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    i got the alpha gpc

    after ordering about week ago i got it quite fast with ups, they even came twice before i could take the package!

    alpha gpc from vitacost 600 mg and alpha lipoic/acetyl l-carnitine


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    yeah you could. you really have to try with all humane possible means to quit this habit. otherwise for every step you take forwards you will get behind by 2-3 steps.



    oke thanks for the info

    yeah i know its hard though..

    somehow i am not horny no morning erection but after a week i am horny as hell



    that is actually a good sign. i suggest you do anal breathing method. its really good and takes away the urge. sometimes i get horny as well so thats what i do .perform as many times as you feel is necessary. yogha is a good idea as well. do these will you boost your acetylcholine and other stuff. once your parasympathetic nervous system is healed you will get the morning erections and spontanoues erections back. i do get morning erections from time to time. how long it will take depends on your condition. but i will be general and say maybe after 4 weeks most people start to feel some difference.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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