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    Alan Rit’z book is based on these two claims which he makes on the cover of his book.

    How come I have not seen any discussions here with regards to these two claims? Isn’t this the reason why most of us read this book? The only discussions I’ve seen here are on supplements but nobody’s come back and said, “I had 10 orgasms during one session of sex” or “my penis has gotten bigger” or ” I gave it to my girlfriend for 45 mins straight without pulling out”. People are just claiming they’re getting better erections. But isn’t a healthy diet along with a solid multivitamin and exercise going to do that anyways? These three things are necessities to any health problem. Every health problem starts with diet and exercise.

    i would like some feedback from members. Please feel free to discuss.

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    now that we go tmore memebers here, i would like for soem feedback on this topic



    i don’t think penis size is really that important of an issue unless it is bothering you very much.

    i myself don’t have a girlfriend so I’m not really into the topic of orgams

    I just wanna restore myself to where I once started.

    the supplements are important because some neurotransmitters like say dopamine are found in very little amounts in food. fish oil and other oils i think speak for themselves and really help overcome silent inflammation and body/joint pains.

    when you want to treat a particular disease you have to look for the causes of that disease. no doubt a healthy diet and good exercise help but they don’t solve the problem. they are part of the big picture.There are numerous diseases that diet and nutrition cannot do anything for.



    You seem to be coming from a perspective of already being sexually healthy and looking for something to spice up your sex life. Most people on the forum are coming from the perspective of dealing with impotence.

    When you are sexually healthy, you tend to focus on lasting longer/improving penis size. Both of which are dealt with in Ritz’s book, just that if you’re currently impotent there’s not much point in trying to increase say penis size.



    What matters in sexual performance is getting a hard 2 to 12 o clock erection. This ensures that your penis can stimulate the clitoris, g-spot and epicenter at the same time. This combination will most likey cause ripples in women – multiple orgasms. It’s awesome to watch this. I used to do that when i was still sexually healthy. I’m on this site to get me back to that place. Penis size doesn’t even matter. A womans vagina is on average 7 inches anything more is painful as it pricks her cervix – causing pain. Also a finger alone can cause orgasms to happen to a woman. if size was an issue a finger wouldn’t be able to do that



    i found a link from dr lin website about the penis clock and how much of a chance you got of making a girl climax depending on where your erection is pointing on the clock.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    Thank you for sharing that bit, . =)



    thats quite interesting. with manual stimulation my erection seems to lie somewhere between your 12 and 2 oçlock

    yeah manny thats quite an ellaborate picture



    As one of the veterans here, I have seen that link since 1999.



    I saw it once too, back in the first days of my research. However, I totally lost the link.



    Well i’m not concerened about penis size, but it’s a reference to the title fo Alan Rit’z book! I just wanted to see if anybody here has seen and changes in their size since that’s partly what his book is about.

    Also The VIP muscle hasn’t been talked about much either. That too is the foundation of Alan Ritz’s book

    i myself am not suffering from sexual exhastion but I am looking to spice things up as CheeXiong said.

    Anbody here had an success with the VIP muscle and multiple orgasms?



    Liquid, you healed?



    No , he doesn’t/hasn’t yet suffer from the problem. He’s just someone that is interested in improving his sex life.

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