Have some symptoms of SE, but do I have it

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    Hi everyone. I’m here hoping to find some help for my problem I’m currently experiencing. Let me just start by saying that I have never masturbated more than twice a week, but when I were with my partner I did engane in sex even though I wasn’t getting much sleep. Some nights I’d hardly sleep at all, and others I would. I’m not sure if this could cause Sexual Exhaustion, but anyway…I have been experiencing sleeping problems for quite some time since the relationship broke up, and although I did have them when we were together I was fine whenever I’d spend a week or 2 on my own (we lived apart) All these symptoms started really after we broke up…

    So ontop of the sleeping problem I am also experiencing frequent headaches (that last all day) but some days these are not apparent depending on how well I sleep one night, I think. I also get white spots on my vision, blurry vision and senstivity to light and seem to have aching joins, twitching muscles, what I think is buzzing ear (high pitches noises – but had this before any of these other symptoms) what I can describe as sensitive hearing and feeling like I don’t have much energy at all. However I don’t have any of the sexual problems like Premature Ejaculation or weak erections, but I do have low libido. I also have a case of depression and constipation. I think these symptoms are linked to depression too, hence me asking on here. From what I have noticed some symptoms seem to improve dreastically when I get a good nights sleep, but they are still apparent: blurred vision, headaches, light sensitivity, and tiredness.

    I’m not sure if those who have SE are especially affected in the areas I am not: weak erection, PE etc.

    If anyone could offer some advice I’d really appreciate it

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    It sounds more like your problems or symptoms are typical from exposure to ELF, HAARP, or GWEN Towers etc. Alot of people have ear ringing that is not really tinnitus that is caused by this also sleeping problems such as waking up at 2 or 3am and not being able to get back to sleep. If this is the case then orgone and a tin foil hat is probably the only thing that will help. Ear ringing intensifies just before a man made earthquake caused by HAARP…….



    Ringing in ears is directly related to thyroid and adrenal issues.

    Check your hormone levels ..you need a good DR PM me if you are in the USA I work with one of the best in HRT and unexplainable issues of fatigue

    EMF stress adrenals and thyroid

    Yes i know what HARRP is and it could be a huge contributing factor to health issues across the world. Sad thing is that gov knows it. .

    For sexual exhaustion I may have a potential remedy still working on it, but biologically it can be explained from a scientific stand point which is very promising.



    I don’t think these ELF, HARRP or GWEN towers are the problem. I’ve lived where I am now for years and never had this problem up until being in a relationship which unfortunately caused me lots of stress and depression



    Well you ignored the first part of the answer

    Get thyroid, adrenals, and testosterone check..Need a good dr PM me.

    Dr O and I get down to the bottom of why you are feeling the way you are and handing the cause vs the stymptoms

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