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    A while ago, I came across a taoist health book, which mentioned that parties, active lifestyle, complicated emotional states and getting constantly “high” even if no alcohol or drugs is present, use lots of energy. Actually, there are tons of things that drains our body even they seem completely safe to do.

    This may sound ridiculous, but I think that finding constant excitement and entertainment in ones life, will end up in fatique and stress in later life ( and numerous health problems ). Todays kids play videogames, watch violent movies and tv shows and constantly stimulate their bodys to “entertain” themselves and in later life they start watching porn/masturbating. Where does all that energy come from? It must use a nice coctail of neurochemicals/hormones. I think we can expect terrible rise in mental diseases, sexual exhaustion, general fatique and exhaustion, parkinsons disease in the next 20-30 years after mine generation gets a little older.

    What you think or what are your experiences. Do you think that overmasturbation/overejaculation or drugs are the only way to drain the vital energy?

    I found few links stating that listening music have influence in bodys neurochemical levels and can change our mood and hormones state. Maybe listening relaxing music is helpful, but listening techno beating or too energic music start to drain body and gives temporaly feeling of “high”. After energy usage, always comes lowtime.

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    Dr.Wilson’s “Adrenal Fatigue” covers many different kinds of stress. Even good stress such as winning the lottery can affect your health negatively when there are many stressors accumulating in your life.



    A stronge mind is all you need………

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