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    My dad is a beast. Hes 65 years old still works out everyday. Last time I lifted with him he was repping 315 on the bench pretty easy. Hes been an athlete his whole life. Now that hes older hes got a belly though. He NEVER drinks . He dosnt sleep very long though and wakes up at night sometimes. He also takes naps occasioanly after work. This is gona sound weird but I think hes been a high testosterone male his whole life and hes hinted to me that hes fucked alot of women before he meet my mom. Not to mention I know hes still kinda a horndog cuse everytime we see a decent looking chick he has to comment or say something.

    My mom stresses super easy ( fucking anoying as F*ck ) . Has been a smoker and drinker her whole life . Definetly has thyroid issus as well. Also has bouts of depresion. Her family is kinda unhealthy. grandma is diabetic, grandpa died from heath failure, her brother is fat as F*ck has heart problems.

    My dads side has some diabeties and some of them were also alcoholics. There actually all dead now with the exception of him so I guess that shows something.

    As for me…….used to be one of the biggest kids in my grammer school ( prob like 3rd tallest and 2nd heaviest). always excelled at sports and was really naturally strong. Played football in highschool.

    Started drinking in 8 th grade. It became a pretty regular thing most weekends in highschool. Also started smoking weed but I didnt overdo the weed to much in highschool. Though looking back on my health now with all the knowledge iv aquired it clear that my health was starting to deteriorate already around senior year ( wasnt getting morning wood, was getting stronger but not more muscular, was more tired, etc etc) . Anyway shit really hit the fan when I got to college when I started overtraining, smoking weed daily, drinking every weekend, did exstacy twice, did xanax a few times, increased my masterbation to multiple times per day ( was previously few times a week) and also add the stress of being in a long distance relationship and a new school. Boom 3 months into freshman year my SE hit.

    and 14 months later……here iam lol . FML

    its very possible that the reason this happens to some people and not all is because we really genetically predisposed and our bodies couldnt handle it.

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    Generally, its not crazy if ypu took his case from all aspects…maybe his body recover was superbe after each drugalchol session…so the short term symptoms didnt appeared,,,this is my assumption

    and i can find many of whom who masturbate and have sex with their wives and yet their urges grow and grow….unlike me where i catched eyebrow hairloss and other issue quickly,,,which means not every one can do what the other do

    the difference in among us humans make us one of the most complicated creatures….thank lord

    As for My family…I think the relativity between my father and mother (even though they are not directly related) have the same and exact symptoms

    1- Diabetics


    3-Cancer ( my father side family has prostate cancer , and generally they are capable of being fat quickly)



    im not surprized about your dad having high T. Im convinced my dad does to. I actually asked him to test it next time he goes to the doc but based on his lifestyle, body, personality I really wouldnt be surprized if it was 650 plus . Hes 65 as well.



    If it ain’t genetics then what is it then?

    Don’t say over-masturbating because I’ve never done that and a bunch of others here haven’t either. And it can’t be poor lifestyle choices cuz it seems that most of you dudes are athletes.

    Then what’s the reason for you getting SE overnight akira? and me getting my problem overnight?



    I for one do not think (nor wish to) genetics play any role in this. As I have stated many times before I was a very healthy and virile man. I went down ONLY because of porn. Before I discovered online porn I had hair like an afro, masturbated once in 2 days, and had no problem whatsoever. Then one fine day I discovered online porn… started watching it, jerked off multiple days, and kept on the habit for every single day. Now I am bald and cannot get an erection. If I say to myself that it is because of some genetics then I know I am only fooling myself.



    I didnt exactly get SE over night years of masturbating 3-4 times a day is what did it for me as far as you im not to familiar with your case what exactly caused your symptoms if you didnt masturbate?



    Ok fine then maybe there are two causes for this : genetics and over-masturbation.

    It’s possible that some of you who over-masturbated, like you HC, don’t have any genetic problems. And perhaps it would happen to most people who would masturbate up to 8 times a day for a long time.

    But then do you have an explanation besides genetics for my condition?

    I’ve never jerked off to the extreme, have lead a normal lifestyle relative to most people, fit, and did E a few times.. when others have done it way more and lead more destructive lifestyles.



    frenchi it is good that you are trying to figure out what the causes are but to be honest i think that energy is better spent towards a solution. we may never know how we got here, we can only try our best to lead a good life from this point on. i have read a lot of posts in the propecia forums. a lot of their symptoms seems to match with ours. all they did was take a product hoping to stop hair loss and they found themselves impotent .. and the horrible thing is some of them have developed a condition that is just not reversible.



    I noticed this too , that what scares me with my case. I never took propecia but I have taken gnc health and vitality supplements with saw palmetto, dr lins, and dr richards supplements after I had SE symptoms. I also didnt over masturbate when my SE symptoms hit it was like I turned 25 and then I noticed low libido and everything else in a two week span also penis shrinkage and testicle shrinkage.

    when propecia users comment about shrinkage and etc and I can relate its discouraging. but wouldnt it be similar if the endocrine system is imbalanced



    As far as genetics goes..

    Mother’s side of the family has a history of high blood pressure, along with chronic depression (although this can be due to other factors other than genetic).

    Mother’s side also has aneurysm running in all males in our family

    aaand mother also has cancer running in our family.

    the only thing of these that might relate to SE is the blood pressure, which might explain some of my symptoms (not everyone else on here though).



    I what i know that its immune related issue…but once the immune system is hit, then expect many things to happen

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