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    what are you talking about



    have you considered an acupuncturist?

    may be worth looking into a device called opti potency

    good luck my brotha



    dont ever go this crazy



    im surprise fish borage oil and 5-htp didnt improve your condition, these things make me very outgoing and i feel like im like high all day.

    time you could try st. johns wort…



    Max what does that do? I’ve seen it, but never knew what it does…



    ive been on 200mg of 5htp a day for 5 days-6am=100mg-6pm=100mg

    felt beter for it-take bout to months to get the fukll hit off it,then move on to dopamin boosting

    just had an odd day

    starting fish n borage oil again wensday

    fresh start



    Time So you’re ok now? If you are, thats good. So you were trying to increase each neurotransmitter one at a time? You think its better to do it that way or do them all at once?



    wow, thats quite a dosage of 5-htp you’re taking.

    st johns wort is the herbal equivalent of the antidepressant so don’t bother with it.



    Dr lin recomends St. john’s wort highly in his CD. I’m taking l-tyrosine low dosage(as Ray Sahelien advises). i split the 500mg 3 ways. it does give me a high especially when i have the cloudiness in my head and eye sensitivity. i had bought some a while back and still have stock but stopped taking coz it made me feel sick (was taking 500 X 3) hence the low dosage. i’m hoping to get craniyums and get into massage as advised. i hit iron today in the morning and the cloudiness in my head kinda cleared. I think moderate exercise increases dopamine but not sure.



    do you feel it different to mucuna ouriens



    Can’t remember how i felt with mucuna coz it ended some time back. i also had stock of dopafibra (and viagrowth) from way back that i had stopped taking. but i decided to give it a try(dopafibra) since it’s written that it has 800mg mucuna pruriens and I was feeling like crap. U know that feeling the next morning with a hangover-too bright, cloudy head. i felt better but was feeling pain in my bladder area. Again maybe it’s all in the head! btw i think i got the eye sensitivity and cloudiness coz i kept having sexual thoughts for almost 2/3 weeks continuosly. Kept remembering the sex i’ve had with my exes and my current girlfriend before the exhaustion. I think having these thoughts is as bad as watching porn!



    Yes, I think too that sexual fantasies and sexual thoughts use lots of energy and heat the liver and kidneys, giving anti-inflammatory responses, dry eyes and general annoying and dissatisfied feeling.



    True indeed, but it’s so hard to to control thoughts. Especially now that i have not had sex and not masturbated in a long time! Controlling porn is easy – you just stop watching it but controlling thoughts conciously is a challenge!



    i highly doubt having some sexual thoughts will do anything in terms of healing…




    having sexual thoughts doesnt hurt anyone

    i almost never have them

    there she is.. a hot chic, not even thinking about how she would look undressed, or in lingerie, wish i had it

    only high dopamine or tongkat give me this

    time: i highly recommend you try one more supplement at least

    tongkat ali 1:50 extract in pill form at 3,2 g a day, 5 days on 2 days off

    thank me later



    2.3 grams per day?



    yeah 3,2 grams per day

    8 caps of 400 mg

    your depression will be gone instantly, feel like a man, alpha style

    after my holiday im buying this stuff again but now in pill form



    wheres the cheapest place to buy this?

    and does it restore anything in my body, or will the good effects leave me the day i stop using it?

    cheers bud:)



    yeah but wont this lose its effect eventually, im not sure taking herbs like this is the best thing todo, i mean they may give you a boost but its best to heal naturally…



    i cant heal natty

    i need herbs,etc



    thats why you need to cycle it

    i have no clue as to whether the herb will stop its effect after longer use

    just try it man

    it feels much better than feeling like how you feel now man, especially after you made this post, i had these thoughts myself too but even then i would rather become a buddhist monk then ending it.. even if it won’t solve the problem i would still take it purely because of the effects it has



    i bought my powder from the first one.. its horrible taste but its effect rules

    the other one is good for usa

    dont buy anything which hasnt extract ratio listed.. go for 1:50, 1:100, 1:200

    experiment with lower doses and build up to higher doses for best effect



    i definantly dont think having sexual thoughts can hurt healing. I have them all the time.

    I kinda had a spontaneous erection today, but I soon starting having sexual thoughts so I dont know if it was spontaneous or due to the thoughts.

    Max Do you think its best not to use herbs at all? I was kinda confused with what you said, you were talking about just that herb or all herbs.




    or maybe not..



    maybe it doesn’t hurt a sexually healthy person, but as for a sexually exhausted person…



    It depends on the person and body status too, someone can have orgasm just by fantasizing, when I was badly exhausted my body started to produce excessive amounts of precum if I kept the sexual thought too long in my mind at one time. I did have the same effects as . It is like getting those porn images back to my mind, I do have good imagination.

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