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    Probably our most important intial challenege. there is a lot of things you can do to get off porn but you must commit yourself to doing them. Once you spend your time doing more natural and construtcive things then watching porn you will become very happy.

    – Is your computer the main source of porn, give it to a friend and tell him your trying to beat the porn addiction and he should not return it to you for 3 months whatever happens. Don’t make excuses like I need it for other purposes e.g. email. You don’t, you can use your college computers for that. Don’t hide it yourself because you’ll just give in and get it out again. so long as you have access to porn, the temptation is there.

    – Do you have hobbies e.g. soccer, wrestling, tennis? If so do it/them everyday. Do some regular jogging to complement.

    – Do you have a lot of friends? If not its no wonder you spend more time indoors watching porn. If you do have friends then hang out all day, if not then spend time doing your hobbies. Play computer games if you must, better then porn.

    – Do you have low self esteem issues which make you avoid women? I overcame mine and started dating various girls. My need for porn kinda vanished cause I liked chatting to girls.

    – Go on a long holiday somewhere. Why dont you fo to china on a 2 month martial arts training camp at the shoalin temple. You’ll be surrounded by nature, exercising everyday and eating fruit n veg. Why don’t you sign up at the army but just do the training phase. A long holiday may cost money and sacrifices but your health is more important.

    When you get off the porn I guess you will start fantasisng over your memories of porn. This is why even if you loose access you must find other things to cut your time.

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    Hi ,

    Thanks for a good post.

    I agree that this is the very first step towards recovery and also the most challenging one.

    You have mentioned talking/dating girls. I have specifically decided NOT to date until I am healed from this condition. What is the use of going on dates when I cannot perform sexually? Won’t it be a major embarrasment?




    I would say it depends. If you are completely impotent then you should not date. If you are a typical case which can be cured by celibacy+exercise+diet then dating/socialising may be beneficial but don’t engage in sex since your practicing celibacy(say you’re religous and dont believe in sex before marriage).

    You are not dating because of your low self esteem over your sexual condition. First you need to forgive yourself. In my case I was confined at home against my own will for my whole childhood and even my teens. Thats why I started chronic masterbation otherwise I would have been normal today. God has forgiven me and I have forgiven myself, if God has pardoned me why should I care about others judgement. I no longer feel that everyone else is better then me because i have sexual problems and there were factors which cause me to be like this.

    Date if you wish and after a few months tell the girl of your problems. undertsnad why you didn’t tell her in the first few dates. If your seeing improvements then shell probably be ok. If not and she dumps you then fine you wern’t compatible. For some women sex isn’t the beginning and the end, they can get over prematurity. You can use fingers/oral. Some women just marry for children. If you can find someone compatible then great if not then not.

    Having said all that, I think its better not to date given our condition. If however you struggle with celibacy, then dating may be helpful. Having high self esteem and knowing girls made made me think less about masterbation.



    Just to add, definately do not engage in sex or marry to have sex while you have sexual exhaustion, because you will weaken it further. You need to rebuild it before you can use it properly at that level. Also I don’t think one should be having children either because the quality of their sexual health MAY impact the childrens health.



    i am trying to build a barrier right now between me and my porn addiction

    i am starting to really hate porn

    because it destroyed my life…and my purity

    and right now with looking to porn and masturbating… i am starting to be tired all the time , fatigue, less motive, and hair loss

    My way to resist is to read dialy articles about porn

    and to learn porn negative on Our lifes

    Learn porn relaity and how these actors aren’t happy..



    You guys really need to stop watching porn and start to practice deep abdominal breathing exercises.

    There is this swine flu and all…we need the superior immunity gained by abstinence/ejaculation regulation and other methods.



    Yinyangparantaja have you recovered at all? How do you feel now?

    Also it would be great if you can offer your opinion in this thread:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    We’ve been having lot of discussions there.



    I’m responding to what I have made bold….why is that? Was it because of your parents, if so then I’m in the same case. If my mother didnt have me confined to my house, I would have never had any of these problems that I have today…everytime I come back to my house or talk to my mom, all these emotinos take over me and I experience great anger knowing that she is the reason for this. She is the reason to my horrible body, my depression, my misery, and my failure.



    RavensFrank, I wouldn’t talk about your mother like that at all. She is not the reason for your misery. My mother confined me because I grew up in a ghetto there were gang fights, stabbings, violence etc. She thought by keeping me indoors I would never be corrupted like all the other kids and I would have a good job one day. Her intentions were good and i forgive her for any emotional hardship she would have given me. Fair enough I think my parents over did it with the confinement however I don’t think my mother knew her actions would create an environment for se. When she sees the isolated wierdo I became I think she realised her mistake.

    Ravens, we are talking about your mother, regardless of how much she nags she probably cares for you more then any other person. No one cares for you except your family and especially your mother. If she knew that you would have se today, I’m sure shed go back in time and change what she could to prevent it the same way you would. Im sure she thought she confined you for your well being. She didn’t give you se, you did. porn didn’t give some of us guys se, we chose to watch porn and masterbate. Can we blame se on porn? No we cant. If something INDIRECTLY caused our se, they cannot be blamed because they did not will this on us. Your mother did not will or desire se on you, infact the opposite.

    Please don’t be angry with your mother, she did not cause you se. I’m sure she’d give an arm and a leg to see you heal and marry later one day. I could blame se on my mother, i could blame it on my step dad as if he wasnt around to discipline i would have ignored my mother and gone out, i could blame it on porn, i could blame it on my friend who introduced me to masterbation. Truth is I can’t blame it on any of these things, none of them intended this on me. God did will this on me, he created this environmrnt for me, but my religion teaches illness is a trial from God.

    if you are paralysed in a car accident tommorow your mother will take you home and care for you. Your mother rocks. If you still have any negative emotions towards your mother please do discuss as they need to be rectified. Also there is no point focusing on the past an what someone did 10 years ago. You need to live for the present and the future.



    I completely agree with Gwan. Regardless who or what caused our conditions there is little to no use in looking back with anger. We should look forward with hope.

    Gwan, you don’t have to answer if you do not wish to but can I know which country you are from and live in?



    My SE all started when I was layed off from a full time job that I held down steady for 3 1/2 years due to a plant shut down that began in Dec 05….. after this I would be in and out of work doing temporary jobs that would only last no more than 3 months at a time and the months that I would not be working I would be at home masturbating when I was not out with friends partying. These last 2 years had been the worst with certain friends leaving the scene because they got into trouble and had to serve time in jail and that meant no one to hang out with and me being IDLE for long periods of time there was nothing to do but stay home watching porn and masturbating on top of meeting women online I would go out and have sex on top of all the masturbating that I did. Despite the porn I really spent to much time online even when I was working full time jobs. The internet itself became something of spending to much time on. I think normal people without the internet would only masturbate for maybe 10 to 15 minutes at a time outside of the internet with magazines and such. Before the internet came along I would probably only masturbate maybe once or twice in a 2 week period and the sessions were no more than 15 minutes at a time. I remember back to the good ole days without the internet my life was filled with activities and I was a much happier person with alot of ambition.



    I agree with Gwan having SE is a test by god to see if we will spiritually advance beyond our current situations.




    I feel great otherwise than I have not been able to masturbate/ejaculate often, but the energy is there.

    We need to just do what is good for us.




    I feel great otherwise than I have not been able to masturbate/ejaculate often, but the energy is there.

    We need to just do what is good for us.

    The question is how bad were your erections when you started abstaining? How exhausted were you?

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