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    Ok first of all, no one seems to be healing on this forum. So step back and lets take a new approch as obviously we are not getting to the root of the cause. It you can get it up with vigra, be celibate and eventually get it up your problem is blood flow to the penis. Your arteries are clogged big time as mine.

    What are the major causes of the arteries to be clogged.

    1) Meat products.

    2) Dairy Products

    3) Eggs (one food advised to be taken here)

    4) Fats ( use get off the animal fats, omegas or very very little intact ,shock horror) .They are making you worse.

    5) Sugar

    6) Starch

    7) Supplements, (get the hell of all the bullshit on here to take for this, making you worse)

    Only supplement to take is vitamin B12

    So what cleanses and opens the arteries


    2) Minimal Vegtable intake.

    3) Best fruit by far ……BANANA shaped just like our little friend. Blending them is easiest.

    4) People are talking about serotonin to here. Bananas majorly and in the quantity taken of 30 or above increase and improve serotonin, blood pressure and blood sugar. Some use fatiqued people need.

    We are impotent because of a low calorie intake which mean we need to take at least about 30 bananas or pieces of fruit a day to get the arteries opened again. High calorie fruit are best but stay away from avacados as they have high fat in them to clog the arteries even more.

    We say here we are exhausted sexually which is frankly BULLSHIT. We are suffering chronic fatique of the penis and or whole body. The body isnt repairing fast enough. This fruit fruit intake combates this fatique and sends and explostion of energy into our body healing us big time.

    We need to be seriously

    1) Hydrated (8 pints of water a day)

    2) Sleep (massive, hormones cant fix without sleep. 8-12 hours every night)

    3) High carb, high fruit intake.

    4) Get off technology and get moving. Sitting down to much blocks the blood flow to the penis .

    5) Suck you stomach in and up ,(good posture increase blood flow down below.

    6) Dont exercise unless you get your fruit carbs, fatique will only make it worse.

    Download this ebook here. Will change your life.

    I highly advise you to watch these videos.



    Finally to much thinking/worrying burns up your sexual energy. Learn to live in the moment to recharge your sexual energy and heal your system. Change your personality to be the moment not the thoughts. Your are the moment and walk around in that personality. Plenty of videos helping you live in the moment on youtube also. Converse that energy. Allow your body time to heal.

    I can tell you this is working for me. Give it time. My depression is lifting and without the animal dairy products i feel my manlyness coming back. I feel the blood flow and calm return to my penis faster with more bananas. Keep going, you’ll see the change. Good luck and focus on opening your arteries, stopping whats blogging them and eating/doing. whats opening them.

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