has anyone seen this website they found a cure

Sexual Reboot Forum has anyone seen this website they found a cure

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    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    bump…this needs more attention it can help a lot of people



    Thanks for the link



    I doubt anyone would cure their thyroid and adrenals problems with quitting porn not to meniton genetic mutations and GI tract,liver etc.

    There was a guy here 1-2 months ago.He only had ED that he managed to cure his erections with vitamin E.

    Most of the people here are not that lucky and have faaaaaaaar greater problems.

    But the last video they put up on youtube is really useful.It shows that quitting porn won’t be enough while you are in the rewiring process.

    Now I understand why my erections aren’t as good as I thought it would be.

    Because even if you view a hot girl in swimsuit on facebook the same pathway gets activated.

    I was thinking about quitting computer use for a whole month but too scared of what might happen to me.

    For example,if alcoholics suddenly quit drinking alcohol they can die from it.

    The messge is clear.As long as you have sexual fetishes your brain is wired to porn.It sucks but basically we need to live the life of a hunter gatherer who didn’t masturbate to womens’ bodyparts.He had sex with women for purpose,not for his own enjoyment.Just watch animal planet if you don’t understand.



    100% agree with Stevian hehe.

    But quitting porn its the first thing you need to have any chance of recovery. I feel like my “Karma” its a lot cleaner and that I am attracting very interesting people and info about my problems since dropping porn for good (three months ago). The downside its that now I normally masturbate thinking in what I remind of porn videos (specific fetish parts as you can guess) and I also have frequent dreams about porn. This addiction has a subtle, yet powerful poison that its more effective on OCD, physically and emotionally sick people.

    When I dont masturbate thinking in porn I think in my ex girlfriend or some other sexual experience I had. The conclussion its: getting a sex life or a relationship can help a lot with porn and masturbation addiction. Sadly, its another Catch 22 because its very hard to find a girl or even a sexual experience while you have SE but you would cure much better with that…



    being free of porn, masturbation can lower your stress, and this can be reflected positively on your physical and mental state.

    an addicted person is always under unconsious stress and whenever he is triggered with a realife situation he cracks and then he seek to fulfill his craving (porn)

    the more the addiction dominates you, the longer the period you need to feel the difference after abstaining.

    In an old form, i used to see people who managed to get a complete year with out porn, but they still suffer from deep stress in them selves regardless of having a low stress life.

    maybe the first step to handle is to dig for our inner emptyness and what do we miss in our life.

    and then work in filling our time with useful habits

    and minimize our contact with the source whether it was the computer or the TV.



    Interesting discussion.

    Of course I know all about the site and porn addiction etc etc,

    but the question of the same pathway being activated intrigues me.

    Does this mean that if I walk by a beautiful woman in the street and admire her for 2-3 seconds, its still messing me up?

    Or do I have to actually sexually fantasize about her?

    My issues are basically almost all healed except for my prostate.

    I messed up my prostate and its still messed up.

    Every sexual thought probably affect the nerves and muscles in and around my prostate



    It took me a long time and I can finally report that kissing a girl made me hard.As hard as I was walking with a big bulge on my jeans.

    You see I thought I had ED.Although I haven’t checked but I still think no women can help my soft glans but anyway,our body is smart.

    It recognizes porn as a foreign object.

    Now I understand all this PALEO lifestyle stuff and yeah it is true and it works.



    Charlie222, if you pass a beautiful woman on the street and admire her for 2-3 seconds, then I would consider that normal. I think every guy does that. It is second nature.



    yea but my problem is that my idea of admiring her is picturing her naked and doing nasty things with her



    But I think we all do that, at least the ones on the forum lol. In my case its automatic.

    Theres something stronger in pornography, yet real sexual experiences have a distinct flavour of “healthyness”. Clearly porn it is the same or worse than some drugs in my opinion.

    I think the difference strikes in eating some kit kats (miss them!!!) or go and start stuffing your mouth with nutella, one thing its normal and the other its harmful.

    So, for me getting aroused with a real girl will always be healthy opposed with the other thing, theres an overstimulation with pornography. And yes it changes your brain to force you to imagine them naked and fucking etc. I remember when I was a boy that didnt know about pornography and could have an erection only looking at dressed women and I wasnt imaging a thing cuz I didnt need it!!!!



    Treat the addiction and behavior part FIRST then balance out the other issues (biochemistry and neurology) other wise you are just a huge hamster in wheel.



    Hans, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I think if you treat the addiction, then biochemistry and neurology will start to get back to normal.



    I got back on to bump this post it doesn’t have enough views. Reddit/r/nofap.com is somewhere you can go every day and hear success stories about guys with the same problems as us say its biological all you want but I’ve yet to see a post where someone went 6+ months with no porn no fantasy no touching and still isn’t significantly better. yourbrainonporn.com is helping a lot of guys do yourself a favor and check it out and stop wasting your life even if it doesn’t work for you you’ve lost nothing. I probably won’t get back on here for a while if at all I just wanted to throw you guys a rope like I wish someone had done for me.



    i also wish someone had thrown me this rope like 3 or 4 years ago.

    the problem is that guys who are in the vicious college cycle of weed+porn+drinking+partying+bad sleep/diet are stuck there and would never bother to seek out a site like this or reddit or YBOP.

    until its too late, like most of us here.

    it needs to be in school and mainstream but sadly it is the porn that is the mainstream and is destroying young men around the globe.





    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]


    I think you have a good point with that idea. Just think of how WIFI affects us.

    Its impossible to me to dont have fantasies or arousal from time to time. Same for masturbation.

    I feel better without porn but it hasnt cured me at all.

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