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    hey guys ever since doing the bravermans test it showed i had a major deficiency in this and i need serious help because my nervous system is always down due to this and how am i supposed to boost this….which foods, drinks, supplements….what i should do and shouldnt do….shouldnt eat???


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    buy some powerdered gaba. works wonders



    Powdered GABA does not cross the blood/brain barrier very well and mostly gets pissed out into the toilet. You are far better off getting L-Glutamate, the precursor to GABA. It is found mostly in complex carb’s such as porrige oats, brown rice, potatoes and brown multigrain or wholemeal breads. As you can see below, a handful of almonds is an excellent choice!

    You may want to read through my thread I made some time ago:

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    For an extra GABA boost you should consider drinking green tea regularly as it contains L-Theanine, which has a great effect on GABA and is also very calming if you find you get quite stressed a lot. It works wonders for me at work.



    nice one mate thanks



    i take L-glutamine, mostly for muscles.

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