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    I’m still losing hair and I need a solution. Did anybody else stop hair loss with just abstinence? My shed is crazy. Am I the only guy on this site with hair loss? Nobody else ever talks about how they recover on that part? What is your protocol?

    Anybody? Answer please…

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    Check the thyroid,adrenals,liver,methylation,digestive problems,pituitary……

    No man,abstaining won’t stop it.



    Looking at past threads started by you, young trunks, it seems that most people directed you to get tests done. Tests for hormones and neurotransmitters. I think that is sound advice and a good start. Once you get your results please post them on the boards, so some of our experts can help you.

    Have you abstained from masturbation? I know you’ve asked about it several times. I think it does help to abstain. First get those tests done!

    Good luck and God bless.



    You could try Silica, Biotin and things like that. But if you want to get to the root of the problem get tested. How is your father or grandfather in the hair area?



    Young Trunks, if you read articles out there, you will notice that one of the symptoms of over masturbation is hair loss.

    Please take genetics, hormone, and neurotransmitter tests. You might be deficient in one or more of those things. Post your results on the board once you receive them.

    Sargonnas has offered you some suggestions. I cannot confirm whether this will help your situation, but I do think he knows what he is talking about and is a good person to turn to for advice.



    My dad didn’t thin. My grandfather’s I have no clue…They both died before I was born. But my dads father didn’t he died in 50s.

    I had hormone test done and it came back normal (thyroid test.) The docs say its normal and I don’t get any response from there on out. My parents will tell me all u gotta do is eat bc I’m skinny.



    Nah man thats pure, old fashioned BS. Even more, being skinny its just another symptom that I personally also have, cant put on weight. You have some hormonal, nutritional thing going on 100%. The only thing I can advice you its get a real comprehensive testing of all systems (this is expensive as F*ck but you will discover what is causing the alopecia)

    You can start by this:

    Hormones, all.




    And go from there. You will need more testing before this, thats the funniest of all. Parasites, candida, toxins, H.Pylori, MTHFR, xenoestrogens, methylation, genetic mutations in general, hidden traumas and emotional toxins, stress, those are the real causes. So you could skip the first testing an do directly Genetic testing, hair mineral analysis and GI tract panel, maybe methylation panel… perhaps even meditation lol and solving old issues with people that abused you (or viceversa) and all that.



    Get a grip and look into stress reduction methods pracitcing better stress management skills. Look for imblanaces in neuro, immune, endocrine, genetics, environement, lifestyles, psychological, nutrition, structural areas



    It is all about balance.

    Too much stress can suppress the immune system. Too much junk food and not enough fruits and vegetables can be bad. Not enough exercise…you get the point.

    If all you eat is crap, then you will feel like crap. Crap go in, crap come out.



    I’ve been abstaining and I’m still shedding. Any other ideas? Has anyone else shed and over came it? If so what did you do?



    Don’t worry bro, you’re not the only one. It feels strange to have a relatively insane amount of body hair while the hair on your head lives a very short life.

    My head hair has considerably thinned and will probably stay like this for the duration of my GI problems. I have abstained for 7 weeks and am still going strong but nocturnal emissions can’t be prevented on my part (the only way I have found is to read a religious/calming book before going to sleep, which is not an option for many atheists lol).

    Money is short or I would definitely get a GI panel done, as has strongly suggested. My first salary/stipend will be used in part-taking parents out for dinner and part-getting several tests done…lol.

    Chill brah. Even if we go bald, nothing to worry about really. Bald is an acceptable style nowadays. Go gym and brush up those muscles. The bald look really goes well with that. Or else you’ll look sickly weak like I did when I had gotten a buzzcut done last time.

    Additionally, during my last comprehensive testing (November 2011), free T3 and free T4 levels were perfectly normal. The issues were elsewhere, such as Vitamin B.



    Has anyone figured this hair problem out? I’m low in vit D and have been taking it for about 6 months. My shed is the same. RAPID.

    I’m going to try to get my doc to send me to this specialists thats all about adrenal fatigue and holistic approach. Is minox needed? Or should I just continue to eat healthy which I’m really focused on more now? I’ve always have been moderately healthy now I’m focused on more veggies than before.

    But has any stopped their hair loss? Please help me I’m getting very very depressed bc I’m already skinny and will look ugly as hell if I shave.

    As of now Regimen:

    Bcomplex every day

    Curcumin/Reveratrol 2-3 times a week

    Vit C every day

    Vit D every day

    Fish oil 2-3 times a week

    Cod Liver oil every day

    Magnesium 1-2 times every few weeks

    Symptoms..will go head to toe.

    light headed- gotten alot better

    hair shed worse/same inflammed scalp

    facial hair not grown all in

    chest skin is discolored in some small spots


    also below navel looks like a ballon inside

    bone pops in knees and other joints

    fingers are wrinkled some

    hands/feet always cold

    fingers shake at times

    nails lost the semi moon

    penis shrunk some and no morning wood

    can get erection but not strong

    no longer extremely fatigued

    memory better much better forget stuff every now and then




    the hair shed is same to me, maybe we need to find the adrenal-thyroid balance and this will directly be obvious to our digestive system and immune system.

    the bloating can be related to, low acidity, low enzymes, candida, bacteria and dyboisis of the gut

    Cold feet, could be related to low metabolism, low iron, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue.

    if you are low, you need to invest in doing a complete panel for nutrients like whats done in genova / metamatrix.

    the do all the nutirents + vitamins + fatty acids, aminoacids

    possibly low VitD, can also indicate to other low vitamins that is stored in the body like Vit E , A , and possibly low fat absorption due to the bloating.

    Bloating can also be managed by lowering the carbs to 30-45 per meal, complex carbs…with plenety of vegtables…no sugar and no moldy foods (peanuts, pistachos, sukkuarkaut..etc)look into candida diet.

    hope this helped,



    So I’m going to a adrenal fatigish doctor March 12. What do I need to ask to be checked or tell her? The appointment is like 15 in one. So it’s like 4 hours.

    I don’t wanna say I used beat the bacon religously.

    If I tell f the symptoms I have (I have a ton) could she kinda figure out what’s goin on including the hair loss issue?

    She is Eddie George’s doctor (former TN Titans player).

    This morning when I woke up I had the hardest morning wood I had in months. I didn’t do anything online or anything.. I just worked out before I went to bed.



    bump =_=



    Young Trunks, you don’t want to tell your doctor that you beat the bacon religiously? I think that is a bad idea. You need to tell your doctor everything. He or She will get a better idea of your condition and may even diagnose you or prescribe something to reverse the hair loss. I also suggest you describe the symptoms that you have been experiencing.

    If you’re masturbating, now is the time to stop! I think you’re only contributing to your adrenal fatigue and making things worse.


    Read more:

    The above mentioned quote says that the lack of DHEA leads to hair loss. I was wondering that with your adrenal fatigue that your hormonal levels of testosterone and DHEA are low. I am thinking your hormonal levels are low, except for maybe cortisol. I would be curious to know if your cortisol levels are high, if not, then perhaps you’re at the adrenal exhaustion stage (stage 3) of adrenal fatigue. At this stage I think your cortisol levels drop as you’re burnt out.

    The quote was taken from

    Please consult your adrenal fatigue doctor. Bring up any concerns, symptoms, and any bad habits you may have.



    The doctor is a female and that is going to be the most embarrassing thing in my life. Also what test do I ask to have done or will she know?



    Welcome to the journey of the health, most of your visits to health professionals will be embarrassing at best. If you get better who cares right?






    young trunks

    Well discuss with her the digestive problems..and its relation to fatigue, hair fall , fatigue, your stamina, what shal you change in your daily routine.

    The tests mainly is

    Cortisol Saliva 4 X a day




    Kidney Profile (that inlcudes ionic figures of sodim and potassium)

    * Tell her to check you sex hormones



    Free Testerterone





    A general check for vitamins( mostly low in many sufferers of Fatigue)

    Vit D




    thats what i got, and good luck



    thanks will do. I am 8 days away. I like the new layout. I will doc. all of my symptoms on paper (up to 30). I will also mention this site and recommeded tests.



    Well discuss with her the digestive problems..and its relation to fatigue, hair fall , fatigue, your stamina, what shal you change in your daily routine.

    The tests mainly is

    Cortisol Saliva 4 X a day




    Kidney Profile (that inlcudes ionic figures of sodim and potassium)

    * Tell her to check you sex hormones



    Free Testerterone





    A general check for vitamins( mostly low in many sufferers of Fatigue)

    Vit D




    thats what i got, and good luck

    , do we have a thread that explains what each test does and what the sex hormones do?

    I was thinking if we don’t already have a thread about it, perhaps, I or someone else can create a thread about hormones and neurotransmitters.



    that would be a good Idea



    Bull ><… I have to reschedule for April 18th. Very sad and almost cried. I know I would have had answers…

    Is there anything I can take in the mean time?

    Saw Palmetto?



    Cod/Fish Oil?


    Cayenne Pepper?

    Vitamin C?

    Green Tea?

    These are what I’ve been taking non consistently.



    Every thing in that list except Saw Palmetto is fine and i have/do take most of them myself.

    As for saw palmetto i would avoid it like the bubonic plague if i were you. It can have an Finasteride like effect on the body. There are people on hormone forum’s who have been completely fucked up by that stuff, i think Obitoo from said it had a negative affect on him too, although he’s recovered now.



    Trunks, unless you have the complete panel that tests the whole nutrient profile :



    Fatty Acid


    look into this test ( very pricey)

    you may need to think wisely, specially when it comes to addiction many over here got addicted to supplement and they were / or have minmal or no effect at all.

    The case is, what you are low in…go and supplement it and look for the possible cause or reasons for it being low.

    In case you wanted my opinion, i would look into B vitamin, Magnesium citrate or Glyincate, Zinc, and a good brand of cod liver that contains at least 5000iu of Vit A and 1000 of Vit D

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