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    i had all thenormal symptoms etc etc… started on alpha gpc with acetyl l cartinine, tribulus, l-argenine, yohimbe n fish oil n im now on them all apart from yohimbe. i have been on these for 5 months now and thought everything was back to normal, was getting morning erections every morning again, spontaneous erections, libido was back up, my erections were harder and the only thing holding me back was the precum and seminal leakage (nightmare!)… i have been like this for a month now so i decided to give the supplements a break, ive been off them 3 days n im right back to square one! i thought these were meant to heal and recover you, not cover up your symptoms n basically trick you into thinkin youve healed!!? starting to really take the piss

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    me too! when i get off of alpha gpc and the rest for like 2 days my hard-on goes. so i was wondering whether these supplemments restore or they just boost the neurochemicals – temporarily. deppressing



    its pissing me off like… if thats the case ive basically wasted about 500 quid and severley reduced the quality of my fina year at university and gotten nowhere! waste of fkn time




    would both of you please post your diets….thanks



    my precum disappeared in a week once I went on a regime of egg yolks, i about it in woohooo topic.



    mine disappeared thanks to fish oil and borage oil




    My diets fine.

    bf: oatmeal, raw egg yolk and banana

    snack: yoghurt and nuts

    lunch: chicken, rice/fish, veggies, fruit

    evening: green tea

    supper: beef, potato/sweet potato etc, fruit

    my erections have not completley gone, its just that they’re weaker when i go off of the supps. when the rest of you take a break off the supplements is there any difference?



    stick at it then,,youve found a course of treatment your body is responding to..i dont see the problem here…..

    every three months…evaluate your situation..write all of your progress and keep them loged to compare..

    i really dont know how you can be sick of getting beter… if you had cancer you would have to have treatment for a long fucking time..whats the diffence?



    hey thanks…but i think your confusing me with …personally i aint planning to quit. ain’t a quitter. i’m in this sh* to the end.

    no other option



    It is my observation, your body adapts to a state of equalibrium with any drug (including food). ie. If you continue to take something your body adapts and then requires more of it to hold even or get to the next level. Body builiders would not build up if they worked the same muscles every day. Taking a break is CRITICAL to the adaptive process – even if the break means NO ERECTIONS. I would suggest every 5 days then 2 days off. (You can even cycle the dosing and cycle schedule). During those few days off, you will find your body trying to “normalize” itself.

    Finally, although I really believe RAW foods holds the best form of supplementation. I have been experimented wth many of the supplements on this forum. The ones I currently like the most for cycling are as follows:

    1) Vitamin B5 and B6 in the early AM with water

    2) Morning Breakfast Raw Eggs with Tongkat Ali 800mg, Prostate 5lx

    3) Prostate 5lx in afternoon with lunch and Tongkat ALi 800mg

    4) Choline with Insitol for nighttime

    Eat foods that help Kideny Yang defeciency. Eat a digestive enzyme

    with every meal or especially protein meal. (Don’t need if you are eating raw foods)

    I never had 30 minute unassisted “mid day” spontaneous erections (except maybe in 8th grade) like a few here, but on the other hand I have never been able to abstain for much more than 1 week. My wife would be very suspicious if I went longer.

    BTW – With some chemical assistance I can easily obtain/maintain an erection for 2+ hours. (Obviously, would like to eventually have this be natural. Also, still not sure on how Cowper’s Fluid relates to sexual exhaustion but I do get plenty. Its certainly fun to play with!)



    it seems tongalkali is becoming quite popular. i believe you take the insotiol for better sleep don’t you.



    I have been sleeping better since on the above supplements than I have in many years. Sleeping in my opiinion is critical to all kinds of functions (ED included).

    BTW – If you wish to experiment with any supplement buy the best (ie. supplements can be more toxic than helpful) – The best Tongkat ALi ican be found – I also found a guy here in the US who is buying this is bulk and willing to sell at wholesale.

    See this link (Scroll to the bottom) for more info on Tongkat ALi

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    you didn’t use any sort of 5-htp or melatonin/valerian root

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