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    Can you?



    My CPPS its nothing but the same than my cholinergic urticaria, a mast cell, histamine, autoimmune result of inflammation, sympathetic dominance, oxidative stress and an A personality all together. Thats why some foods gave me pain, and why stress do so. And thats why I have so many things in common with CFS people, my mast cells are overeactive. Only that my CPPS started with physical trauma. The bigger picture I propose its, once I cure leaky gut, get adrenal and thyroid support and have been on the methylation protocol for some time, say a year, with the emotional relief this will suppose my CPPS will be gone or greatly diminished. I will be the guinea pig, hope that a lucky pig! At the present day CPPS its actually much better, because I managed to change my mindset about it, so the days of great pain are very rare, the common its having a few hours of discomfort everyday normally upon waking up.

    This is MY bigger picture, if I only had hardflaccid/ CPPS I wouldnt be so sure, but since im plagued by a constellation of symptoms I tend to research their connection and sure they are connected!

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    I do agree, our body can handle the stress to a certain point but wwhen it crash…everything falls apart, and every one gets his pain according to his weak points.

    but defientely youll feel better once you support yout Thyroid-adrenal.

    a question, is there any obvious symptoms of thyroid in you ?

    like fatigue, hairloss, constipation, pale nails, low stamina etc?



    What is CPPS? Something to do with stress?

    You’re both right. Stress is not bad in SMALL doses, however, chronic stress can be taxing on the body and cause serious problems.

    I wouldn’t even know how to identify thyroid symptoms. What is the difference between thyroid symptoms and adrenal symptoms? By the sounds of it, they could be inter-connect some way? are they both apart of what we call the endocrine system?

    Sorry for all the questions.



    chronic pelvic pain syndrome, one the hard flaccid culprits.

    No problem , thunder we are here to share.

    One of the ways is via testing (blood mainly or urine)

    sytpoms can mix since they are similar, but the thyroid clearly have symptoms of eyebrow and eyelid head hairloss, constipation, high estrogen, for some pain in the neck, fatigue, poor sleep, sleepness during day, low temperature, low HCL is the stomach, insulin resistance, and final cholestroel.

    Many of the symptoms are similar to the adrenal fatigue, but once your start you need to make sure that your adrenal is fine so it can handle the thyroid meds.

    for others, hypothyroidism can be there, but sub clinical, which means almost high TSH and low FT3 AND FT4 but cant be categorized as a hypothyroid except by a real good & expert doctor, or a hormonal doctor. where 1.5-2 for TSH is considered high and < 3.3 for ft3 is considered low in terms of optimal gland production.

    look over here





    I have many hypo symptoms but they could be also fit meny other ailments. I dont have severe hypo symptoms though.



    Interesting.. See if this relates to you..

    I have seen some good improvements since my diet changes and internal treatment of pelvic floor. One of the things I noticed was when I would masturbate I would be holding in my stomach and when I ejaculate I am clenching activating the PC muscle and my ejaculation would shoot across the room. As you know this set of a chain reaction of tightness starting in pelvis and abdominal muscles then traps for me.

    On Monday I was feeling great, my pelvis and abs were pain and tight free. I had sex and focused on my breathing and when I came close to orgasm I tried very hard not to activate the PC muscle and tense up trying to hold back. I had no premature ejaculation when I felt the urge to orgasm I just slowed down and changed positions. Then when I wanted to orgasm I just did and did it calmly and the key for me is pushing out like you are urinating NOT activating the PC muscle. My load didnt shoot but it was white and thick. Well let me tell you that I felt great and had very little if any symptoms.

    Now comes the sad part. Day 1 I was ok, had a training session and trained hard on legs (squats etc) I was surprised that I survived that session as normally I am very weak after sex the next day.

    Day 2 I am on the bus to work and I started to think strange things, my mind was wandering, I was thinking about past event such as being with friends out and getting into fist fights, Also being chased by police in my car for speeding. Thoughts of if anything happened to my daughter how sad I would be.. All these strange high adrenaline situations and I found my heart beating really fast and getting stressed. My stomach got all tight and my pelvis started to ache. I then had some job interviews later that day and the nervs of that made the situation worse.

    So now on day 3 I am feeling not the greatest, my lower abs feel tight and my pelvis is borderline.

    So in conclusion I think being sensitive to stress and tightness in abs/pelvis is the key for me. I just need to workout how to control the situation, for example lets say I recieve a sms on my mobile from my ex (daughters mum) and it is something really bad I cannot control the gut feeling and stress that follows. Seems I no longer hold the stress in my traps like I once used to its now my stomach/pelvis




    Yeah I relate and a lot man. We are very sensitive individuals and it directly affects our dick! Funny for outsiders, not so much for us. I have just had my genetics for methylation and moar tested and this will show the physiological reasons for my ridiculous responses to stress. Things like the MAO or COMT genes. There also others directly linked with CPPS. Because I actually relate a lot with you, I also get crazy thoughts and phyisical problems arising from emotions, both with thinking and with real life stimuli.



    Neither I, i tired to reysnc the posts and the forum…yet no update.

    this is pissing me off.

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