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    Who has a girlfriend/wife?

    I was wondering on the people that Have a girlfriend or wife, how does she feel about your problem?

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    I have a gf. It affects the relationship no doubt coz she may feel she’s not sexually exciting you(she blames herself), but generally they are understanding and are even willing to help out.



    I have a girlfriend too. It’s hard for her just as much as for me. we share everything and everything is fine except for sex. this affects especially me because I am the one to blame for that. I do feel alot of guilt. I love her to death and realise that if this will take forever there will be a moment in time when she will say goodbye. Just thinking about that makes me feel terrible. The impotence has made me grumpy and depressed and its a miracle she’s still with me because besides me not functioning sexually I have been a real asshole the last two years. I just can’t seem to enjoy anything anymore, not even vacations to nice exotic places. She has her moments when we try again and I go limp after about a minute that she wants to cry which makes me wanna scream out loud. I can’t believe I put myself in this situation. If only I had known…

    Still I do have hope that I will recover some day.

    I will not give up without a fight!



    i have a girlfriend, she understands. It hurts me much more than it hurts her…



    I have a girlfriend and have been with her for 4 years now. I actually had a precum problem since the age of 16 and I am now 20, soon to be 21. The precum has been more of an issue for her than anything because she hates the taste and is also afraid of it getting her pregnant as none of us really EVER want kids.

    She also has problems of her own. We were both virgins and we worked on breaking her in slowly to avoid bleeding and pain since she is a very small and tight girl. She is not really a horny person so we have sexual encounters about once a month (if im lucky, lol). She finds after a while she gets sore and it really upsets her – infact she’s always telling me to hurry up and ejaculate before it starts to hurt for her. She does like sex because she comes on to me (I gave up trying coz I was always turned down, lol).

    The precum is quite an issue because we actually had sex yesterday and there was air in the condom. This bit of air was forced out and I think some precum started leaking out the bottom of the condom. I am actually pretty concerned incase she is pregnant – lets just hope the spermaside in the condom did a good job!



    hmm, that sounds like a decent amount of pre-cum for it to actually leak out the bottom of the condom, maybe its seminal leakage..




    If it was seminal wouldnt it be white? Plus it was the air that forced it down… It may have just been her juices, lol



    thats possible, pre-cum is a very clear fluid



    seminal can be both clear and white the question is how long does it take you to release?

    when your havin sex how far thru the session does this come out?

    if its real fast its seminal leakage.

    EVERYONE gets precome-normally not long before they come

    if your releasing large amounts of liquid long before you come then its not precome



    sounds like ive got seminal leakage then…. what would i do to sort that out? comes out straight away with me even when im not hard n just harny…



    sounds like ive got seminal leakage then…. what would i do to sort that out? comes out straight away with me even when im not hard n just harny…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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