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    This information could be the best information i have found on problems with men! and whats even more amazing this stuff is over 100 years old!!

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    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    Thanks for the links again. I don’t know who had all those texts but the more I have read about them, the more amazed am I. What the hell man…where has all this wisdom lost. They seem to know each and every detail we know on the forum and much more.

    In these few chapters for example. There are also pages about eating right, organic foods etc.

    “Virility, like health, is natural, and a natural life invariably means virility and all the superb mental and physical qualities associated there-with. Impairment or loss of virility is, in every instance, the result of an unnatural life, involving abuses or excesses of various kinds. The influences tending to destroy virility may be of two kinds, those which directly affect the generative system and those which indirectly affect it through lowering the tone of the entire bodily organism. In other words, virility is affected on the one hand by abuses of the generative system itself, and on the other hand by abuses of the body as a whole, as for instance through the use of alcohol or tobacco.

    A point which cannot be emphasized too strongly is that loss of virility is not a condition which concerns merely the sexual organs, but one that means also a loss of energy and impairment of function throughout the whole body, involving, in most instances, a failing of mental faculties. Nothing indicates this more clearly than the difficulty of mental concentration in hard, sustained work that is experienced by those suffering in a marked degree from weaknesses of this type. The loss of memory that follows too frequent seminal drains shows very plainly the relation of virility and healthy sexuality to mental vigor. Accordingly those afflicted with such weaknesses should make every effort to overcome them not merely for the sake of an improved sexual condition, but for the sake of their general health, physical and mental, as well, and in order that they may. attain the very greatest success in life.

    Remember that the generative system is not an isolated organism, something apart from the rest of the body, but is closely’ related to every other part of it, its connection with the nervous system being especially intimate. I emphasize this point because so many are inclined to take a narrow view of the subject, not recognizing this relation-ship. And just as influences which lower the vitality of the body as a whole tend to destroy one’s sexual power, so the special abuses of the sexual system weaken the entire system.

    Masturbation is undoubtedly the first and most important of all the causes of sexual weakness. Not only, is it the active cause of trouble in by far the greater number of cases, but it is especially serious because it commonly begins earlier in life than other abuses. Owing to the importance of this. particular practice in causing both sexual and general debility I shall devote a special chapter to it. If this one evil could be eliminated it would save literally millions of men from sexual weakness and the generally lowered vitality that accompanies it.

    Sexual excesses of any kind, whether within or without the sphere of marriage, tend to weaken and destroy virility. There is an old-fashioned idea that inasmuch as the marriage ceremony sanctions the sexual relation free indulgence therein between persons who have been united by that ceremony is perfectly proper. But excess is no less a crime against Nature because legalized by the marriage certificate. Whether within or without the marriage bond it is immoral, and destructive of sexual perfection. Unfortunately, as I have pointed out in some of the preceding chapters, sexual excesses in marriage appear to be the rule rather than the exception, with the result that there are many unhappy marriages and many debilitated men and women. However, I have already covered most of the practical aspects of this side of the question. “



    this is the information they should be teaching in schools!!!!

    who gives a shit about the other crap they teach in school




    nice find, guess I better start reading…



    i have a confession to make. i had stumbled on overmasturbation information back in the day when i was still very sexually healthy(almost 10 years ago) though i got se 2 years ago. it was an indian science text book that was talking about how masturbation could lead to a host of problems including mental problems and impotence (it was maybe a page of information). it was an old book…cheap print. however i did not take it seriously. i guess that was God trying to warn me early. the western literature i read on the other hand like men’s health magazines in fact were saying how healthy it is so i thought no biggie.

    i now have a greater respect fo eastern medicine and ideology as opposed to western thinking.



    Yeah I remember back in middle school one of my friends told me that he heard on the radio late one night a doctor talking about how excessive ejaculations wasnt good for you. This was like in the 7th grade, I guess I didnt take him serious because I was so young and just discovered such a great feeling.



    By the way, its interesting that what I have understood, the above posted texts are from early 1900s then doctors, so it seems western doctors were aware of the sexual exhaustion. There was all kinds of regulations back then ( even they made mechanic machines to install to boys penises to prevent masturbation ) and maybe thats why when the society turned more open they started to dismiss all the old wisdom.

    Here is a photo of these mechanical devices ( from wikipedia ). Thats scary stuff…

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Thats interesting and that you did read/heard about the destructive effects of over-masturbation beforehand.

    I on the other hand did not read about it, but I did feel it was doing harm since I got depressed, had digestive problems and swollen tongue the more I masturbated. The amazing thing is that I continue like this very long. I do not exactly why I then simply thought now it was enough and started doing some web search, and found Dr. Lins site.



    if i had just walked away from that habit back then i would now be focussing on more important things God, business/career and marriage. but now i have this uphill task to conquer and it’s a drag. but i know it’ll work out. it has to



    Is sexual exhaustion a disease of the NERVOUS system?



    I really think so …

    I think normal nervous system are not concerned with this. Even with a lot of sex all days.

    But weak nervous system like our are exhausted when too much sex .

    Now, maybe there are more and more weak nervous system beacause we eat bad food and we have a lot of stress …. etc.

    Maybe in 1900’s the “prohibtion” of masterbation could have saved the number of case of SE.

    If masterbation’s effect has a real difference with sex’s effect (i mean sex is less exhausting than masterbation) it must be a problem of duration.



    yes I do believe that the nervous system is involved, and who knows maybe it needs a jumpstart too.



    LMAO…What if it couldnt fit? Thats such an crazy idea, how would you pee?

    Anyway, i mean yeah I “heard” about it. just imagine 11-12 year old boys talkin that they heard ejaculating alot would be bad for them, I mean he told me that when you ejaculate you lose semen from your brain. I dont think we had any idea they were talking about. Even if we did, we didnt know what was alot, etc…



    i have read that weakened nervous systems can result in hormonal imbalances (low testosterone)

    so a key is to strengthen the nervous system.



    Of course yes ! But my doc didn’t find usefull to test my testo

    How can he see this level is correct just by look ? However my beard grow up very slowly, i can’t get muscles even with musculation and my voice is acute …

    Testo can be used for curing depression and it may be linked with dopa level…

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