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    Has anyone recovered from hairloss? If so what did you do? I’m looking for a natural solution to avoid putting minoxidil in my head.

    Is it just thyroid problem and I correct it everything goes back to normal? Or is this the same as find a treatment and continue it to receive it or results will change?

    I had a solution but I suffer from barre syndrome and the vommiting screwed up my liver. So when I eat or take the supplement it causes severe pain.

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    A lot of people says that Fo-Ti and Saw Palmetto helped them with the health and the colour, even to rebuild some hair. On iHerb they are pretty cheap. But I dont like the Saw Palmetto! It lowers your DHT! Anyway, I havent tried it, so I dont know the side effects, if any.



    Could you link me to a thread about fo ti? I would like to see what others say about it a lil more in depth.

    Also you have any idea on dosage?



    I only have found this [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] and this [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] but look a the reviews, not all can be false [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] Saw palmetto is not a good idea indeed, since it can cause drops in libido and can raise estrogens. Stay away from it!

    So it looks like that fo-ti is more for darkening the hair. [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Also there is this shampoo with over a 1000 positive reviews [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    And also, Biotin capsules seems like a part of the protocol of many people in alopecia forums.



    thanks for the info. if there is anything I can help you with ask me. I will help as much as possible.



    Nothing man, we are in this forum for research and help each other far as we can with our condition of non-doctors, having in account that they sometimes dont care about us.



    what happened here? I quoted myself?



    REcommend saw palmento for hair loss is not a wise idea because in some individuals it can actually lower libido and raise estrogens. Being an herbologist saw palmento has characteristics very similar to phytoestrogens.

    I have several people in the past who have ED from saw palmento so please be careful of the recommendations given. Some times people help can do more harm.

    For hair loss evaluate

    1) estrogen high and low

    2) excessive androgens

    3) low thyroid

    4) low or high adrenals

    5) low nutrients (iron, zinc, magnesium, b-6, ect)

    6) Low fat or fat malasborption

    7) low protein or low stomach acid

    elevate DHT levels in presence of high estrogens



    Maybe I didnt emphasized enough on the idea that I dont like Saw Palmetto haha.

    I just mentioned it because it can help with hair loss BUT as I said by the cost of a drop of the libido. I didnt know it could also raise estrogen so it is surely a CRAP ,at least for men!

    But, thinking again, almost no one, specially in this forum, would take a supplement who has libido drain as a side effect no matter what are the benefits of taking it.

    So,sorry for talking about it here! I am gonna edit the information for future lurkers



    has anyone tried saw palmetto? did it help with hair loss? how long does it take for shedding to stop on any of the supplents?



    young trunks

    i wouldnt risk taking saw palemetto.. a few users at have their problems because of saw palmetto.. it’s basically all the same problems as sexual exhaustion




    i wouldnt risk taking saw palemetto.. a few users at have their problems because of saw palmetto.. it’s basically all the same problems as sexual exhaustion


    saw palmetto can add more harm than good specially in our situation



    Oh i see..but im way too confuse on what to take for hair loss? As of now I take Bcomple, Cayenne Extract, Fish and Cod liver oil, Vitamin E. And zinc once a week.

    I starting rogaine this week but I want to stop the root cause. Doc said everything was fine and they wont test the other stuff. My money’s low I have posture problem I’m still recovering from from a car wreck.

    So what should I take to lower Dht… I gotta know this as I’m about to make a huge step in life next year when I move out. What do you all take or do for your hair loss? Is it effective?

    I took one saw pal cap today before I read post when I wake up I see if I have erection. I had one a few days ago but can’t recall whether it was saw or fo-ti…one of them are doing me bad. I think it’s the fo-ti bc I just started saw pal…few days ago.



    Also forgot to mention that my fingers have become wrinkled. And hand would shake which is getting stable now. But the random muscle twitches are a bitch Idk..if its a symptom or something from my posture problem that is from a wreck over a decade ago.

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