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    As one of the founders of this forum and a veteran of more than six years of suffering, and of having experienced with over 110 substances, I too am just as frustrated as you are.

    It’s like nothing we try are doing anything at all. I believe W. (no longer active on forum) is probably the only one here who has recovered 90-100% but his methods which is almost identical to Alan Ritz’s (who claimed to easily restore his body with the supplements mentioned in his book which many of us here has tried since it’s nearly the same as W’s though developed idependently), doesn’t seem to help the rest of us. As someone who has suffered for over six years, I am extremely confused as nothing I tried does any difference.

    The guy who claimed that Brazil live coral calcium has restored him to full health was William of herbolove board, he never was on this forum.

    Aborting my adrenal extracts experiment I’m working on suppressing prolactin right now with Chaste berry. Both over-masturbation and use of SSRI leads to excess production of prolactin. It is said that it doesn’t take much medicine to see improvements if the medicine hits the right spot and if 110 substances does not do anything, chances are the medicines are not hitting the right spot.

    I also highly recommend you to go see an Endocrinologist.

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    As far as i can understand you say you have seen recovery, but you couldnt stop overmasturbating so the recovery failed. If thats the case then i cant really see the problem, because i dont think there is any drug you can take which can heal you when you still masturbate the wrong way. so you have to stop that.

    If thats not your problem, then just forget all about me, all i know is that i have showed big signs of recovery and i know that the main reason that i havent recovered is fully is that i havent really stopped what cause the problem in the first place.



    yes thats what i was also questioning in my reply? he sounds like he’s answering his own question ‘But i always get too impatient and F*ck it up’

    If that turns out to be the case



    It can be any of the hormonal glands or an excess or deficiency of certain hormones etc.

    Does any of you guys here that are suffering from sexual dysfunction still able to acheive orgasm inspite of not being able to maintain an erection?

    Please all anwser because this is a very important question that will help my look into the Prolactin/Oxytocin balance. Dr.Lin in some of his articles and case studies has indicated that the lack of seminal production and ability to acheive orgasm is due to excess levels of Prolactin which can be induced by over-masturbation and use of SSRIs.



    yes i do get an orgasm and my semen seems to be exactly what it was like almost when i over-masturbated a year or so ago. same colour. thickness etc……….. cheexiong has your semen production decreased over those years? it seems what has been affected most is my acetylcholine levels because of my weak erection which has improved after the fish oil/borage oil

    Prolactin/Oxytocin actually effect the length of the refractory period in men.



    Then your case is most likely not due to elevated Prolactin which mine probably is (about to find out).

    Well tell all that seems to improve your condition and maybe you can see where the problem lies. But your case is probably not that severe if you can still experience orgasm.



    yes i think if i continue to masturbate then i will soon be having excess amounts. i will update you on how everything goes. it seems 6 years marks this excess. 3 years is borderline and anymore over-masturbation starts to interfere more with the hormonal system.



    Opps, I mean tell me all the supplements that seems to help your condition. So Alpha GPC and Borage/fish oil helped right?



    i didn’t purchase alpha GPC yet or any of the other stuff. i’ve only taken a combination of fish oil/borage oil. when i took it for the first 2 weeks i experienced horrible burning sensations in all of my lower body. that just shows you what kinda inflammation i had. however i also lost 25lbs of fat. my erection has improved from what it used to be a couple of months ago. i would say 25% improvement. i think it might be due to the above 2 factors. i think you know that the liver can do lots for impotence, of course putting the neurotrasnmitter deficiency aside.



    i can give the answers to the symptoms but to give a product which will fix those problems is another thing. for some people it will work and for some it dont. the supplements what people are using on this forum are the products which have a chance to work then all the other products in health food shops. but if this doesnt work then it is frustrating like you said. but until the medical researchers get to know this stuff then we just have to stick with the stuff what is available.



    but he mentioned that he keeps getting impatient and so fucks up. maybe that is what is hindering his process. if it isn’t that it might mean his hormonal system could be a bit messed up.



    My concentration and sleep have greatly improved. I don’t have the problem anymore of wanting to say something and not being able to get it out. Feel far more confident to.

    I’m calmer and not hyper all the time, must have had to much adrenaline conversion somewhere. Don’t feel tired all the time anymore.

    I wake up every day with an erection and yesterday I got a spontanious erection after I got home and had been oggling some women.

    I take in the moring 500mg alpha gpc, one capsule off omega 3-6-9 and omega 3 fish oil, 15mg zinc, one multavitamin, 500mg taurine,60mg ginkgo bilabo and 800mg mucuna pruriens.

    Every 3-4 days I add 10mg Dhea to that (50mg was far to much for me and gave me chestpains, did take that combined with 6-oxo which works but stopped taking that as soon as the chestpains set in) your body only produces 25mg off it a day if all is well…

    Lunchtime teaspoon cod liver oil and for the last week managed to take 50mg off 5-htp which doesn’t give me any side effects anymore, pretty sure the effects off alpha gpc has to do with it.

    500mg alpha gpc again and 60mg ginkgo.

    Evening 50mg 5-htp again,500-1000mg taurine,150mg off magnesium and 800mg off mucuna pruriens and just before sleep 450mg valerian root and teaspoon off cod liver oil again.

    I want to stay on this regime for another 5 months and adding only maybe l-tyrosine dopavite , arginine and glutamine to it.Maybe experiment with the craniyums or if someone finds a new good supplement. Cutting out maybe the 5-htp after a week and taking it again when suffering from premature ejaculation.

    I do believe moderate alchohol consumption helps , like a few beers once a week and that one should try boost all neurotransmitters at the same time once serotonin is ok…

    My biggest problem/thought is what happens when you stop taking the supplements. I had a semi come down when stopping arginine on it’s own after 3 months usage…

    I’ll mention this again but age 20-21 your body becomes grown up and stops the over producing off hormone’s for growing up which can make someone feel tired and more down especially when you’ve been overmasturbating. Your body and mind has to get used to it.

    Might be good to keep that in mind



    I’m sure if you did deeper you will find more info what exactly happens when the hormones stop. The male mind only becomes mature after age 25, which explains why your car insurance goes down then.



    I just rambled on there a bit to say in the end the products onhere do help.



    NO, NO, NO…..I have followed the resume with alpha gpc, borage oil, fish oil, craniyums, and only ejaculated 2 1/2 weeks at a time… i wasnt talking about me getting too impatient there. I was talking about 2 times that i felt my absolute BEST, when i was getting erections whenever i wanted, but wasnt holding them like before yet….my mindset was that i will be 100 percent soon, so i fucked it up…..i was following daves resume…..

    Since i cant hold, or get a spontaneos erection, im not going to ejaculate/masturbate until then…with me taking my supps….this is a part where i believe most of us havent accomplished yet….and this is half the battle……

    how can someone improve there hormonal system?



    yeah i knew you meant something like that. you really have to avoid it bro until you get a spontaneous erection otherwise all what you imrpove with the supplements just goes away.



    Which craniyums did you try the essential balance one?(contains serotonin and dopamine) or one off the others? One contains the dopamine booster and the other one the serotonin one.

    Reason I ask is because 5-htp can lower your sex drive a bit.

    Click me



    i believe its the restore for men pack.

    yes 5-htp does reduce premature ejaculation

    but PE can be caused by a variety of stuff: low acetylcholine, low pge-1, too much pge-2, low serotonin, abraded prostate duct caused by low levels of pge-1.

    5-htp doesn’t harm the body like the SSRI drugs. however you can increase your sex drive by increasing dopamine levels. serotonin and dopamine are actually classified as neurohormonal antagonists. which is why i belive that you should increase them both at the same time or start out with serotonin firs then dopamine.



    Blueshark, not sure yet on the arginine, like to try something different first though. See how we go.



    oh yeah man, feel free to experiment.






    i just wanna point out that DMAE does not increase acetylcholine levels in the body. it only raises choline levels apparently. he’s been using it for 2 days only. maybe he should wait and see how it goes.



    thx i know manny

    i still have to wait and see what the alpha gpc brings, no noticeable effect now

    i could also switch back to lecithin 15g (didn’t feel too much from that either)

    or i could try the choline indeed



    hgw long did it take to do the damage?

    u really think 2 months is goin to reverse all?

    just keep going,at 6 months u can get pissed off bro

    dout u need to tho

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