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    thats good and all but that is only for people that have high cholesterol mainly…Taking fish oil and garlic would probably double the effecicy for those with choloesterol problems as fish oil is used to also reduce cholestoral…if only they had a cure for the biochemical nervous system and thyroid problem from garilic…



    garlic radically increases blood flow throughout the body and detoxifies candida like you said it even helps with cartilage building as MSM is even derived from garlic…there are so many benefits from garlic…I take aged garlic extract b/c the raw form is a little too potent for me even though i can handle its pugnency I don’t think its good for my weak spleen/stomach unless it is in the aged form…I could be wrong tho…Garlic is also a digestive age with digestive enzymes as well.



    do you notice erection strength from the aged galic extract?

    i once took an odorless garlic supp and did wake up with good wood the day after, but never used it again

    do you think it’s better to take the allicin supplement 100% instead of an entire garlic supplement? allicin is supposed to be the vasodilator and the good guy right?

    digestion yeah i noticed that.. lots of gas hehe



    i can’t really say the garlic helps much for my erections although indirectly it may help for everything else…Not jerking off is the only thing that really helps for erections in my experience at this point…I have a chronic pain condition so i can’t speak too much about my nervous system right now being a major flaw in me…its extremely important to have a clean digestive track tho…candida sucks although anyone with a slightly weakened immune system has some candida no matter what even just a little i have read…i would take garlic only 3 times a week tho as paul pitchford points out excessive garlic causes erratic emotions sometimes…

    I think too much raw garlic is excessive in a few places i have read but on the other hand if it works for you then screw what everyone else says. I would also add some aloe vera for the intestinal lining..also probiotics are essential too to keep candida at bay.

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