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    i recently bought a bottle of phosphatidylserine after doing some research and it appears to be a very promising supelement… take a look at this info [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] … it seems to cover almost all aspects we are looking to fix

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    PS is much more powerful in the bovine form…It may help a little in the soy form but i researched this back in april and the only one that is powerful is not sold to suppliers b/c of risk of mad cows disease… only scientific studies cite the benefits of the bovine supplement not the soy based derived one and there is much difference in efficacy i’m assuming but not completely sure yet as i have never tried the bovine form…I wouldn’t waste your money on this supplement however unless others here think otherwise b/c its rather expensive and not too powerful in my experience…No real research was conducted with the soy one which is misleading of the website for doing this…The best way to heal would have a good diet and if you wanted to increase PS probably organic eggs would be a more potent option and much cheaper as well…For me the effect of this supplement was like literally taking a grain of salt but maybe i will try it again in the next few months b/c i still have quite a bit of it left but wish i hadn’t wasted my money on it still…I hope you have more success on it than i did b/c i took a drug that made me lose my sex drive so i’m probably a harder case to solve…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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