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    Hallo Gentlemen, long time not talked. My Sexual problems are still very frustrating, but I good a liiiittle better recently with regular (internal) massage… I am planning on trying some new stuff to finally get some breakthrough in my “fight” against this annoying condition. I will write and update you soon, but right now I have a different problem and would like to get your opinion, because I read this forum for such a long time already and value the opinion of people like Max and Pimp more than any doctors I know, lol.

    tI am in Taiwan right now with my Taiwanese Girlfriend and after she felt ill for 3 days (light fever, sore throat, coughing) she went to the hospital today.

    Apperently the doctor put some stick with cotton on it in her mouth and made some kind of test with it. When he came back, he announced that my girlfriend has the “New Flu”, the H1N1 virus.

    He gave her a medication TAMIFLU, a capsula and told her to take it twice a day. She said her best friend also had the Swineflu and said she felt alot of better fast after starting to take the medication.

    From reading on the Internet, I am convinced that the vaccination for swineflue, which is also named TAMIFLU, is pretty much ineffective and has some dangerous sideeffects. So is this the same stuff in another form or what is Tamiflu in capsula form?

    I try to convince my girlfriend now to not take the medication, but try to heal herself naturally.

    Any good links to scientific sites/believable sources that show that Tamiflu is ineffective and dangerous?

    What should she do? She is 22, not super healthy, but its ok. She gets a cold pretty easily, has problems with allergies and neurodermitis/eczima.

    Which is the best NATURAL treatment for the flu? Is that test actually for real? Can a doctor confirm the virus with a cotton stick in the mouth after 30 mins? Any supplements that are recommended to take? Something to strenghen her immune system fast? Or will the immune system just kill it with proper rest/hydration and good food?

    Should I be concerned about contermination?

    I am really thankful for this forum. Please give me advice.

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    I don’t recomend the vaccination or Tamiflu. I think herbal teas combined with Cordyceps, Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi Mushrooms if those are available. Veil Gluck!



    Lots of vitamin C will fight the infection. Either take vitamin C pills or drink plenty of orange juice. But not too much orange juice because it gives you the squits!!



    Keep Vitamin D in optimal range..

    2000iu Is probably safe for everyone

    some people can even benefit from 5000-10000IU

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