going bout it the wrong way Cortisol HPA marginal

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    told me to focus on my morning cortisol but I didnt listen I was so worry about Testosterone and E2.

    but looking at my blood for cortisol and saliva its right in my face my morning cortisol is always low

    cortisol 5 am 7-25, pm 2-13

    saliva cortisol am 10 (13-24)

    the saliva says my HPA is marginal at best. its has 4 options to improve hpa dietary glycemic control

    mild to moderate aerobic exercise

    use of natural or pharmaceutical anti histamine or anti inflammatory

    or balance sympathetic/parasympathetic systems using meditation

    so i might have hidden inflammation. what are some natural anti histamines or inflammatory supps or drugs.

    if I get cortisol on track that will increase t, and should lower e2 some as well reading hormones via musclechatroom

    Males who think that they can “beat the system” by operating at low cortisol and taking arimidex to suppress E2 are doing this based on insufficient knowledge of hormones, because too low cortisol means too low pregnenolone, which means too low neurotransmitters. Having too low neurotransmitters means the brain cannot coordinate the larger volume of messages resulting from increased overall metabolism, which includes the increased volume of repair messages triggered by higher T metabolism.

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    Interesting about the anti histimine or anti inflammatory. I’ve just started taking Quercetin.


    Wikisays: Several laboratory studies show quercetin may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

    It seems to help w/ my erection quality. but I can’t really confirm it more than placebo effect at this point. Give it a try if you are curious about going that route.




    how long have you been taking it? what dose? and can you describe all the effects you’ve felt so far.. energy and libido wise.

    I’ve read good things about Quercetin before. I was gonna try it next after Curcumin but had no $. but now I do..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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