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    “The upper brain which gets busy when you are angry, holding all your anger and frustration. If you learn how to sink your mind down and empty your mind down to the Tantien. When you can convert this energy it then helps your healing process. The first thing that happens is that your have energy to heal yourself. When you practice this system diligently in the correct way, sickness will disappear! If you don’t get rid of this busy mind it won’t happen. This is one reason why you do Tai Chi. You sink your mind down and the consciousness awakens and the awareness increases. You turn your consciousness in and your awareness turns out and you connect with the consciousness of the universe, you move and the chi moves. When you move up to the mind again it stops. When your consciousness stops your chi stops. You cease to connect with the force.”

    I have this experience, too much thinking and busy mind will quickly worsen my well being and cause stagnant fluids in the middle of the body.

    Ps. there is nice lungs purifying exercise in the bottom to release grief, sadness, hot toxic energy from the lungs.

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    so do we just focus on an object while doing the breathing?



    Yes, the idea is basically to focus on imaginery set of objects ( like beautiful forests, animals etc. ) to break down the stressful thought patterns. It can be done when doing the daily meditation session ( preferably before sleeping ) or when finding oneself worrying/over-thinking constantly.

    The negative thinking works the same way: If we think something stressful our bodies will respond in appropriate way, like thinking exams or undone work will make us worrying. If we think pornography images, our bodies will get horny maybe precum. If we think something negative of others soon our mental state can turn to very negative and start causing problems.

    The mind leads the body and energy, its better to give it something good to think about more than the bad things.



    Max I love music, maybe one could do it when listening to nice music that they like.



    I love music, maybe one could do it when listening to nice music that they like.

    Not really. I love to listen to music too. But listening to music is not meditation. Thinking of NOTHING is very difficult. I find it much easier to focus on one thing such as my breath.

    Here is a pretty good site.



    Reading spiritual or healing texts can also be very helpful. Those who are more religious might have it all easier, since they can lead simple lifestyle without problems or internal conflicts. I do not certainly mean you need to convert to any religion, turn to priest or practice rituals in order to get better and have an erection.

    Those who are the victims of modern consumer society and value too much scarce things, money etc. will certainly have harder times. I have one friend of mine, and he is certainly suffering from health problems. He seem to think wrongly that the cause of his sufferings and problems are all external like bad job, not enough material possession, he always speaks about his problems to me. I have not said to him anything since it is not mine or anyone elses job to somehow convert other people and that will only make people look foolish. Everyone can choose how they live, what methods use etc. nature always gives feedback what works and what does not. Like nature gave me feedback that over-masturbation was not good by destroying my health. If I do not take that advice, I can only blame myself not others.

    Whatever methods you use to calm your thoughts, keep yourself focused and eliminate stress will reward your central nervous system later on.

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