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    First of all I’m pretty pleased with ZRT. Everything is clear and professional and results came back with a detailed typed letter explaining what they think is happening with recommendations.

    Cortisol Morning: 2.7 range: 3.7-9.5 *

    Cortisol Noon: 2.7 range: 1.2-3.0

    Cortisol Evening: 4.5 range: 0.6-1.9 *

    Cortisol Night: 1.5 range: 0.4-1.0 *

    Estradiol: 48 range: 12-56

    Testosterone: 721 range: 400-1200 (age dependent)

    SHBG: 50 range: 15-50

    Ratio: T/SHBG: 0.5 range: 0.7-1.0 *

    DHEAS: 231 range: 70-325

    PSA: 1.9 range: <0.5-4 (optimal 0.5-2)

    Free T4: 1.8 range: 0.7-2.5

    Free T3: 3.1 range: 2.5-6.5

    TSH: 5.5 range: 0.5-3.0 * <— think the range was supposed to be 0.5-5

    TPO: 16 range: 0-150 (70-150 borderline)

    * = out of range

    PSA = Prostate Specific Antigen)

    TPO = thyroid peroxidase antibodies

    I’ll include the important parts of the letter:

    ‘Basically my cortisol indicates adrenal dysfunction. In a normal individual without significant stressors, cortisol is highest in the morning shortly after awakening (optimal 4-6 ng/ml) and steadily drops throughout the day, reaching the lowest level during sleep in the very early morning about 2 am (optimal level 0.7-1.0 just before bed). The abnormal pattern seen in these test results indicates some loss of negative feedback control of cortisol to the brain (HPA).. bla bla.. adrenal dysfunction, particularly high night cortisol, is associated with symptoms of sleep disturbances, anxiety, memory lapses, fatigue, bone loss, and depression. A high night cortisol will lower melatonin production and may contribute to sleep disturbances and immune dysfunction. Adequate rest and sleep, gentle exercise, proper diet (adequate protein), nutrients (Vit C and B5) and herbal supplements are some of the natural ways to support adrenal function…. then they give me recommendations of books on adrenal fatigue.

    Testosterone is within normal range but Free T is low as a result of higher SHBG, indicating that the bioavailable fraction of T in the blood is low……. SHBG is a liver protein produced in response to the circulating levels of estrogens; therefore, the higher the SHBG, the higher the circulating estrogen level. Both estradiol and testosterone bind to SHBG; however the binding of testosterone is much tighter, limiting bioavailablity of testosterone to target tissues. Hence, a higher SHBG leads to less bioavailable testosterone……….

    Low bioavailable testosterone in men is commonly seen beginning in the fourth decade of life, and is associated with symptoms of aging reffered to as andropause. Stress management, exercise, proper nutrition, dietary supplements (particularly adequate zinc and selenium), and androgen replacement therapy (testosterone) have all been shown to raise androgen levels in men and help counter andropause symptoms. Testosterone therapy is worthwhile considering.

    DHEAS is within mid-normal range.

    Basically says my SHBG is high…

    However, when thyroid hormone (T3) is low or is functioning less efficiently at the cellular level, estrogen induction of SHBG is diminished. Functional thyroid deficiency is often caused by other hormonal imbalances such high estrogens, low progesterone, low testosterone and low or high cortisol. Since SHBG serves to bind estrogens in the bloodstream, rendering them less bioavailable to target tissues, a reduction in the SHBG level caused by low thyroid function, can result in a higher level of bioavailable estrogens…….. rest is not important.

    PSA is within normal range.

    Free T4 is within normal range and symptoms of thyroid deficiency are minimal.

    Free T3 is within normal range and symptoms of thyroid deficiency are minimal.

    TSH is high. Although most laboratories have a TSH range of 0.35-5.50, new studies are finding that the mean and median values are 1.0-1.5mU/l. TSH levels >3.0 are now considered abnormal due to changes by the endocrinology association. Some experts believe that TSH should be kept below 2.0 for optimal health. Elevates TSH is often associated with symptoms of hypothyroidism, which include fatigue, decreased stamina, depression, rheumatic pain, sleep disturbances, cold extremities of feeling cold, reduced body temperature, brittle nails, dry course hair, hair loss, infertility, low libido, puffy eyes and face, decreased sweating, menorrhagia, and/or constipation. Periodic TSH monitoring is recommended if clinical symptoms of thyroid deficiency persist. Thyroid therapy may be worthwhile considering if T4 and/or T3 are low and symptoms of thyroid deficiency are problematic.

    Thyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibodies are low indicating that Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis is unlikely. <– (first good news lol)

    Sooo adrenal fatigue like we predicted. Results are actually a lot worse than I expected though.

    Seems adrenals are completely fucked. Thyroid seems not that bad based on T3 and T4 but horrible based on TSH.. still think that range is wrong otherwise T3 and T4 should have been worse.

    SHBG very high. Testosterone very low. Based on their scale its below mid range.

    Estradiol is very high. Good thing I got it checked out, I wouldn’t have assumed. Actually its so high that I don’t even know if it will drop to normal value once cortisol is fixed.

    So based on results I’m actually surprised I’m not feeling worse then I do. I started working out pretty intensely again, my sleep is alright, not really depressed.

    I don’t know what to do with weight lifting.. I just got back into it.. now I see its def not a good idea with my cortisol. I had a midday crash yesterday and again today probably because I went pretty hard in the gym last 2 days. But sometimes I do feel better a workout and it makes balls constriction go away.. so I don’t even know what to do.

    Now how I’m gonna approach these imbalances… F*ck knows. I was hoping I’ll only need pregnenolone.. but now seems I need more than that. Let’s say Preg cream is a success.. I can get my cortisol to fall within ranges at least.. thyroid will probably auto correct as a result. But T and Estradiol I don’t know. I want my T to be 300 points higher on taht scale. And want my E2 to be bottom range. I don’t know if Preg will be able to fix all that. If not, then I guess hello TRT :S.. I just wanna be healed already man. If right now my perception of normal mood is how i feel… then once everything is fixed I should be feeling A LOT better.

    Still kinda surprised. I really have no problems putting on muscle. And with that cortisol and T how can that be. Also Estradiol of 48 suggests piss poor libido.. but my libido ain’t always bad. Just several days ago I was actually horny day after day. :S.. right now libido’s kinda down to shit again.

    By the way I took the cough syrup Benylin last night – 2 tablets. It kicked in within 20 mins. Right away all pelvic tension gone. But it didn’t alleviate hard flaccid like tylenol did. So my conclusion is that its less effective than tylenol. And today I kinda feel weird all day..

    Feel free to comment.. while I go bang my head on the wall..

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    O yea can someone explain to me why my cortisol is so high in evening and night??

    If I have a lack of cortisol, which seems I do based on morning cortisol, then how can there be so much of it at evening? Where is it coming from?

    Is this typical of adrenal fatigue or no?



    Btw these results suggest that my norepinephrine should be through the roof. I don’t even need to test it, its pretty clear.

    And from an old blood test my prolactin was 12 on a range of 1-18, for anyone interested.



    oh man ……I know the feeling of “please excuse me while i go bang my head on the wall”. Sometimes results can be so frustrating.

    For what its worth at least you got a much better picture. The part that sucks asshole is that your SHBG is high as balls. Iv seen Jans and chillin say that TRT lowers that. Also since aparently estorgens raise it then once cortisol, possibly arimidex are in place along with TRT it sould come down hopefully.

    Adrenals are confusing. Mine are similar kinda. Its just confusing cuse you have low in the mornin and then high later? wtf mines sorta similar. Definetly frustrating as F*ck. I think as long as Preg cream goes down the cortisol pathway it could potentially help straighten this out.

    You still have neurotransmitters coming in so that will help even more. Its possible that in your case hard flacid is caused by the low T and high E2.

    good that thyroid is in order. Cortisol sould straighten this out .

    dont despair dude the answers will come for sure. Post your shit on musclechat if you havnt already. I just wish we could import meds ourselves. I have being dependent on any fucking doctors.



    also your right about the working out. If your cortisol is as fucked as yours then not a good idea. Mariano told me all physical activity apart for walkin is off limits until my cortisol recovers part 13 at least in the AM morning test.



    As for TRT helping – I know for sure it’ll help cuz its helped the dude Akgstone who had all my symptoms.

    Adrenals – I remembered some stuff I read on adrenal fatigue. Mariano and others claimed that it starts with cortisol output being too high, then once the adrenals run out of their supply of cortisol and burn out.. cortisol output will be too low.. which is the more advanced stage of adrenal fatigue. So I’m thinking since my cortisol is low in the morning but high at night, I’m probably in the transition to the worse stage of adrenal fatigue. Same for you Js. I’m guessing all cortisols were initially high, and now morning is low, which is worse.. and if this keeps up then all will be too low.. and then I’ll really start feeling like shit. The fact that not all are low probably means adrenals are still making cortisol – which is why I can still put on muscle.

    And yea I feel the worst in the morning and hard flaccid is worst too… probably because norepinephrine is highest in morning to compensate for cortisol and then lowers by night time.

    Yea I guess the hard flaccid is a combination of low T, high E2, and high norepinephrine due to low cortisol.

    I’m not despairing but I am bummed out by this. Now I’ll probably need to look for a doc since looks like I’ll be needing Arimidex n all that..

    It’s actually pretty amazing that tylenol alone can single handily reverse all symptoms now knowing how bad my situation is. It stops all constriction, gives energy, subsides hard flaccid, and even boosts libido. I’m thinking that’s pretty nuts considering how high my E2 is and how low T is. So what by inhibiting COX-2, my T suddenly jumps by 200 points?? and E2 drops by 30 points?? Pretty crazy however it works..



    Your bloodwork seems similar to mine, though I didn’t get Estradial tested like I wanted, same with DHEAs. It will be difficult finding a doctor who will give you TRT with a total test level like that. What I wonder, how does Estradial get jacked up soo much? Is it from Adrenal Fatigue ?



    ya i think your right. Our adrenal disregulation isnt complete yet. Theres still gas left in the tank which is almost unfortunate cuse it makes us harder to treat, or at least less likely to get treatment right away.

    I think if you can afford it your best bet is going to chrisler. Take it from me theres nothing more frustratin going to a doctor having him not treat you. Especially when you know what has to be done. I think goin to chrisler will negate the chances of this happening alot.

    that is interesting with tylenol. Who knows.




    his testosterone isnt actually 700 . look at the range i initially thought that to. its prob closer to like 500 or so. and his high SHBG fucks it even more.




    I have no idea man. I know low cortisol is responsible for elevated estradiol.. but my number is ridiculously high. Could be a bunch of reasons. This is beyond me really.

    And ya my T is lower than mid range. I’m not looking to jump on trt right away.. want to follow the process that Chilln suggests. But if its not enough than obviously I’d rather be on trt than live like this.

    Yea I need to see Dr. Crisler. I could start with local endocrinologists but I have a feeling its gonna be a waste of time. Crisler would help explain why E2 is so high.. and give prescriptions.



    Low cortisol can raise estradiol ?



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    I can’t remember all the specifics off the top of my head. Read it at musclechat. But basically everything starts with low cortisol –> it lowers T.. and then free T is even lower, SHBG is elevated, and E2 is elevated.

    But it shouldn’t be at top of range like mine. That seems like a separate problem on its own. I’ll probably need Arimidex.



    So now thats you, me, and frenchi who all have high SHGB, High prolactin, but good testosterone.

    700 is awesome. The great thing knowing that our T is at this range is that we don’t need TRT, which can cause other side effects. The downside is we don’t fully understand our problem or how to deal with it.

    Your cortisol is FUCKED.

    Edit: Why the hell do you think you need TRT, you’re 700, that’s not going to do anything for you. Just because their scale goes to 1200 doesn’t mean that it’s normal. 700 is a good value, stop fixating on the T that’s not our problem at all.

    If we can fix our cortisol it will in turn help fix everything.




    im fairly certain his T isnt actually 700 on the normal scale(247-827). I think its more like 500 on the normal scale. And with SHBG that high thats nothing.



    Frenchi, what were the units of T?

    Also the 10-50 SHGB changes. Look at my results, the range is 10-79 yet it’s the same units you guys use on your tests.



    ill be honest my thinkin went along the lines of

    normal scale =247-827

    His scale =400-1200

    his result is 700 putting him at less then halfway. less then halfway on the other scale is anything below 537.

    I dono if this thinkin is correct. Iv seen them mention on muscle chat that alot of labs use their own scales and you gotta know how to interpret them differently. I could totally be wrong though.

    Either way whether his T is actually 700 or 530 shbg of 50 means his free t is for sure below range making his T useless.



    units of T are ng/dL.

    Were your units the same?

    Ya I don’t know if this 400-1200 is actually the same as the 250-850 and just shifted higher for my age, or if its a whole other range. I guess that’s kinda important.

    And ya too bad Free T wasn’t included but I’m guessing its low due to high SHBG and E2.

    How can my T3 and T4 be somewhat normal while TSH is out of range?? Even if range is 0.5-5.0 I’m still at 5.5. :S




    Until we test Free T we can’t make the assumption it’s below range. I’ve already stated that the range 10-50 is selective, my lab read as a range of 10-79 not 10-50 and it was the same units.

    The way to see if his total T is low or high is to see the units used in the test, and then convert them to our Testosterone units.



    ng/dL is standard units, so your testerone level of 700 is fantastic. As for Free T that can’t be known until you test it.



    Nice. It’s not fantastic but could be a lot worse I suppose.

    Here’s my blood results from March 2010:

    sTSH: 3.32 range: 0.35-5.00

    DHEAS: 9.3 range: 5.73-13.4

    Testosterone: 27.2 range: 8.0-38.0

    Free Test: 59.6 range: 31.0-94.0

    Prolactin: 12 range: <18

    Not much has changed since then symptoms and mood wise.

    So by comparison, TSH was actually better back then.

    DHEAS matches in both.

    Total T is roughly the same considering the full scale goes from 250-1200, not 400-1200.

    Free T is mid range. lower than it should be.

    So since things match I think its fair to assume my free T is now roughly what it was back then.. so somewhere mid-range or lower. Def could use improvement. I don’t know if TRT is necessary. I guess I’ll start with pregnenolone.



    I highly doubt boosting testosterone in our case will treat the hard flaccid etc etc.

    Go ahead though. Hopefully it works.




    hey Frenchi,

    as you’ve noted. def adrenal fatigue. cortisol low in the morning and high in the evening and at night. as my memory serves, chillin said that cortisol tries to catch up during the rest of the day to compensate for low morning cortisol. that’s why your cortisol is high in the evening and at night. also low cortisol in the morning means low preg and low neurotransmitters.

    estradiol too high as a result of low cortisol.and free test low as a result of high estradiol and high shbg. low t3. very high tsh. please read these two links:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    in your case,

    “Even though a TSH level between 3.0 and 5.0 uU/ml is in the normal range, it should be considered suspect since it may signal a case of evolving thyroid underactivity.”

    (AACE Press Statement, January 18, 2001)

    BTW, there are no rt3 don’t have high antibodies which is a good thing.

    you’ll prolly need preg and maybe armour (or levothyroxine/cytomel). and then after your hormones are dialed in, you have to see where your t is standing. according to their scale, your t is low.

    don’t worry bro. now you’re one step closer to recovery since you know what you’re up against. the next step is finding a good doc and following his protocol. I’m sure you’ll recover in no time. so cheer up.



    yo i found this thread that may help you. In it the guy starts out with really high SHBG. By the last page he has a good level of SHBG. He also has similar T results along with adrenal fatigue.

    may help you make some conclusions. i did skip alot of it though so dono how helpful the middle part is .

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



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    Appreciate the help both of you.

    I’ll look at the links in detail when i got time.



    I been talking to Chris lately. He’s trying to help me with my situation.

    Honestly Chris knows more about the human body then any doctor I’ve ever met… I’m just gonna copy paste all the important parts of the messages so everyone with similar results can benefit from it.. and so that nobody RUSHES into taking hormones like Pregnenolone.

    part 1:

    “ahh this tells the complete story … hmmmm we got alot too work on hehe

    Ok let start with your adrenals.

    Good news, your adrenals are not totally fried/finished, bad news, its sign

    of future blown out adrenal fatigue if not addressed asap.

    You notice the extremely low morning level and the high rest of day

    and night levels.Your adrenals is playing catching up later on day+nite

    too make up for slow start in morning where your AM cortisol should

    be top range and gradually lower throughout day+nite. Naturally rythm is off.

    Maybe due too lifestyle , sleep patern? Any experience with improper

    sleep patern, staying up too late, not getting enough sunlight during day,

    staying on pc b4 bed, feeling more active during evening than morning?

    Would recommend top quality Phosphatidylserine supp to take early evening

    plus 2-3 hours before you sleep too lower+SAVE some cortisol for the

    morning too try regulate your adrenals/ACTH signal back too proper rythm. is top class company and make

    tp quakity one called toco-amp.

    Also would recommend vit c buffered power from LEF 1gx3 aday and

    vit b5/panthenic acid 500mg x3 a day which will hopefully

    regulate your cortisol cycle.Will add few more once seen mva test.

    Try this for 8 weeks, note any changes Very Happy

    Retest cortisol after 8 weeks.No changes then possibly need preg cream

    altho with your high SHBG and low free test your DHT is most likely

    very low so would make hard flacid worse.Folks with low dht usually dont tolerate

    preg too well.Check out muscleforum where few guys are complaining from

    this. I think Han himself had very high DHT one point 152 reading way above

    range but he started preg and his DHT dropped too 60ish so just becareful

    if you decide to just start on preg cream, can take while to reverse.

    Makes sense malfunctioned adrenals>inflammation in liver>high e2 roaming in bloodstrem

    too low total test but VERY LOW free test due too also high SHBG binding it and ofc high E2 taking majority of benefits of the leftover test.Plus

    99% positive low DHT.

    Frenchi remember my email while back :

    I suspect slightly high shbg holding back some free

    test.Its the free or bioavailable test that matters

    and not total.Since you want too increase sex drive increase

    in free test would do this bylowering shbg, this would

    also up dht increasing even more libido.

    Look into supplement called Activate by designer labs, the

    nettle root extract does the job here! If you have

    shbg result comming up then maybe best too wait n see

    result first.


    i guessed right unfortunately so too lower SHBG try the activate

    which willincrease free test and DHT hopefully! Increase of

    free test+DHT will help hard flacid alot! feck .. it may even affect

    penis size abit!! I noticed it!! xDDD

    Ppl who never been through hard flacid tink this is bullshit but

    what happens is with higher DHT level there is more free roaming

    DHT to enter the penile cells which are highly

    DHT sensitive and the androgen responsible for penile growth, more sex androgens>more bloodflow to this area,

    and penile cylinders become less dense and more flexible, back

    too normal state and some size will be noticed … win win situation!! xDD

    With higher DHT level also your high e2 wont effect you as much, DHT desensitises

    the e2 receptors. However still need too lower e2 for best penile size, all day plumpness, the bigger veiny flacid look etc plus stronger and more oftenly sponteanous erections! Very HappyD

    Try dim and pm a guy called PGamer78 something like that from the muscleforum board,

    he found out the best DIM brand when many folks few yr ago was not

    responding too many brands of DIM in lowering e2 until Pggamer found the one! Very HappyD

    This should drop e2 but pggamer should give you direction, he nice guy Smile

    We know even tho you appear to have mid range total test, with your high SHBG and high E2 your free test+bioavailable test is close too bottom now.

    No worries once you get DHT,E2,Prolactin by increasing dopamine naturally

    then total test and free test will increase. Give it good 8 weeks

    but you should notice improvement around 4 weeks.

    ouch ….!! bad news you are hypothyroid now. Most docs would diagnose you

    with hypothyroidism with TSH over 2 and also free t3 at bottom and start you

    on thyrod med like armour, nature thyroid, erfa or simple t3/t4 meds.

    Your ft4-ft3 ratio is higher so can steal some ft4 conversion into ft3 as well.

    Free t3 should be above mid and at top for best metabolism, properenergy expenditure,

    body warmth, mood, erections, libido, healthy gut,hard flacid comes into play here alot as well since with hypothyroid >lower body temp and harder flacid due too less bloodflow etc

    Can you get a thermometer and test your body temp first thing apon waking

    under arm pit ? Also take temp 4hrs later and then 4 hrs later for final reading.

    This will confirm if hypothyroid.

    Too boost thyroid naturally, one would need too look at iodine, iron, copper, vit d3,

    selenium & tyrosine, all building blocks of the thyroid.

    Good thing i suggested the MVA test now eh ;DD

    I suspect a few too be low with your thyroid, iodine is low on 80% of people

    due too lack of from diet but yours will be much lower. Blood test for iodine or iodine patch is much more accurate than urine.

    Vit d3 blood test from ZRT need to be done. I was bottom at 35 range summit

    like 30-95. Got too 75 with 12000iu a day! Due too hermit lifestyle once being sick…

    More good news, by getting proper adrenal rythm back and boosting thyroid

    your testosterone should increase as well. Smile

    What alot of this says is inflammation. High shbg suggest liver problem since

    SHBG is made in liver,lack of liver meth cofactors causing your SHBG too be held in liver

    and not flowing properly causing hormonal imbalance in time.Also with your experience

    of tylenol not workingso quickly or loosing its effectiveness is another red flag for liver malfunction.

    High e2 is the same thing, inflammation due to backed up liver holding in estrogens instead of excreting+urinating out.DIM+looking at your liver pathways

    should sort this all out.High e2 kills your adrenals+thyroid+test and will negate any majority

    of benefits from it.High e2 causes body to be in inflammation state 24/7.

    Frenchi have you looked at histamine levels? so much inflammation going on here i wonder

    what your histamine is at. Do you suffer from any symptoms like watery/burning eyes/face,

    stuffy nose, skin problems, hayfever, intolerane too heat but tolerate cold better,itchy,prone

    to rash after hot bath/shower,these symptoms becomming worse after orgasm?

    Since histamine level is also responsible for ejaculation.Also high e2 suggest high level of histamine.”

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