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    Hello Guys

    I had a question and I need an answer

    When I test my Glucose in my blood (fasting) I always get the result between

    100-109 mgdl

    ( When I searched I knew that it was called Insulin Resistance or Pre-diabetic )

    So..when I talked to my doctor about this case

    he warned about the possibility of gaining a Diabetes type-II

    He also asked me to lose weight + lower my intake of sugar refined or from carbohydrates

    I believe that my hypothyroidism have a clear relation with my high Glucose level…

    Any suggestion guys??

    Any protocol I should follow

    or Blood test??

    thanks in Advance

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    Are you getting enough excercise? I’m not a diabetic, or have an irregular blood sugar level, but I have read several places that if you walk every single day at a nice “comfortable for you” stride – than this should keep blood sugar levels in check. Fasting levels should also be around 80-90, so yes yours is a little high.

    What you should do is every single morning after eating a very light, low carb breakfast, walk at a pace that is comfortable for you for 1 hour. After a month, you should see results, and you would have nipped this pre-diabetic state in the bud. Of course this might be something you should do forever to keep the fasting levels around 80-90, after you have gotten them to drop, since it seems like your levels are more prone to rising. Hope I could help.



    Akgstone thanks for the addition..

    yes I do exercise …at least 3 -4 times a week (Walking or Cardio)

    But what I believe is why does my Insulin Resistance is still high , even though Iam taking my hypothyroid med’s for 10 months.

    and you wont believe that I have been exercising regularly but couldn’t find any improvement….

    Iam also taking Green tea extract + Grape seed extract

    and a Multivitamin …and they are all recommend

    to increase your insluin sensitivity…( Lower blood Glucose)

    yet Iam not seeing any improvement



    Hmm..I’m at a loss. Does diabetes run in your family? Only other thing I could suggest is maybe going on an extremely low carb diet. And yes, cutting all refined or processed sugars will help a lot. So no white rice, white potatoes, starches, bananas, or other high glycemic fruits for awhile. If I were you I would eat oatmeal, veggies, and just berries for carbs. And then make sure you are of course getting at least 1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight, while drinking a gallon or more of distilled water daily. Nuts, seeds, and healthy oils should be higher since carbs will be depleted. I would not put too much stock into green tea and grape seed extracts, just do to the fact that for the money you can get more nutrients for your buck.



    Yea…I will try to minimize my Carbohydrate for sure

    so no Cereals , no Gluten , No dietary products, no fruit juice, and no

    part of this insulin resistance is because of low serotonin and dopamine !!!


    to be honest I have been taking them for almost a year..(not regular)

    but I noticed some good results in energy

    not to mention that Grape an armotase inhibitor (Lower estrogen)

    But I will take your suggestion in to consideration…because they exhaust my budget

    thanks Akgstone



    any suggestion guys?

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