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    Okay…. I had a wet dream last night. I haven’t had one of those in about, oh, I don’t know… a good fifteen years or so! I haven’t masturbated to ANYTHING since 01/31/06 and have been taking extra zinc, B’s, C’s, saw palmetto, eating organic fruits-veggies, org peanut butter, etc for over a month. As far as I can tell, my prostatitis has healed since there is no pain or discomfort in groin because I immediately became conscious if there was any pain and felt none right after the dream. Went back to sleep and then woke up with a hard on. (yahoo!)

    Now considering that I am 42, I didn’t think this was possible as I thought I was SE but this gives me great hope. I had a full erection when it happened and finally there was milky white fluid where before when jacking it was only clear liquid. I still plan on not doing anything(jacking, sex) for a while since my body is still in healing mode but want to know if this is a good sign or not. Since this happened I am planning on taking some extra zinc today to replenish what was lost. I want to also start slowly working out again(squats) to raise my testosterone levels.

    I am assuming what happened that this is good? I feel like a 20 year old again!!!

    Thanks Dudes~

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    Hey, can you tell me which zinc you take?

    What have you done to heal your prostata, mine is very inflammed most of the time.



    thats a good sign your producing enough semen.

    i believe a wet dream is caused by a burst of Oxytocin or Testosterone.




    Thank You, Thank You (I take a bow!)

    I switched over to Zinc Picolinate just this past week. It is 30mg capsule so I am taking 3 a day to get 90mg. If I take too much zinc, I get a dull headache. But before that I was taking 75mg of chelated zinc. I took the advice of Stinger and switched to the picolinate. I take the zinc with my vitamins B and C as zinc works well with these for better absorption.

    As for my prostatitis, I, of course, laid off the jacking and been taking epsom salt baking soda baths every morning. I fill the tub with warm-hot water and put in two scoops each of epsom salt and baking soda and soak my whole body for about 15 minutes or so. Relieves the pressure in my groin.

    When I went to see my doctor about the prostatitis, he gave me some antibiotics called Sulfameth. I took these for ten days and that is it. I really dont like taking meds so I also take probiotics on a daily basis too to promote gut function. I also feel that the saw palmetto has helped heal my prostate issues as I don’t have that uncomfortable feeling anymore. Trust me, I am not completely healed but definitely much, much better than a few weeks ago. My diet has also been many fruits, veggies, and organic meats.

    Hang in there Alpha! You will be fine.




    Great! Will I ain’t doin’ nothing!!….meaing I am still leaving everything alone down there and continue my foodsupplement regimen. I want to have another one of those again in a few weeks, or whenever its supposed naturally happen again, so I know I’m producing enough testosterone. It’s funny because since I’ve over mast for years and years… and years, I halted having sexual dreams so it was a nice surprise to have one last night!

    Like I mentioned before, there was no pain or discomfort after having the boner with the wet dream. That is even more proof that over stimulation was causing so much friction and damage to my gonads where giving it a rest (meaning “no touchy”) for a little more than a month and having a natural ejaculation with a dream was nice and no discomfort.




    My bad….I meant since 12/31/06. That was a little over a month ago. Right now I am still in healing mode so abstaining from everything until I feel healed and ready. Having the wet dream was hilarious for me!



    I guess there is no fatique or symptoms after natural wet dream that does not happen too frequently? I remember that if having wet dreams too often, it indicates some kind of problem with body holding the essence ( semen ).

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