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    does anyone know if hair can regrow after healing?

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    Yes it can. I never lost hair on my head. But I lost it on my arms and legs. When I recovered for about 5-months, my hair was comig back.



    depends on how much hair is loss and the cause.

    but male pattern baldness, once loss its very hard and unlikley to grow it back.

    prevention is key.



    the baldness is a genteic really. if it runs in the family then you have to take care. much like acne



    hair does grow back, but it takes awhile.. About 4-5 years ago I almost died from blood poisoning.( ate the wrong thing) it taxed my body real bad. More stress than anything i guess you could say. During that time I lost alot of the front of my hair. The dr. told me it would take about 10 years to recover from this.. Sometimes it looks as my hair is growing back. But a few weeks ago I had another blood bacteria infection in my blood stream. they gave me med. that made me loose the hair off my legs,and alittle off the front of my head. the dr. say it just takes time. I am ready for it to grow back now not later. So i’m thinking about tring propesha (i think that is how it is spelled) it is to make your hair grow… But if it runs in the family than there is not much you can do except talk to the hair club for men….



    Stay away from Propecia. Check out the side effects. The side effects are exactly what you are here trying to recover from

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