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    For those of use who have masterbated excessively for a few to manyyears we have basically abused and irritated our sexual organs. A healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on abstinance and exercise should heal most typical cases even if you became impotent.

    A typical case is where prematurity or impotence is the obvious result of excess masterbation. If your have other problems e.g. adrenal issues, hormonal problems or another chronic illness then this is not a pure sexual exhaustion case imo.

    I would like to know how many people here who have se and no other illness have done the following for 3 months?

    1)Complete abstinance for three months

    2)good diet for 3 months

    3)regular cardiovascular exercise (e.g. running) for 3 months(at least 3 times a week)

    4)general healthy living e.g no severe stress

    Have any typical cases done the above and made progress or not? It was working for me until I became ill with a seperate illness. I suspect people here havn’t been able to escape porn for even a week and so no recovery reports.

    Let us know.

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    unfortunately ive not been able to do any of the above

    the only thing that worked (with exclusion of the above) was meds



    I have almost done all 3.. i think i abstained for like 50 days? Id have to check my journal. But i dont think it did much….

    It wasnt until i started bringing up my vitamin/mineras and getting thyroid/adrenals in check is when i started noticing benefits.



    Even I doubt if mere abstaining would do the trick. We need mineral rich foods to re-balance our body.



    I think everybody that has replied so far has hormonal issues i.e. they are not typical cases of sexual exhaustion from masterbation but rather people who have other medical conditions e.g. adrenal fatigue. I notice that only the regular posters seem to post.

    I’m guessing those people with typical cases of se simply follow the diet+exercise+abstinance method and start to recover. I imagine they dont bother to come back here and post their recovery.

    The people who seem to post are those with more complicated hormonal problems. I think it safe to say that if you recover from adrenal fatigue 100% then do the exercise+diet+abstinence thing you will recover. Of course recovering from seperrate problems like adrenal fatigue is another matter.



    but , Sexual Exhaustion = Adrenal Fatigue, is it not?

    Adrenal Fatigue is the equivalent of what TCM describes as Yin Jing depletion.. We have burnt out our Yin and our Yang can no longer sustain.. Our erections are a manifestation of Yang energy… this is why it is VERY important to first build Yin before taking stimulating herbs to boost our Yang…



    Well you could argue semantics but imo sexual exhaustion is not adrenal fatigue.

    Sexual exhaustion is when people have abused their sexual organs via excessive masterbation over a long period of time. This unnatural behaviour has caused serious weakening, prematurity and even impotence of the sexual organ. Many people included myself masterbated 5 times a day for many years. The end result is the damaged sexual organ. This can be easily cured with exercise+diet+abstinance.

    People can be impotent or sexually weak due to diabetes, adrenal exhaustion and other illnesses etc. In the case of adrenal exhaustion the adrenal has been abused and the body shuts down the sexual function, it will return to normal once the adrenal returns to normal. This is why it is called ‘adrenal exhaustion’ and not ‘sexual exhaustion’.

    Those who have both adrenal exhaustion and sexual exhaustion such as myself need to correct the adrenals then the se.



    Thank you .

    I am now doubting if I have Adrenal Fatigue. I really don’t have any of the symptoms mentioned by Dr.Lam in his Adrenal Fatigue page. One of the symptoms mentioned there says “tremble under pressure”. I had an accident 2 months ago.. my car got totaled but I dealt with the whole thing all by myself and I did not panic at any stage. Not sure if this is any good but just mentioning it..

    The reason I am assuming I might have AF is because my blood test results are shwoing high DHEA-S and low/normal Cortisol.

    sigh… this thing is difficult bro…. so very difficult……… It almost looks like God’s way of punishing people that abuse their sexual organs… But then again I see players that sleep with many many women all fine and healthy



    Well if you don’t have the symptoms of adrenal fatigue then you probably don’t have it. The main symptom is lack of energy or persistant fatigue. If you can run around and do sports like every other normal guy then I doubt you have it. If you do have low cortisol then you could have it, but how much lower is it then the normal? If its just a little bit lower then you probably have very minor adrenal fatigue or something else. What exactly are your symptoms?

    “…But then again I see players that sleep with many many women all fine and healthy”

    ‘players’ sleeping with many women and suffering no sexual exhaustion is a completely normal thing. In actual sex the dick is lubricated, not rushed intensively for hours, gets rest in between etc. In ‘excess’ wanking the dick is rushed for a prolonged time intensively a couple of times a day for years. The ‘excess’ wanking is a clear abuse whilst actual sex does no where near as much harm. The point is ‘excess’ masterbation over time is a killer whilst frequent sex is completely normal. Constitution is also important, some people can stand more damage then others.



    i have heard 75% of american adults (usually over the age of 25) have some form of adrenal fatigue and or hypothyroidism.

    i think almost everyone could benefit from a small dosage of armour thyroid and good supplements for adrenal fatigue.

    I think of my biggest symptoms is not doing well under pressure or avoid stressful situations at all cost… the fatigue is also there.



    What I would like to know is, has anyone had this condition hit them all at once, or has it been gradual? My libido vanished all at once back in february of this year. I can still get a standing erection but its not spontaneous, have to massage myself erect, also have no natural desire for women all the sudden. I’m 31 and have masturbated in excess for about 12 or 13 years now. I have over come the anxiety attacks and I can now get to sleep at night now but I still have eye floaters and tinnitus that still does not go away even after taking 5-htp and other supplements. Another question I have is… Does any one aside from eye floaters have white flashes of light in the corner of their eyes? Any advice will greatly be appreciated.



    MOst people its probably gradual….



    it happens very gradually…

    i first noticed my erections getting weaker… i should have stopped right there…. like an idiot i kept continuing with the porn….



    For me it was gradual as well.

    I don’t know that this is entirely true. Although masturbation, especially if it involves porn, is the worst, sex doesn’t seem to be too far behind. I’ve found that nocturnal emissions are then behind sex.

    I think post-ejaculatory fatigue and debilitation has more do to the biochemical effects of stimulation and orgasm combined with the loss of semen.



    On saturdays and sundays I take no supplements just focusing mainly on my diet. The first signs of my libido are starting to come back after my last ejaculation on april 26 and I’m definately going to make ejaculation atleast 1 month to 6 weeks apart. I think stress really does play a big role in the rate that a person gets exhausted because I’ve noticed that there is alot of guys that havn’t even made it to age 20 and are already there. What gets me is why it took me 13 years to get that far I mean I should have burned out completely at like 25 or 26, even last year I had sex with chicks as much as 3 times in one hour on top of all the masturbating that I did. I never thought that I would see the day when I could look at porn and not instantly get that pounding heart beat and get erect like I did at 21 or 22 gee I wish I was still that guy and new what I did now.

    Well enough boring you guys with my past history if you ever get a chance to try some MaxNtense testosterone booster by http://www.mdsciencelab.com its a good supplement….. Ingredients: magnesium,zinc,selenium,Tribulus, Avena Sativa,L-Arginine,Macuna Puriens,Ginko Biloba,Tongat Ali,Epimedium, Saw Palmetto, Damiana, Cnidium, Xanthropermelia Scrabosa….. all in one pill. If your not in a really severe case this would help you out alot. I was able to get back that warm tingle sensation just by taking this.



    I haven’t ejaculated in 14 months (not even in dreams, you can easily control nocturnal emissions). I’ve done serious cardio-training and yoga for 18 months. I have been living on a basic healthy diet with lots of grains, fish, nuts, milk products and fresh vegetables and fruits. In the beginning I used some vitamin/mineral supplements but gave them up later on. Last 18 months of my life I have completely dedicated to healing. I’ve done some wild partying too of course, particularly when I feel like I’ve done progress with my health.

    I had wanked ~3 times per day from age 12 to 20. Eight years of injurious behaviour that is. My point is that 3 months of healthy living is not much compared to years of destroying. But yes, I made some progress in 3 months. Some energy increase, more positive attitude, better stamina etc. These little improvements really encourage you to continue with your healing plan. I have to say I’ve become an “energy addict” since.

    Celibacy becomes a sort of lifestyle after a few months. You forget sex and therefore you can finally quit stressing about premature ejaculations etc. It is VERY liberating and I find celibacy to be the cornerstone of healing. Whatever you do, do not ejaculate. Keep this up and you will always feel like a winner.

    As I carried on with my healing I realized that was just the beginning. My overall condition improved step by step. Overall the progress seemed pretty stable, although sometimes you get many improvements in short time and other times it feels like you’re going nowhere. Patience is the key. Have trust in time.

    Most remarkable changes I have noticed are in breathing patterns. Natural breathing is fundamental to health. You cannot simply be fully alive without breathing fully. Breathing changes very slowly. In the beginning I had to use much force to feel like breathing at all. Through intensive yoga training I started to learn a bit by bit how to use my diaphragm and relax perineum muscles (which have great role in male sexual stamina). The strengthening of these muscles takes years in case you suffer from restricted breathing. You also have to learn how to give up tensions in key muscles for natural breathing to occur. This all is very important for ejaculation control.

    Breathing is also a great indicator for health. I suggest constant awareness of breath with seated meditation moments to explore breathing and how everything connects to it. It is through breathing our internal organs get their loving tender movements which they need to function normally. Everything becomes stagnant in the body and mind when we dont breathe fully. My breathing really opened up after a year of healing, last 6 months have been rapid progress. Muscles and organs twitch joyfully, informing that they’re supple and alive again, thanks to relaxing movements of breath.

    I feel that I am really close to 100% healing. It is just some fine tuning left.



    By continuing with the porn…do you mean just looking at it? Or masturbating to it?

    Anyway, I’ve went 6 months without any ejaculations…that was back in like 2007 (maybe it was last year) I think, but I did view some porn during that time period, but no masturbation and no sex.

    Actually, now I havent masturbated since december, but I’ve looked at porn since then aswell has had sex…



    i can barely go 5 days without doing it now…



    There you go guys. The only person here who doesn’t sound like he has hormonal problems and the abstinance+excercise+diet seems to do the trick. It was working for me before I came down with adrenal fatigue.

    Sort your adrenals out then follow the formula mentioned and youll recover god willing.



    Hey you said that the adrenal fatigue was the reason you weren’t making any progress in healing. Are you not able to get ahold of supplements that contain licorice root? If you could it would help I’m sure.



    or anyone else, can you give specific details to the 3 steps?

    celibacy, good diet, and exercise.

    celibacy, yea i get the point. but for diet and exercise can you be more specific? what exactly constitutes a good diet and what exercises are good when are exhausted like this?



    Well here is what I would do HC would be to put more nuts in my diet and I myself love Roasted Almonds nutritional facts vitamin E 35%, Folic Acid 2%, Magnesium 20%, Manganese 35%, Riboflavin 15%, Phosphorus 15%, Copper 15% Molybdenum 10% also Cashews are good has Zinc in them at 10% or you can buy an assortment of mixed nuts that contains Selenium 150%…….also a table spoon of Raw Butter won’t hurt you here and there if you plan on doing excercise the Smart Balance brand contains ALA which is Omega-3 and don’t forget green beans, turnip greens, brocoli, bananas and maybe some celery sticks all these are sure to get your testosterone levels up to a degree. If you do cardio I personally wouldn’t go over 20 minutes at a time in a sexually exhausted state then it would probably be more counter productive.



    “Hey you said that the adrenal fatigue was the reason you weren’t making any progress in healing. Are you not able to get ahold of supplements that contain licorice root? If you could it would help I’m sure.”

    Yeah I can get hold of those supplements. I have only just started treating my adrenals because I have actually been homeless for the passed couple of months. So stressed not really able to focus on treatment.

    “celibacy, good diet, and exercise.

    celibacy, yea i get the point. but for diet and exercise can you be more specific? what exactly constitutes a good diet and what exercises are good when are exhausted like this?”

    Dude, it really is quite easy.

    1)Celibacy: No ejaculation or fantasising or anything sexual. A COMPLETE sexual rest is required. Its human to look at women or fantasise now and again but get a life so that you come home and go straight to sleep rather then fantasise as a habit. If you can avoid completely then do so otherwise dont go beyong fantasising now and again.


    a)Avoid all processed/factory made food. Get rid of all sweets, fast food, potato chips, biscuits, cakes, sugary foods etc. Trust me they are harming your body.

    b)Eat a wholesome and natural diet of God given foods. take fruits, vegetables, animals foods(fish, chicken, meat), eggs, rice , lentils, nuts, water etc.

    Take gradual steps to help you change. For beginners just add 6 fruits every morning to your current diet. In 6 weeks your skin will look amazing, trust me on this one.

    Remove the bad stuff and replace with the good stuff e.g. move tea/coffee/soda replace with water. Remove snacks such as chocolate bars and patato chips and replace

    with nuts(almonds, walnuts, brazils etc). For meals have animals food+vegetable+carb e.g. fish+2 vegetables+rice. The hardest part is getting off the bad stuff but if you are commited, after 1 weeks the cravings will go. Diet isn’t hard, just make sure you kitchen is full of the natural foods that I mention and eat them when neccessary.

    3)Excercise: Do a cardiovascular sport e.g. running, soccer, tennis or cobine them all. This is probably the main thing along with celibacy. In all honesty. I hadn’t even changed my diet, but celibacy+soccer+time was doing the trick for me.

    If I was you I’d initially start with practicing celibacy and exercise. Don’t worry about changing the whole diet for now as it might feel like to much to do. Focus on the celibacy and excercise and then make gradual changes to the diet e.g. add/replace items with fruits, veg, water and so on.



    Thank you very much for a great reply. That sure helps a lot.

    I think my diet is ok because I do not eat junk food, biscuits, cake, sugary stuff and do not drink soda. My only vice is coffee Also i got to include fruits and vegetables.

    The toughest one I see here for me is CELIBACY. Not watching porn and not masturbating is the biggest help we can do to ourselves but to me it is SOOO difficult

    How did you go about doing it ?



    Coffee/caffeine is definately bad for you, make no mistake. It will need to be conqured at some point. When you start to remove it the withdrawal symptoms(fatigue, headache, cravings) will go after a week.

    I advise that you focus on celibacy and exercise for now and take the caffeine if you must. Later you can try to fix the diet.

    As for getting of the porn, I think I’ll make another post on it or add to an existing post.



    You are totally right GWAN

    but don’t you see that green tea or white tea

    is full with Antioxidants that helps to maintain the body cells healthy

    Just wondering



    thanks very helpful, probably 1 of the most helpful threads iv seen



    I think a cup of coffee a day is fine… or 2 cups of green tea.



    well, I am on a mission to go 3 month abstinance mission, I’ve gone 3 weeks now without any ejaculation. I have also changed my diet and exercise 5 days a week. The small things definitely make a difference, my stamina has improved significantly, my moods are slightly stabler, I need less sleep and sleep better, able to focus better etc.

    I can see gradual progress.



    i just went 8 days.. this is the longest i have gone in a long time..



    thats good…iv gone 16 days now and feel better already after having a lot of healthy smoothies full of fruit and veg and exercise here n there.



    i went exactly 2 days and succumbed on the 3rd day… i feel so shameful

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