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    a cialis, viagra, or levitra? I know it is not treatment, but what was your experience?

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    once a week with that til’ recovery…friggin’ bodybuilding.com is backordered a week on Alpha GPC



    try the alpha GPC from http://www.vitacost.com



    try also this one: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    it is a bit expensive though



    tiger06 and others new to the subject, please read “Guaranteed multiple orgasm and ultimate sex” by Alan Ritz.



    good pt cheexiong. i would also suggest you read the book called the edge effect and take the test.



    As a matter of fact, I’m waiting for that book from the library right now. From the PDF test, I have a good impression of the book.

    It accounts such personality/functionality/biochemistry attributes such as a lag in your thinking. This book will help a lot in my researches definitely. I have read books that covers hormones and their relation to behaviors but I have not read a book that covers extensively on neurotransmitters and behaviors.

    For example, I’ve noted that with social anxiety you’re not only too nervous/shy/depressed to interact with people but that in uncomfortable situations you have uncontrolled trempling/heart pounding. I once did not know why serotonin would calm you down, I mean isn’t it adrenaline that makes your heart pound? But I now know that serotonin helps to stop excessive dopamine conversion to adrenaline and that’s why serotonin can calm people down.

    A while ago I came upon a site that said that social anxiety and other forms of anxiety (OCD for example) is the result of hypoglycemic. When there is not enough blood sugar, the body sends out adrenaline in attempt to energize the body. Then now I am faced with two causes of anxieties, hypoglycemic and neurotransmitter deficiencies. But later I found that hypoglycemic is associated with adrenal fatigue. And some believe that adrenal fatigue will result in neurotransmitter deficiencies.

    I’ve also noticed that not only do you fear the said uncomfortable situation and signs of excess adrenaline manifests but it also is apparent that there is a slowed ability to think/reduced alertness. No, this does not only appear in the feared social situations but is always there. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine classic “Treatise on the spleen & stomach” (a translation of the Pi Wei Lun), there is mentioned a case study where someone experienced a slowed down ability to think and returned to normal after he was recovered from his condition.



    yeah i tend to agree on the anxiety idea. whenever i check my uni grades, my heart starts pounding at a very incredible rate. i measured that rate recently and found it to be the same as that when i sprint for 45 minutes. around 180. that must signal a very low serootonin level and deficiency. but i also susepct it could be GABA as well.

    as far as adrenal fatigue is concerned, definitely a DHEA/cortisol test is a must. DHEA is produced by the those glands. but i read that saliva testing is recommened for such incidents. sometimes the problem can be fixed by correcting the neurotransmitter defiencies, or supplementing with DHEA and i think the third way is through glandular extract supplementation.

    i will try and find a doctor who specializes in TCM and ask him about adrenal fatigue. I live in New Zealand so it might be difficult.



    as for slowed ability, yeah i tend to at certain times forget the website that i wanna type in, then after a couple of minutes remember it or in fact remember the wrong one. obviosuly low acetylcholine here. I also started to achieve numbness in the back of my head, so i think i should lay off over-masturbating for quite a while.



    I have a month supply of glandular extracts which I haven’t used yet. I will experience with them soon and see what I find. (I’ve had my hands on over 105 substances to date)



    i’m surprised u didn’t heal from those 105 supplements, what exactly do u seem to suffer from cheexiong?



    Oh man, lots of things. I am 21 and have suffered since only 15.

    Gum disease, grief and depressed easily (has been like this since childhood), adjustment disorder (often sadden easily during times of changes), dry stool (use to have stomach problems and dry mouth but those has improved and pretty much non-existent now), social anxiety and too passive, OCD, no libido, impotence/premature ejaculation (six years), skin rashes easily if I scratch myself even lightly, slow thinking (long time), memory not as good as before etc. etc.



    wow, what do u plan to do for premature ejaculation/impotence/libido?

    I read in one of the posts that you tried alpha GPC and it didn’t do anything for you.it doesn’t sound like you have a neurotransmitter deficiency.

    Have you tested your hormonal levels by any chance?

    maybe even check your liver and kidneys and thyroid for that matter.

    i hope you get down to the roots of this problem

    i’m 23, masturbated since 20 but i believe over-masturbated for a year. finally managed to stop it for one month now



    Alpha GPC is for acetylcholine only and although I very likely deficient in acetylcholine and dopamine, I’m sure I’m definitely deficient in serotonin/GABA considering my symptoms.

    I don’t panic over this, I am very patient and will research this peice by peice. When you get to my level of experience you don’t panic no more.

    My testosterone level has been tested and although it is kind of low for my young age, it is not that low or anything. My problem is probably not testosterone related. DHEA is probably the key but I haven’t got it tested yet.

    I believe I started humping the bed in first grade.



    you said that you had OCD, do u experience symptoms like:

    repetitive hand washing, or counting you steps or cancelling negative thoughts with good thoughts etc….

    I know this happens quite often with pple who have OCD. they say that physcotherapy along with some medications can treat this case but i dunno



    It’s a viariation, I use to be like if someone just sat somewhere and stood up. I don’t want to step on that spot. I pick my feet carefully and if I think I touched something nasty, I’ll sand my hand and or put tapes on it etc.

    As for social anxiety, it use to be so bad back in middle school and high school that I sit alone at lunch. In early high school days I waited for everyone to get on the bus and leave before I come out of my hiding all just to avoid people seeing me in a jacket (during the winter) because I felt that my jacket wasn’t good enough. I’ll rather walk in the snow without my jacket and endure the snowstorm then being embarassed if someone think my jacket wasn’t good enough. Thank god I got over those days but I still can’t do presentations. As recently as 2003 when girls I know meet me somewhere, I would try to avoid them. I have gotten over that nonesense too but there are still many other social situations I’m still very bad in for example getting close to people is not easy.



    yes i understand where you’re coming from. i’ve isolated myself from people around me not because of OCD but because they were crap and ill mannered.

    they say the treatement for OCD is cognitive therapy and behavioural therapy or a combination of both.

    i too once found that giving presentations was just too much for me to handle. after taking l-theanine and picamlon i feel a tremendous difference. these are really good for GABA in my opinion.

    i have a small sister who is diabetic and i just tried some of her gluten free bread. tastes really horrible. LOL

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