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    I was going to order all saliva, urine, and blood tests from

    Retarded service. There is no customer service, you only leave a message, and they call you like 5 days later :S.

    I finally talked to someone and she said that blood testing to Canada is probably not gonna work out. It’s because by the time they’ll get the blood samples back to the lab it won;t be good already. But saliva and urine tests are fine.

    I checked out Called them, asked the same question. Again the lady is unsure about what’s gonna happen with the blood. First, zrtlab doesn’t require the blood draw to be done at a clinic, so that already saves me a lot of hassle. You draw it from a finger at home. Then she said people already a vitamin D blood test from Canada all the time. So if that works, then my hormone blood sample should be no different. And then she told me the blood doesn’t go bad (can be stored) for 1 month. So I’m thinking if I use express shipping for sure they’ll get it within weeks. But still she didn’t guarantee me anything, and I don’t wanna pay $380 on a test that might not work out.

    Now I’m waiting for a call back from integrativepsychiatry to see what they have to say about the month thing.

    What do you guys think? Should I go through with the zrt lab? If it can really be stored for up to a month then everything should work out, but I don’t know if that’s true..

    Basically my plan is to order the Comprehensive Male Profile II (Blood/Saliva) from zrt which includes: E2, T, SHBG, DS, PSA, TSH, fT3, fT4, TPO; and saliva: Diurnal 4x Cortisol. For $380

    and also order a urine test from integrativepsychiatry for $231 for:

    * Serotonin

    * Dopamine

    * Norepinephrine

    * Epinephrine

    * GABA

    * PEA

    * Histamine

    * Glutamate

    * Creatinine

    That’s about all I can afford right now..

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    you sould do it im pretty sure they can store blood for up to one month. your results souldnt be messed up. If and when you can you sould try to get an amino acid test to. Read the article i posted under exstacy and neurotoxisity. I no you did E so this directly aplies to you also.



    that would be a great start at zrt

    i did a couple fingerpricks myself as well and trust the test results

    samples can be stored longer time couple weeks actually

    so with t and e2 monitored, and adrenal saliva and ft3 you’re gonna know quite a lot more

    check out vitamin d as well



    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    some tests to think about

    Thyroid TSH w/ Free T4 & Free T3 $78.49

    Estradiol, Sensitive $68.49

    sex Hormone binding Globulin, Serum $49.49

    Testosterone, Total, Serum $44.49

    total cost: 240.96

    would be well worth it considering you were thinking of spending 380$

    I would really try to do BLOOD serum, not blood spot…

    dont do any amino acid or neurotransmitter testing, its more of a waste of money.

    Or would be better to save money and visit a doctor such as HAN or Dr. JOHN….they could probably draw blood right at office and get tested



    I’m planning on working with HAN anyway. Would be amazing if I could get the blood drawn at the office, but that would require me to fly there..

    Thanks for the link. Good that they have individual tests. But for $380 I also get 4x cortisol + dhea.

    I know neuros + aminos are not as important as these tests, but in my case, suspecting I have adrenal fatigue, I want to see where my norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine stand, and obviously get cortisol tested.

    As for amino acids, I didn’t think they were important, but JS’s case proved that they are. His aminos are fine, but neurotrasmitters are low, so there’s a problem with the metabolites. There’s a good chance I got the same thing so I decided to get them tested.

    So I guess what I’ll do is order the neurotrasmitters together with adrenals from integrativepsychiatry through urine sample and then order your tests for 240. And then probably order aminos when I get a chance.

    “would really try to do BLOOD serum, not blood spot..”

    What’s the difference serum or spot?



    dont do any amino acid or neurotransmitter testing, its more of a waste of money.

    Im sorry but i have to disagree. Im not saying this will be the case with everyone but if i hadnt gotten my amino acids and neuros tested I wouldnt even know what the exact problem was. Correcting hormonal issues is only half the bottle considering the fact that this is promarily a central nervous system issue. In s and my case there crucial because alot of our problems started after doing E. he has to know where he stands and he has to know if he has conversion issues. If I had just gotten a neurotransmitter test I would have no idea that my amino acids were ok but just werent converting. Not to mention an old member on here by the name of YUHU got these tests done. Hes one of the few people who is completly healed and he did it not only by balancing hormones but also by balacing neuros through amino acids.



    Guys, if I go right into HANs office for the consultation with no insurance, you think he can draw blood for everything that’s needed for free?

    The consultation is $225 or w/e, but can he draw blood for amino acids and hormones for free right there and then? Do I pay extra?

    I just realized he’s located in Philly. That’s like an 11 hour drive from Toronto. Far but doable. If its that simple to draw the blood right then, then it would be cheaper for me going there then ordering them for $380.




    The blood test will cost you…

    They would probably order what needs to be done at the office.

    you would have to talk to han..



    ya, I’ll contact him right now.

    you know by any chance if they can do neurotransmitter tests at the office? Or they only do hormones?



    he gave me a neurotransmitter kit right at this office. I had to take it home pay the 100 or so dollar fee and mail it in.



    i would do spectracell over neutoranmitters

    then complete hormone lists..

    fix deficiencies via supplements, diet, exercerise.

    retest in 3-6 months if no change

    start pregnenlone,

    test in several weeks

    if need be boost thyroid

    test in several weeks

    if need be boost testosterone via HCG

    test in several weeks

    if need be boost testosterone via Testosterone and start AI control if need be

    test in several weeks

    etc etc

    basically you should be completely optimized in 12-18 months.

    dont let it drag on longer than that or else you could be tinkering around with all types of stuff for many many years.

    the above information is just a rough draft, i wouldnt actually follow it. just an idea



    Sounds good. That’s pretty much the draft I had in mind too.

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