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    Ok guys finally got my lab results, hopefully you guys can help me out on what i will need to, i hope i got the ranges right, thanks in advance guys.

    LH 3.78 miu/ml (1.5 – 9.3 range)

    fsh 2.5 niu/ml ( 1.4 – 18.1 range)

    prolactin 5.9 ng/ml (2.1 – 17.7 range)

    Estradiol 25 pg/ml

    DHT 28 ng/dl ( 25-75 range)

    testosterone 368 ng/dl ( 241-827 range)

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    DHT and Testosterone are way to low

    DHT is best at or slightly above top range..

    Testosterone is best 700-900

    you barely have HALF the testosterone of a healthy male

    you basically have no sex hormones.

    check thyroid


    Free T3

    Free T4

    Total T3

    Total T3

    Reverse t3

    and DHEAS

    Vitamin D




    Question is how do you feel ?

    Numbers are alittle bit low and i would look at lifestyles, nutritoin, sleep patterns, and daily stress

    Also assessing the adrenal function and thyroid can get ones testosteone up as it did with max with out TRT.

    If I was treating you I would look at potential clomid challenge to see if you would respond and in little as 8 days you would know ..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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