be different in the context of HTPA and sex hormones. I remember Dr Lin mentioning many times that PE is caused by high norpinephrine which leads you to peak and orgasm fast, and low serotonin, which is supposed to act as brakes on orgasm. Dr Mariano mentioned the same thing. They didn’t specifically say that there’s a casual relationship, but since the two act as opposites on orgasm delay, I assume there is a casual link. I could be wrong though.

    Either way I got enough on my plate to deal with besides norepinephrine.. I am planning on getting a neurotransmitter test once sometime eventually.. so it’ll show norepinephrine.

    defiently listen to chris . hes helped more with this then most doctors. his knowledge freaks me out some times ( in a good way ofcourse)

    Leave neurotransmitters for last. Your hormones are more important for the time being.



    he made one or two threads on here talkin about how paracetomol cured his PE. In the threads we found that he for years he had been looking for solutions , balanced his hormones, his neuros but still had PE and paraceteomol was the final piece to the puzzle so to speak.

    Whenver I want to get in contact with him I just PM him. Same with frenchi im assuming. Hes a really nice dude he dosnt mind helping people not to mention his knowledge is phenominal.



    Just came across one of his threads. You can use milk thistle to protect your liver while using the paracetamol instead of NAC if you wish.

    AFAIK, the inflammatory PGE2 is elevated in the prostate fluid in men with prostate trouble, – so everytime one ejaculates the concentrated PGE2 you get more irritation to the prostate and urethra

    have any of you guys considered trying pentox to reduce inflammation?



    Liver detoxification opens the way for t4 to t3 conversion, LDL to androgens, and boost your storage of Iron Vitamin A because you became more capable to absorb them transfer them as for beta-caretone to retianol from food resource and supplements

    I think Youll need a small dosage of Alpha Lipoic Acid as this had helped me more when i Detoxified my liver 6 months ago….

    The overall remark is that youll need also zinc to aid in your thyroid Metabolism…oils are essential too but I think your protocol will be overloaded so just go with minerals for now

    As for SAM-e , if your adrenals are working good then it will help alot in the dopamine and norepinephrine synthesis…but since we have alot of stress hormones that way some of us react weirdly to this supp

    All the Luck Frenchi



    Thanks .

    James300, you’re right on about PGE2 being concentrated in the prostate area. I think PGE2 is exactly what’s causing my symptoms – hard flaccid and headache (brain fog) after ejaculation.. because when I take tylenol it completely fixes the brain fog.. so it must be inflammation that’s responsible for it.. at least partly.

    I’ve used both milk thristle and NAC together for 1 month. I don’t have extra $ now to blow on those things cuz I need to order more important things first. I can’t say that I’ve seen much of an improvement during that month. Will probably add both once again when most things are already fixed.

    Never heard of Pentox. I’m gonna deal with all the vitamins and minerals first though and then add anti-inflammatories close to the end.



    whats CDP choline? and what’s a TNF inhibitor?

    sorry I’m too lazy to google it.

    What are your symptoms in general man? how did Pentox help?



    CDP choline is like Alpha GPC. its a great choline source which I used for my brain fog.

    Trental (pentox) is an anti-inflmmatory and what it does is basically block Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) which promotes the inflammatory response. Its used for peyronies disease which I have

    I had testicular pain which went away and still have PE which I need to work on.



    I see.

    Well tylenol (or any anti-inflammatory with acetaminophne and dextromethorphan) seems to be the best remedy for PE. It def helps me right now despite pretty bad PE so I guess one with normal hormones should be able to last quite a while on it.

    Weed also helps with PE. I still don’t know exactly why.

    In general though bringing all hormones and neurotransmitters to optimal range will help on its own.




    I was thinking of going the Serotonin route but the anti-inflammatory route is news to me



    Ya I only recently found out about tylenol myself. It probably lowers PGE2 enough not to have PE. And you can take as many tablets as you need depending on how bad your PE is.

    But it is hard on the liver. so if you’re gonna be taking it regularly then you also need to be taking milk thristle and NAC and perhaps SAM-e to detox the liver from the constant punishment. I’m gonna start taking it regularly when I can afford it again. It actually makes me more alive and makes my body warmer.

    Cough medicines with the same ingredients like Benylil work just as good if not better.

    I think PE is caused by either low serotonin and/or high norepinephrine, or raised PGE2 which is unrelated, and having pelvic floor tension on top of that makes it worse. So raising serotonin is part of the solution. Try 2 tylenols day extra strength first and see if it helps. And then work on fixing your hormones and neurotransmitters including serotonin in proper order, and it should help more.



    hey frenchi, where did you get this blood test from? I want to order one.


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