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    As most of you know, I deleted all my porn off my computer…pics, vids, all of them. I dont purposely look at pics of women either. My question is that have my pictures of my favorite celebrities(like teengage boys do) and alot of the pics are provacative and the girls are sexually appealing(I couldnt masturbate to them tho). I’m just wondering if I should be avoiding those too even tho they arent porn and arent even close to porn. Pretty much should I avoud looking at everything that has sexy women(music videos on TV/computer, pics of celebrities and such, etc)

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    That’s a good question. I would guess that as long as the pictures are not too stimulating, it would be OK.

    When I was a teenager, and I couldn’t get my hands on porn, I mastubated to Sears catalog, or Glamuor magazine (like George on Seinfeld).

    I think it is probably better if we get our erections from real women and not fantasy of any type.

    You are probably OK, but be carely



    Avoiding all porn is usually a drastic measure for overmasturbation problems. The idea is that any sexually stimulating input will trigger secretion of prostate fluid, seminal vesicle fluid, precum, and the ever deadly prostaglandin E-2 (PGE-2). The PGE-2 will cause inflammation, causing the secretions to build up inside the body and fail to be reabsorbed or dispelled through the penis normally (especially for those with prostate or nervous disorders). This results in a lot of abdominal pressure/pain and digestive panic attacks, as the intestinal nerves are paralyzed by the inflammed, overfilled glands.

    Masturbation actually helps ejaculate these fluids out of your body and empty these glands, but it is only temporary relief, for the glands may be stimulated into overactivity again from sexual material. So it is only a matter of time before you have to ejaculate again. By avoiding all porn, you’re simply delaying the masturbation urgency that inflammation / secretions cause.

    It’s good that you abstain from both physical and mental sex stimuli. It just may not have to be as extreme as you say it is. It’s not just about avoiding porn; it’s also about occupying your mind with other things. Exercise, sports, martial arts, or a mentally challenging hobby alone can further distract your mind and body from its overmasturbated sexual functions. After all, the important point here is that while you’ve attained this temporary state of “stability” for as long as possible, you can heal up with sufficient rest, good exercise and diet/supplementation.



    Well put ! Especially the very last sentence. There are a billion other good things to occupy the mind than porn while in healing mode…. and once healed, to not go back to that habit. What’s bad is how easily available it is. But that is just the same for cigarettes, grass, alcohol, drugs, etc.

    porn = psychotic drug

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