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    i recently spoke with shippen about what does he do for the people that are unable to get an erection even after HRT or other treatments or failing use cialis/viagra.

    he uses a treament called Tri-Mix.

    its a shot you inject into the base of the penis (scary but a painless procedure)

    He told me a story about a 85 year old man that came to him.

    he was there with his wife at the time.

    the man has not got 1 erection in 2 years.

    dr. shippen introduced Tri-Mix and he injected this into his base right there in the office.

    within 20 minutes, the man had a raging erection ( even in a very akward place with the doctor and his wife)

    the erection lasted 30-1hour, i have read stories of men having a 3-4 hour erections, some even have it 8 hours and actually have to inject something into the base to bring down the erection

    this would only be recommend for the severe cases and after getting a massive amount of blood work and getting the right treatment.

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    THAT is UNcool!


    sometimes i thank god im not a doctor and have to inject old mens penises hehehe



    I wouldn’t recommend injecting anything into a penis though and I’ve been in this for over seven years.



    Poor guy.Maybe he could use penile prothesis as a last choice.



    or a VED for that matter. anything but an injection.



    whats wrong with an injection?



    scar tissue.



    Scar tissue : only if you are doing it frequently. 3-4 times a month and you should be okay.



    over a month it may not be a problem but what happens after a year or two. I think this time period is sufficient enough to at least start a scarring process. I still believe the VED is a better option if used smartly.



    When I had the ultrasound and other tests, my Urologist gave me Tri-Mix. He was unable to get it down, even after 8 shots. Finally, he had to draw the blood out manually, or it would have been up all night and on to the next day.

    Traumatic day

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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