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    my healing was going soo good , im starting to get worse, i still get daily morning erections, but during masterbating, the last 2x i masterbated i went limp during it, i keep going limp during masterbating!!! this is bad… i think im going to stop all supplements

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    relax, dont stop the sups stop wanking,,

    ur not going to go from 10% to to 20% to 30% and so on, ur going to go up and down a few % on every stage- listened to ur body,if ur going limp while ur jacking u need to stop jacking for longer.



    what time said is spot on. you can’t except a linear improvement you know. more like spikes really



    my biggest problem at the moment is sexual thoughts belive it or not.

    i went a few weeks without blowing the load.last 3 days ive been constantly thinking of sex.at first a very refreshing thought and i could also achive weak 3oclock erections after thinking of sex for a few moments which i good because i could feel the energy building up.

    after three days my head is rather fucked, with thought abuse( as stupid as it sounds) alone i felt my energy get on a train and leave me.

    had a bad time recently, i go through many diffent stages

    stages when:

    i cant handle my condition what so ever

    i couldt give a flying fook about my condition or anything else for that matter

    im highly motivated and posotive-and am out to heal.

    last 6 weeks or so i couldt give a fook, haevnt been eating,sleeping,been smoking 30 a day,drinking loads.

    its been wicked

    ive learned so much about my self,my personality,my action and thought processes this year its hard to belive.

    after everything ive done,if i can stat inproving liek that after a few weeks and not put any effort into it,6 months will be ace and a year will be outstanding results wise.

    for somone with the level of exhaustion i have once every 3 weeks would keep me exhausted for life so this time im going for it full 6 months without thinking sexual thoughts,wen my mind starts to drift that way il place that energy some where else!

    last time im doing this shit

    over @ out



    im going once ever week, i think thats fine right now, the thing is i wake up with morning erections every single day, i ejaculated last night and i had a morning erection today. But i remeber lasting like 20 minutes, now it seems i lose it quick within 5 minutes usually and have a hard time getting an erection back, everyone else seems to be having some success with organ supplements, i have been taking them for a few months and i dont know if there helping, although they seemed to help in the beginning, i think im just going to stop taking them for a week or so.



    i was actually gonna start ejaculating like 2x a week

    i know bedwards mentioned he started doing it more



    Max How long did you do 1x/2 weeks? Then switch to 1x/1 week? I’m having alittle trouble deciding how long to regulate once every 2 weeks then higher the frequency to once every week, then to 2-3 times a week.



    well i’m not so sure going every 3 weeks or more is good anymore, or even 1x – 2 weeks, as long as u dont go back to do it every day or multiple times in one day ur fine. i’m going to change some things, i just want agirlfriend but im putting to much stress on myself, like im afraid i wont be able to get an erection or something,



    Max So its not important to regulate once every 2 weeks and its ok to go up to 3x a week, as long as you dont over due it again? I havent ejaculated in over 2 months…how much harm is this doing to me? Or is it ok to not ejaculate?

    Quote:Yeah thats the same with me. It’s worse for me tho I think because that was my initial problem. I tried to have sex and I’d just lose my erection and wont get it back. This happened with more than one girl on more than one occasion. So I’m always going to have that fear in the back of my mind…



    well on a good note, even though i ecjaculating last night i tried it again today, i masterbated for about 8 min then stopped, everything was fine, i think my PE and pre-cum are clearing up. im so curious about my weak erections the last few weeks….

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