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    hey fellas, I been doing a lot of thinking lately.

    I said before that I believe hard flaccid is due to tight pelvic muscles, which are caused by excess inflammation and overall dominant sympathetic system, and low T and all that..

    For a few days straight I tried various ways to completely relax the pelvic muscles (the IC muscle, PC muscle, and anus muscles), some as suggested by Obitoo. I’ve been stretching my legs and pelvic area for a long time, and usually after I’d smoke pot and do hamstring stretches and other leg stretches, my hard flaccid would improve. I tried a few different things. One was raising one leg bent on a table or something while keeping the other leg on the ground (captain morgan stance).. and trying to fully relax pelvic muscles and shake my hips back an forth, and it would help alleviate hard flaccid. Another way is be standing, arch back slightly, and contract the top of my glutes and buck back and forth with the hips. The contracted glutes helped me FEEL my anal muscles relax a little, and I was able to feel the separation between my anal muscles and IC muscle, which would normally be clenched together.

    So anyway my point is that I think Obitoo and are right, that hard flaccid is caused by overactive, over clenched pelvic muscles. And generally training to relax these muscles (which is not easy) and learning to psychologically let go of hard flaccid and all this stress should fix the problem for most.

    Does that mean that fixing hormones is not the way to go?

    I don’t know. Getting on TRT fixed hard flaccid for Chris and Akgstone and Yuhu. So that’s not 1 person that’s 3. Means it definitely works, at least by my logic.

    But there’s 2 ways to look at it.

    1. Our hard flaccid is in fact caused by pelvic floor dysfunction/tension whoever you wanna call it, and that is the root, and fixing it requires retraining and relaxing those muscles, which is what the guys at are doing, and nothing to do with hormones.

    2. Doesn’t matter what the root cause is, muscle clenching or hormones that started hard flaccid, you fix thyroid, you fix liver, you fix testosterone, and that will be enough to ALLOW you to unclench your pelvic floor muscles voluntarily, or make it easier at least. Its worked for 3 people so I don’t doubt that it can work, I just don’t know what the mechanism behind it was. Perhaps just boosting your free T already allows your balls to expand a bit which loosens the scrotum and in turn the pelvic muscles, and maybe the extra T boosts sex drive which allows to relax pelvic clenching, or maybe the drop in E2 causes a drop in prolactin, which reduces inflammation + lower prolactin = easier time to keep pelvic muscles relaxed.

    I do know for a fact though that my pelvic muscles are constantly clenched. I urinate more often than I should. I used to clench my pelvic muscles since high school. I used to do heavy weight lifting and keep clenching then probably. When I was on ecstasy my dick had shriveled up, which happens to many people, but I must have been clenching so hard that that was the final straw that put my already weak pelvic muscles out of wack.

    Just off the top of my head evidence that hard flaccid is due to pelvic floor clenching:

    – Certain poses allow me to instantly improve hard flaccid by like 20%. For instance the captain morgan pose (one leg on the table), squeezing glutes lightly allows me to “feel” the anus muscles voluntarily, and relax them a bit, while I see blood rush to my penis and balls.

    – Hot showers help. why? logic says because hot water helps to relax the clenched muscles down there.

    – smoking weed usually helps me instantly. I thought it must be either because of reduced inflammation, or because of the relaxing effect on muscles and nervous system. And now I’m pretty sure its because of relaxed muscles. First, if it reduced overall inflammation, my hurting wrists symptoms should be improved too, but they dont. Second I’ve smoked some high quality hash and it helped my hard flaccid even more than weed and hash is known to be a muscle relaxant.. so there we go..

    – mental stress and worrying can make my hard flaccid worse in seconds.. so that supports Obitoo’s theory. In order to recover from this condition we must stop worrying about it all the time, but thats very hard to do when every time you look in your pants you see hard flaccid, so its a catch-22.

    – a few times I managed to keep all pelvic floor muscles relaxed as I was about to ejaculate, as opposed to them quickly clenching right before, and I ejaculated like twice as much volume as usual. So also says relaxed muscles = less symptoms.

    – I used to have premature ejac about half the times I had sex and I did clench my PC muscles during sex, to make my dick appear ‘bigger’ which is what ironically led to it clenching and shriveling. Generally pelvic muscles are more relaxed when standing than sitting or laying. And I remember once my ex-girlfriend was blowing my while I was laying on a bed with my legs bent and touching the floor (generally a position that tightens pelvic floor), and I ejaculated in about 3 mins. Then 10 mins later we went at it again, same position, and again I busted in like 3 minutes. So that’s some hints. And I clearly remember that I always lasted the longer in military position then when the girl is riding me (laying position).

    Now off the top of my head a few points that show it could be fixed with hormone balancing as well:

    – Usually my hard flaccid is worse when I don’t get enough sleep, and often its improved by nighttime as opposed to morning time. So that could go to show that its affected by hormones, especially the cortisol rhythm I suppose.

    – I’ve had some bad hard flaccid days after a lot of drinking. Drinking raises E2 so that could be the impact. But on the other side alcohol is poison in general and irritates muscles too so that could be it.

    – Taking liver supplement for the few months that I did, gave me more mental clarity.

    – As I mentioned 3 people on this forum treated their hard flaccid by getting on TRT, and the effects remained for Chris even after substituting TRT for the natural Sustain Alpha. So I don’t know how exactly TRT helped get rid of the pelvic clenching but it worked

    – My voice is weak and some of my joints ache, especially wrists, which can be explained by low thyroid and low T, which can cause weaker joints, and also possibly inflammation stemming from my liver. But at the same time it could be a result of just low T from clenching, smaller balls, and higher prolactin. And low T can cause osteoporosis (god forbid) and might explain the wrist pain. I don;t know which it is.

    One way to look at it:

    – the root is us clenching pelvic muscles for years and having stress and clenching them during arousal

    – we develop hard flaccid at some point, which is the IC, BC, and anal muscles being clenched all the time.

    – Our penis shrinks and scrotum tightens up and we get smaller balls.

    – smaller balls = less T production and low free T.

    – low free T theoretically could cause a raised E2, or lower thyroid, or lower adrenals, or lower all those things combined since its all related in the HPTA axis.

    – high E2 could theoretically block liver.

    Another way to look at it is backwards:

    – I get clogged liver, or somewhow high E2 combined with low thyroid and all that.. and in turn it causes low free T

    – low free T causes shrunken balls and perhaps susceptibility to pelvic clenching and hard flaccid.

    I don’t really care what actually happened, I’m just excited there are two ways to treat it: pelvic muscle retraianing and hormone balancing. Perhaps pelvic muscles retraining fixes the actual root, but hormone balancing can speed that process up and the boost in T couldn’t hurt.

    I still haven’t started taking any of the supplements I had planned to like B12 and folate and all that.. because its a serious commitment and I wanted to be sure 100% what I’m getting in to. Now I’m not sure of anything but I’m sure I will recover. I don’t know where to start really. Its been like 4 years for me and just now I’m ready to start my journey. I will do whatever it takes to recover.

    I gotta run, I will post my summary of Obitoo’s instructions later just so you all have an idea. In general, he says you must relax on all levels, not have emotional stress and attachment to this condition, get rid of trigger points, do specific yoga, learn to breath deep, learn to relax on demand, get physiotherapy done on pelvic region, stretch, and so on..

    But I’m thinking I should do all that PLUS add in supplements, not all that I wanted, but most. I think that would speed up the recovery process and maximize my odds. For example if I boost free T with Sustain and keep stretching pelvic muscles + physiotherapy, I might find it getting easier consciously keeping pelvic muscles relaxed. That’s the drift..

    My dilema now is what should I commit to first, the supplements, or the trigger points + stretching + physio + relaxation?

    If I go through with all the supps I might not find out that I could have easily fixed the problem by retraining those muscles and with no supps. And then I can’t just cut out all the supps or I may feel worse mentally.

    Or if I go through with the stretching and all before introducing supplements, I might find little improvement after months and I don’t wanna waste that time. Currently, there are only several people on that have fixed their clenching or are close.. the rest are only at their beginning.. so its definitely not an easy road.

    Right now I feel like my pelvic muscles are tight most of the time, when I do exercise or think about stress, it gets worse right away, and I have a hard time feeling my anus muscles apart from IC and BC muscle, which is something healthy people can do no problem.. so I’m in a pretty bad situation myself.. but just since trying to let go of the mental stress and picturing myself having a normal penis all the time, I feel a little relief and my flaccid looks a little too.

    So its gonna be a long journey, I’ll post more details later, but I wanna attack it from all directions, and follow all of Obitoo’s advice and take supps simultaneously.. which is gonna cost $ a lot, plus the physiotherapist might cost more than the supps.. but I’m fired up man.. I’ll do whatever it takes.. I’ll stretch for an hour everyday if I have to and give myself internal trigger massage if I can’t find a proper physio.. I’m trying to worry about this as little as possible now, which is something we all do even if you’re not admitting it, and its paying off already. Just letting go of the mental stress is a huge part of recovery. You’ll never recover 100% even if your problem is hormonal only unless your brain can let your penis relax and return to the way it was.

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    what’s Pentox? and how does it work?

    and yea I know what you mean man. Its very had to find a physiotherapist that can help with this condition in the first place. They must be familiar with trigger points and internal trigger points and all that, which is not common, and beyond that they must be able to recognize our specific trigger points which are affecting hard flaccid, and I’m not sure there are few physios in the world that have heard of hard flaccid at all. Obitoo found a great physio in New York apparently.. I’m thinking as a last resort I might as well go to him, 10 hour drive for me.




    what does your diet/supplementation look like now?



    I do pretty much all things you mentioned. I stretch, I eat as healthy as I can, I do light cardio sometimes. And lately I’ve even had some success keeping my pelvic muscles relaxed before bed time and sometimes for an hour or two.. but now the hard part is how do i keep them relaxed all the time? because some of the time is as good as nothing.

    I wanna be sure that when it comes time for sex I dont have to worry about muscles clenching all of a sudden.. or when I’m working out I can’t focus on the workout and on relaxing pelvic muscles same time.. its distracting, its stressful, its uncomfortable..

    so the real trick is to learn to keep them relaxed all the time and not worry about it, which Obitoo says can be done with physiotherapy and psychotherapy.

    Thanks for the advice though, I agree.




    what does your diet/supplementation look like now?

    I have eased a bit on diet, but everything clean and organic, fresh when possible. Now I eat potatoes frequently etc but I favour baked than chips, and if chips they have to be natural.

    The NOW super enzymes did all the work I think. Im also taking Bacillus Coagulans which seems to be doing nothing lol Cats Claw could have stopped most of the intestinal inflammation pains. I simply had a pancreatic deffciency as the drastic change in stool frequency confirmed.

    Just a symptomatic relief anyway. Gotta restart the digestive Qi to produce my own enzymes. Repairing this body its much harder and expensive than buying a new one



    Hi frenchie and hardflaccid sufferers.
    I am wondering if any of you guys are members of cos i have tried to become a member but havn’t had any response (do i need an invitation code and where would i get one),provided any of you are members.
    I have done a year and a half of pelvic floor therapy and my urologist had said it was all good but my hardflaccid is as its always been.
    p.s. My urologist says that tight pelvic floor muscles wouldn’t cause something like hardflaccid.
    Thanks for your response on becoming a member of

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