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    anterior pituitary 91

    posterior pituitary 91

    pineal 90

    thyroid 87

    parathyroid 92

    thymus 91

    pancreas 89

    adrenal cortex 85

    adrenal medulla 87

    kidney 90

    the ND said the main concern in this area , if its under 89

    Nervous System

    parasympathetic 87

    sympathetic 88

    hypothalamus 85

    ND said this section was in relation with the parasymapathetic and sympathetic was good but the hypothalamus was under


    calcium 9

    magnesium 10

    potassium 8

    PH levels

    alkaline 15

    acid 10

    metabolic type 8/5 she said this is concern too

    toxins 16

    candida 10

    parasites 9

    the toxins levels are high too to say im only 25 she said , we gonna focus on the endocrine thyroid and hypothalamus adrenals . if that doesnt show improvement she said I should do a detox for toxins

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    you should take magnesium oil or Magnesium Glycinate, about 1000mg -1500mg daily.



    yea the magnesium she said we will add it later first want to see how the thyroid, hypothalamus stuff goes.



    not sure why you would wait… magnesium is something you should always take, forever.




    i couldn’t find this type of magnesium Max, even though you have told me a year ago to stick with it…

    so iam on calcium : magnesium

    iam thinking of ZMA…in case i dropped my cal mag

    CJ…what do you think the doc will give you?

    turmeric extract with Milk thistle works well for detox…




    post the actual results in pdf form because there is alot of information missing, plus where did you get it done at? There are only 2-3 labs that use proper protocol from Dr Eck orginal testing methods. The sample should not be washed like many other companies do. There should be ratios of minerals, heavy metals levels, ect. These results tell me nothing.



    I try to post them hardasnails, the sheet I have though is a excel type of spreadsheet with the systems broken down and results listed. I would have to ask her what lab it was done at.



    You need to know what labs it was done at for accuracy.



    finally found out the labs, the receptionist said its done from in house.

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