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    Hello everyone, I’m in my early 20s and I’m seeking some help on my hard flaccid, penile pain and std possibility problems. I hope my English isn’t too bad.

    Problem 1


    About 6-7 months ago. I started with PE. I was a complete newbie, so that is when I did my first and last mistake. I stretched, jelqued my penis too hard, which resulted in hard flaccid, slight groin area pain and 1 week recovery. I also did PC muscle press, since I followed Matters of Size DVD. Well, it sure was a mistake, since that program on that DVD is just too hard for a beginner.

    Together with hard flaccid condition I also got strange pain in my penis, that hurt already for whole 7 months. Pain is the most noticed, If I press into the sides of my penis shaft just under my penis head. It’s a uncomfortable pain that comes from about central part of my penis shaft to the penis head. If I put slight finger pressure in my penis, I can also feel some pain around my veins in penis (at the base of my penis). If I touch the sides of my penis with finger, they also seem kind of flat to the touch and not round from the inside.

    Well basicly, the edge of my right corpora cavernosa hurts on touch, it also hurts when I’m not touching it. All along the edge of my right corpora cavernosa, my penis hurts. It’s basicly a pinching pain that goes from right part under my penis head, all way down the right part of shaft.

    Does anyone know what could that problem be?

    Problem 2


    Well about 2 weeks after PE exercise (that brought me so many problems) I received first blowjob from my current girlfriend. About a week after that blowjob, strange foreskin and penis tip redness showed up. My meatus also turned red and it looks like it has lips. Since then, my penis head and foreskin are sensitive to touch.

    Well, on short:

    1. My penis foreskin turned red, my meatus (or penis tip, or urethra opening, however you want to call it) also turned red.

    2. My penis foreskin, penis head and meatus are sensitive on touch.

    3. My penis foreskin, penis head and meatus is slightly painful on touch, just uncomfortable.

    4. When sperm or urine gets on meatus it slightly pinches (it doesn’t always pinch at presence of urine, only if urine stays long time on penis tip)

    Of course I visited doctor that just gave me antibiotics for chlamydia and gonorrhea but that didn’t fix anything, so it’s probably not STD. My girlfriend was also always protected with her ex and she doesn’t have any STD symptoms. There are no possible ways she could get an STD. I was thinking that there could be some bacteria from her mouth that entered through my penis tip and did some kind of irritating from the inside and outside. I was also reading on the internet about this and some men have this, and they got it after blowjob. Their STD tests also turned negative.

    Thank you guys for checking my problems out. I am patiently waiting for your answers.

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    Mhm, does anyone have an idea what is wrong with my penis? Because I’m completely lost. I don’t know why I have pain at the sides of my penis :/




    Read the other recent posts about hard flaccid where the same questions were asked and pretty much everything was discussed and explained.

    You got the hard flaccid from jelquing which is somewhat different from most here who just got it because of hormonal imbalance.

    First you should go to a good urologist and be checked out for physical damage. Likely nothing is wrong but you may have varicose veins. You want to make sure you don’t before you proceed. If you do have varicose the urologist will tell you your options on how to treat it. Varicose might explain the pain you’re experiencing. But I’m almost sure you don’t have varicose. Most likely you feel pain just because you caused small trauma to the penis from the exercises and now its sensitive and recovering. There are other good forums where people discuss specifically the hard flaccid after jelquing. You might find a lot of useful stuff there. I remember the people were saying that you should abstain from sex/masturbating for a long time (to allow recovery), eat right, get your vitamins, and they were using some creams. Like vitamin E cream or something. Find the posts by the people that recovered.

    You should also go to an endocrinologist as well, or get tests done for neurotransmitters, sex hormones, and adrenals. It’ll show if there’s anything wrong with you physiologically. You certainly have some hormones not in place (like your norepinephrine should be really high –> causing hard flaccid). But you may not have adrenal fatigue or testosterone issues like others with hard flaccid here who only have a hormonal imbalance, never did jelquing. It is only the hard flaccid that we have in common. Get the tests done though, your results should be interesting, and it’ll help our research.

    I think several people on the other forum made a full recovery so you shouldn’t be worried.



    Thanks so much for encouraging words I already feel better because I believe that my penis will be normal again someday. I will start doing the best I can for my penis as soon as possible. I just hope that I didn’t cause too hard trauma that could bring me Peyronie’s disease (since pain in penis is one of symptoms). I also have to admit, that I am very paranoid person in many things in life and I just can’t help it (I always think on the worst).

    So first best thing to do would be, to stay away from sex and masturbation right? Then what? Get checked at urologist and get some tests done?



    Yea abstain for now at least until the pain passes. I’d recommend you abstain for a while like a month or two.

    Find the forum with a ton of posts about the hard flaccid after jelquing. You’ll people’s experiences that you can relate to there. I’ll post it here later when I find it.

    Go to urologist and endocrinologist. Demand that the urologist tests you for varicose, peyronies, and even micro trauma (which you probably have). You gotta be persistant with the urologist or he’ll waste your time. I’m almost certain you don’t have peyronies or varicose. But make sure anyway.

    Have the endocrinologist test you for everything possible which is: adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones (testosterone, estradiol, prolactin…), and also if possible amino acids and neurotrasmitters.

    You for sure have a hormonal imbalance because of the hard flaccid (at the very least some of your neurotrasmitters are probably off, but adrenals could also be affected). Post your test results here when you get them. People will interpret them for you. And then when we knows your urologist results and hormone test results we can help you put together a healing plan.

    If I had to guess there is nothing major wrong with you physiologically (most hormones are in place), but you probably have micro trauma that would even be hard to detect without some special tests for micro trauma. Micro trauma heals so its not that bad. Because of the micro trauma in your penis you have elevated levels of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine comes from the adrenal glands so it would be interesting to know whether your adrenals are still healthy but just producing extra norepinephrine or whether you have adrenal fatigue, as most people with hard flaccid on this forum (but I got it different. I got it after doing ecstasy, which took a toll on the adrenal glands. You got it from jelquing, which is different). That’s why we need you to post test results as well as everybody else so we have concrete answers.

    Assuming you don’t have adrenal fatigue, just elevated levels of certain hormones because of the micro trauma, then you abstain for a long time to allow it to heal. You try to eat as right as possible. Take vitamins and minerals. And use some creams to speed up the process that have worked for other people. I believe Vitamin E cream and Magnesium cream help.

    If it turns out that you do have adrenal fatigue or some other hormonal imbalance, like most people here, then come back here and follow the route that has worked for the people with the same condition.

    But for now do those things first. Post your results when you get them. It may take like 2 months of waiting to see an endocrinologist so if you want to speed up the process you can order the tests on your own or through your insurance if your from US. All the tests will run you $700. That’s what I’m doing now. If your interested in ordering them on your own then let me know and I’ll post the links to the labs.

    And yea I was also stressing when I got this and you can;t help but think of the worst, but I’m telling you now it’s not that bad. Save your worries. Get on with your life and get all these steps done as soon as possible. Micro trauma heals. Adrenal fatigue heals. Even worse issues are reversible. When nothing else works some people go for testosterone-replacement-therapy which usually works but its a last resort. But my point is that there are many options.. you’re not doomed.. recovery is a lengthy process but you can’t put a price on health.



    About the tests and urologist. I have to admit, I don’t really have the balls to tell the doctor about doing PE. Is there anything else that I can say or it would be the best idea to tell the truth? As I red on the internet, urologists have no idea what hard flaccid is and they just say that it’s psychological, while we all know it’s not. Could I just say that I fell on my penis or something like that (yes I know, I have horrible ideas) and tell about pain in the penis and demand tests?

    By the way, do micro traumas heal by themselves through time or need special treatement?

    , thank you very much for helping me and giving me detailed instructions on what to do.



    No probs. Don’t know if it passes on it own but special treatment will def speed up the process.

    You can tell the urologist you fell or had a sports injury, which is how I read some people actually got hard flaccid on the other forum, but I don’t see why of all people you’d be afraid of being judged by a urologist lol. He deals with penis issues all day long I’m sure your real story wouldn’t even faze him. Doctors in general are out there to help you. The more honest you are the more they are going to be able to help you. There are professionals they don’t judge. And now that you got knowledge, when they tell you its psychological, you can tell them F*ck off.. tell the urologist you’re sure you caused micro trauma and you have high norepinephrine bla bla.. tell the endo you found tons of other people with this and they said to check adrenals and neurotrasmitters/amino acids.. so you’re really not even coming for an opinion but just to get results to post em here. K I’m done lol.



    its very important when seeing any doctor about stuff like this you come prepared. do research before you go about everything that you think pertains to your case. that way theycant bullshit and dismiss you. ALSO never let an endo or other doctor just tell you that your results are in range. always demand a copy of the results. if he gives u trouble tell him you need the results to get 2nd opinions, your own files shit like that . my first testing done when i found out about SE was in april. I went to my family doctor. he ran some really basic testing and told me everything was fine and in range. I was about to leave when i thought its better if i get a copy. look at the results and what……..testosterone at 387……..in range by what 87 points….i hadnt gotten a morning erection in weeks and that totally explained it and he was triyin to tell me i was fine.



    Ok guys thanks so far!

    Another things I noticed after 12 days of abstaining from masturbation are:

    1. Pain in the penis decreased a lot. I rarely feel any pain in penis during the day. Last time I had this pain in penis more noticeable was 3,4 days ago.

    2. After 8 months I also noticed, that I’m not horny as much as I was pre-injury. I am not getting spontaneous erections during the day anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I get an erection every time I passionately kiss my girlfriend or just imagine sex with my girlfriend in my mind. I have no problems getting an erection just with my mind. I just don’t feel horny anymore, that’s all. I don’t feel any urge to masturbate but I do miss sex with my gf.

    3. Today in the morning, morning wood returned after about 3 weeks.

    4. Every time I’m emotionally stressed or sad, my penis goes hard flaccid and turtles so hard, that my whole penis hurts.

    I think that pain in penis that I have is connected with hard flaccid condition, because penis usually hurts when my flaccid penis gets hard. I don’t feel any pain during erection tho.

    My erection hurts only if I go from strong hard flaccid, directly into erection, that is when my penis feels far too hard and is kind of uncomfortable but not painful.

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