Has anyone had any healing success with DR. Lins products

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    Im extremely curious to see if anyone has had healing success with Dr. Lins products. It seems like everyone on this forum dosnt trust his products but i cant be a 100 percent sure. my reasons for being 50 50 are cuse after taking love longer 3 for about a month my symptoms were getting much better as in ED very rare, alot more morning erections, and i was beggining to last much longer in bed toward the end of the supply. i however ran out and three days after runing out my symptoms of PE returned. So i ordered a 3 month supply a and iam trying again for longer but im just worried that his products are a scam especially since everyone on this forum cant stand him. If anyone has had success with his products please let me know. I just really hope that his products arent some form of herbal viagra thats artificailly stimulating my already depleted body. any comments and advice would be apreciated

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    His products are snake oil. I think you were having a placebo effect with them. Your mind was tricked into thinking you were getting stronger, therefore the reason of morning wood and symptoms lessening. Heres an idea, have positive thoughts that you are getting better, and it will happen for you. Trust me, the mind is very powerful and giving to those that believe and utilize its power. Be good to yourself and give your body whole foods with a lot of nutrients, and meditation, and walking, and proper rest and see amazing results happen.



    i think it does help you heal but you need to be careful with it as far as dosing and still do everything else necessary for healing. if your taking it and keep setting yourself back you’ll only damage yourself further. if your too severely exhausted, those supplements wont have an effect on you.



    ya thats what i feel as well. Cuse its day 14 of taking love longer 3 and i get really powerful erections during my sleep, occasiaonlaly when i wake up, and when im making out with my gf. Its almost to much made we worry that hes just selling us some sort of herbal viagra or something. But im hoping to take his product for another 3 months or so, keep ejaculations down to like once a week once every two weeks and see how iam.



    I think his stuff is junk. You might be experiencing the placebo effect which is a very real thing.



    it without a doubt is not a placebo effect. Trust me the one problem is im exeriencing eye floaters for the last couple days and have no idea what this could be but i dont wanna stop taking his products. just outa curiousity have you actually tried his stuff or you just speaking your opinion.



    Indeed, I wasted my money on it years ago. I doubt that it will contribute significantly to long-term recovery. My experience has been that it takes a consistent commitment to better health/lifestyle and sexual moderation to recover.

    I doubt that there are any easy or quick fixes to the condition unfortunately. I also don’t put much faith in something with the following as some of its ingredients:

    “Deer Antler, Nettle, Damiana, Black Cohosh, Soy Protein, Ginger, Garlic, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Tribulus Terrestris, Yohimbe, Pine Nut, Water Melon Seeds, Mexican Wild Yam,”

    Deer Antler?!?

    But if you think it is working for you, by all means keep taking it. I would be interested to hear how it works out if taken in the long term, but I’m certainly not going to spend my money to find out. I would love it if you checked back in in 6 months and proved me wrong.



    k i definetly see why you would be skeptical since even now im so skeptical of that chinese motherfucker but nevertheless his products are giving me erections and really strong ones at that. I mean i no thats not everythign when it comes to healing but it seems like a sign pointing in the right direction. but whatever i guess ima have to find out just by being patient whether it actually works or not.




    His products tends to make problems worse and can drain your bank account in the process trying to give you false hope.



    I noticed some temporary benefits from using Viagrowth 3 and thats only because of the combination of Yohimbe, DHEA and Pine Nut being in it. But in the long term I don’t think these products are a good idea.



    what do u mean by temporary cuse in my case its like a gradual improvment with morning erections and by the end of a months supply my PE gets much better. The longest i used it for was a month though and my then i ran out but now i have a three month supply so im curious to see whats gona happen if i use it for longer. What were your symptoms and how was it only a temporary effect?

    the weird thing is its day 15 of taking it and i wake up with real powerful erections but……….my eye floaters started sometime around the 8th day of use. So if his products do in fact heal your parasympathetic functioning then eyefloaters sould not have appeared. thats y im so 50 50 with his products cuse ya they help erections and eventually PE ( at least in my first trial) but im just scared its cuse of horny goat weed or one of the stimulating ingredients. anyway thanks for your input.




    I’m not going to say his products won’t heal you. Cause the severity of each persons case of SE is different. Since his products contain DHEA, this is why I question its long term use. It gave me temporary results when I intitially started taking it. My libido returned some what and had some morning wood. It didn’t do anything for my tinnitus or eye floaters. My body gets used to herbs quick for some reason so its benefits didn’t last long.




    maybe you have a surplus in your body

    or your cycling period must be for every 5 days 10 days for a break



    Nope. no effect on me, like all herbs Ive tried.

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